Top 10 Best Headings for TheTopTens 404 Error Page

404 is the HTTP standard response code returned by a web server when it cannot find the requested content so as you would expect, a 404 error page is a web page you see when the page you were looking for couldn't be found. Typical causes for a 404 error are things like if the page you are looking for has been moved or deleted, or if the address you are using includes a typo.

As is standard practice, TheTopTens has a 404 page (located here) with a little information about why the page is being displayed and some next steps people can take to find the content they are looking for. What makes our 404 page a little different is that we're going letting you decide what it says at the top of the page. We'll randomly select the top three headings from this list and display them on our 404 page.

Vote on the heading below you most want to see us use or add a new heading that others will be able to vote one once it has been approved by our staff.

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1 Thanks for breaking the internet, you stupid moron!

I was shocked to see the message. - Undistinguished

I didn't break it, YOU DID! - Neonco31

I wish more sites had the courage to be as funny as this. - Entranced98


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2 Congratulations, you've found our awesome new 404 page!

I like! It sounds friendly. - Britgirl

At least this one actually sounds friendly! - micahisthebest

Awesome sounds great

I agree with Britgirl: It sounds nice and friendly - TopTenTed

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3 Not a real page. Go away.

Can we get this to #1? I thought we were trying to get people to join the site not make them go away. - ProPanda

This was so funny to me! I love how it's just straight forward with you!

My idea is actually the heading now. - RalphBob

I think this already exists.

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4 404, this is not the web page you are looking for.

Either this one, the 10th one, or There is no spoon. - cosmo

Star Wars theme starts to play may the fourth be with you

Is this a Star Wars reference? - JakePlaid

Yes. Star Wars > everything else on this list

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5 Stuff like this is why people have trust issues.



6 Oh, we're sorry, but this page doesn't exist. Can we make it up to you with free ice cream?

Make it a chocolate-vanilla twist with whipped cream on top with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate and strawberry sauce. Ooh, and add chocolate chips, Dove chocolate (dark and milk), and some Hershey Kisses with pieces of Snickers, Twix, Three Musketeers, and Milky Way.

Oh by the way I gotta sweet tooth so, OKAY!

EDIT: And some SKY BAR candy. - SionicRelations

Only if you give me 7 scoops with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla and chocolate. Also strawberry and chocolate sauce. Ooh, can I add another thing too? Because if I can, it would be either another scoop or the intimate promise not to do it in future. Depends. - Flowerfriend4407

Yes, and it better have sprinkles - TwilightKitsune

YES PLEASE! - oneshot

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7 Stop bugging us with dead links. Don't you have anything better to do?

Hilarious heading! - Goku02

That's really funny & awesome. - Fretto

Need funnier ones. Push to #3! - SupremeNachoe

... but it's my favourite pasttime

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8 Uh-oh! Page not found.

Pretty much decent if you ask me. - Zizz

That is so annoying

So lame - SoldierOfFortune

Annoys me so much! 😬😬😬😬

9 Welcome to our awesome new error 404 page! NOW GET OUT.

Similar to what I would put

I like this one better

Sounds just like ME!

Someone: GET OUT
me: (dose random crap)
Someone else: m8 this is fun
Friends: looks around st photos

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10 You found this page.... AND IT'S GONE!

Kind of fun. - Elric-san

I added this item by the way. - CaptainMowzker

The Contenders

11 Sorry users, but this site is in another castle

THIS IS HILARIOUS! Might be because I'm a gamer...

This is a Mario reference, how can no one not get this? Am I the only gamer here?

Love that Mario reference - Randomator

Ah, this is clever.

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12 Looking for something?

Ugh! We are, that's why we landed here!

Right underneath this was an ad for that said "Search Birth Records"
No, that wasn't what I was looking for... - Rocko

13 There is no spoon.

I would like this one. - Skullkid755

Because why not?

I'm pretty sure m4j0r45 would go insane over this one - Brobusky

There is no spoon. There is one spoon. There are two spoons.

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14 We're sorry, this page could not be found.

I like it because it's Polite.

15 Discovering Something that Doesn't Exist.........

Phineas and ferb. I know that. - PlatinumKane

16 Error, error, does not compute.

The Loud House quote. - JosiahDBoss

17 Ahhhhhhhhh! This page doesn't exist.
18 Occurred, a 404 error has...


19 This is no Page pal. NO PAGE!!!!!!!!!
20 Uh Oh! Try again!
21 That page doesn't exist.
22 And this is why 404 is the worst number in the world.

Not that good but I had to do something

This Is Pretty Funny - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

23 Sorry, that page doesn't exist.

But why is there a page of the page does not exist does that mean there is a page that's not a page that there could be a page but there not so does that mean my brain is tricking me to think this is a page or is it the other way around ummm ERR AAA MY BRAIN HURTS


24 Damn Son, Where'd You Find This?

Lol - B0S5J4M3S

lol - potatogurl

25 Error 666, Welcome to Hell

That's really funny


Yk that film little miss sunshine?

26 Sorry, Our Dog ran away and we're sad... So get out
27 Error 404 occurred. But hey, it's better than rule 34, isn't it?

I like this one because it reminds you that there is much worse out there than a 404 error. - allamassal

28 Hey we are sorry to say that you're going to have to give us a second to be able to go to this site, in the meantime, do you like chocolate chip cookies and french fries?

This one is the best! - TheHabsFan


29 How many times do I have to tell you to not do this?
30 Marisa Stole the Precious Page
31 Follow the Yellow Brick Road.


,follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road

32 page.exe has stopped working
33 Sorry, No List Here.
34 Jesus You didn't even knock!!!
36 Warning! This page is about to explode!
38 It's no use!
39 Bowser kidnapped the page again!
40 Our Unicorn Died...
41 We are hungry and we ate the page
42 You Shall Not Pass!

Lol! - Hermione_Granger220

43 Oh, great! You went to a page that didn't exist!

the best

44 Get back, go away


45 We are hating on Justin Bieber right now! But not on this page!
46 Screw off, we’re busy!!!
47 Nothing to see here.

That’s funny.
- TheDuttyGyal

48 Computer says "Noo..."
49 Follow the yellow link road instead of making one yourself

Sorry little red linking hood, not today. Denied the opportunity to find this website sorry but you have lost your chance.

50 Sorry, but I gotta use the restroom right now so I can't let you on the site until I get back.
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1. Congratulations, you've found our awesome new 404 page!
2. Discovering Something that Doesn't Exist.........
1. Congratulations, you've found our awesome new 404 page!
2. Not a real page. Go away.
3. Sorry, No List Here.
1. This is no Page pal. NO PAGE!!!!!!!!!
2. Marisa Stole the Precious Page
3. page.exe has stopped working

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