Top Ten Users We Would Cry Over If They Left TheTopTens

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1 PeachyBlast

She's very nice and so sweet. Definitely one of my best friends here.

I can't imagine it without her here. I can but it's so sad.

Yes, she is very sweet and friendly.

2 LightningBlade

He's a great friend and is probably my best friend on this site along with leafstar. He is also the reason I'm here now, as I wouldn't have stayed if it wasn't for him sending me a message, then I figured out that I can send messages to other users : D

He is a great friend! I really like chatting to him!

3 Therandom

Honestly gonna retire. But even if he did, well, he's suspended now and probably won't come back to the site. His popularity actually deserves to wane because of this

Him and Puga are probably the only ones I will truly be sad if they leave

4 Britgirl

When she was inactive, I was really worried and sorta sad that she wouldn't come back. I would actually cry a little if she retired for real

She is pretty much the friendliest user on the site. And her lists and stuff are awesome.

I was sad when she almost left. Good that que didn't.

5 PositronWildhawk

Item 11. This is the first item so far I would get legit sad over. The world doesn't revolve around weeaboos.

6 eventer51314
7 Puga
8 Skullkid755

He's my best friend on this website. I already lost CastlevaniaFanboy128 from TheTopTens, so I don't want to lose Skullkid755. The only way I can contact CastlevaniaFanboy128 now is through MyAnimeList.Net, but it just doesn't feel the same. So that's why I hope Skullkid755 won't retire soon. He's helped me a lot in inspiring to improve myself to become a better user, so I'd miss seeing him on TheTopTens if he did leave.

9 leafstar

She and LightnignBlade are my two best friends here! Please don't leave leafy!

10 Goku02

She shouldn't leave the site to be honest
A great friend indeed.

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11 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I mean, sure, I'm not the greatest user ever, but I'm practically here almost every day now and I've grown quite close to some users such as Skullkid755 and TwilightKitsune. I don't think I'd be necessarily missed by everyone (I kind of feel hurt thinking that not everyone loves me on here), but I wouldn't want Skullkid755 or TwilightKitsune to be sad if I ever left.

He's one of the beast users. He needs to stay.

12 MLPFan
13 TwilightKitsune

She's one of the sweetest users I've ever met on TheTopTens. I wouldn't feel the same about coming on TheTopTens if she ever left.

She is very sweet and friendly. I would definitely miss her very much.

14 ivylee

Thank you for adding me here! I can't imagine of leaving as well.

15 DisneyAnime1234

I feel so bad that she died, and I didn't even get to meet her like most of you guys. RIP Kylie.

I've never even got the chance to meet Kylie.: ( May her rest in peace.

She will be missed. Rest in peace in the heavens, DisneyAnime1234.

16 Blear
17 ArchAces
18 RiverClanRocks
19 PetSounds
20 ProPanda
21 WitheredBonnie
22 BlueFrostOfThunderClan

She's one of my favourite users! Very friendly and imaginative.

She's one of the best users, too. I don't want her to leave.

23 Ananya

She is among the best users here & a very good friend of mine. I never want her to leave she is just simply awesome

I wouldn't be to happy if she left.

24 speed
25 Righteous
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