Top Ten TopTenners You Would Like to Interview

These TopTenners I chose specifically because they each have unique qualities about them. If you agree with any of these, please vote or add another TopTenner who you think deserves to be here.
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1 Metal_Treasure

I am honored to be on this list. Thank you Britgirl, it means the world to me, especially coming from somebody who isn't a metal fan.

Definitely someone I'd like to interview. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about rock and metal.

What this member doesn't know about rock or metal isn't worth knowing. A walking music encyclopedia.

2 PositronWildhawk

Yes, he's definitely very intelligent and nice. Not to mention that one day he will become a famous scientist and I imagine saying this: "I noticed his talent when he was still a student and I was the first person who interviewed him! "

I could sit for hours just listening to him talk about Science and Mathematics. Of course I wouldn't understand any of it but still...

3 BKAllmighty

Movie guru and perhaps the member who has been here the longest. It would be interesting to know what keeps him coming back.

4 Puga

I can confirmI will now use "mooing" along with screaming, screeching, howling, honking, squawking, squelching, quacking and hyperventilating.

Puga...yah...he's...well...Puga! He has a very sharp tongue and humour which I find fascinating

5 admin
6 bobbythebrony
7 Billyv

Thanks, all, but I'd likely crack under cross-examination and confess to every crime - even ones that haven't yet been commited.
Plus, I'd hate to sour any remaining good impressions...

He is so intelligent and philosophical and also has an amazing sense of humour.

8 Disney1994
9 htoutlaws2012

I'd gladly sit down with him and talk about how he did it (you know what I mean).
And I wanna know more about that "certain 2014 list" he just mentioned because I have no idea (I joined this site in the end of 2014).

I heard he made himself the toppest user of toptens within a year.I am pretty sure a lot of users have questions about his works.

10 Therandom
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11 Supernatural

She's new but her lists are ones we can relate to. She is also super - intelligent and seems like a genuinely nice user.

12 Martinglez

He makes some great lists but is always in the background of TheTopTens.

13 EvilAngel

Just a really really sweet user, knowledgeable about music.

14 Britgirl
15 PetSounds
16 demeter
17 Seraphine
18 Vulpix
19 YouTubeGamer
20 ProPanda
21 LightningBlade
22 westofohio
23 NexusUnterganger639
24 selfiegirl
25 EspioTheChameleon

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

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