Top Ten Reasons to Vote Therandom for Admin 2016

As some of you are aware, I've announced my candidacy to replace our current admins. So this list explains why you should vote to replace me. #Votetherandomforadmin2016.
The voting period for this list has ended.
The Top Ten
1 He would be better than the current admins

At least you will not ban users for no reason, unlike our current Admin. He knows the community better, so he will know which users actually deserve to be banned, not random users.

He would be better because he isn't a troll who wants to ruin the site and suspend people to piss them off.

You have my vote, I hope you become admin because our admin is being a bully and a dictator. - TheDarkOne_221b

2 He would scrap the policy

In my opinion, keep the policy but completely revamp it so that incidents like Danteem won't happen

3 He would treat users equally
4 He would listen to the users
5 He would ban Puga and ruin the site

"That would be awesome. It would save this website. 😁"

I agree, man! #BanPuga2k16

6 He would add certain additions to the site that users have wanted so badly
7 He would change the stats system
8 He would allow swearing

I don't see anything wrong with profanity, but the "n" word is the only word I'm concerned about so far.

Then I would come back, just so I could say the F-bomb every 2 seconds.

9 He would let BarneyTheDinosaurRocks make his lists again

Exactly! BTDR is an awesome and hilarious troll! Then bring back his "Reasons Kids Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol" list.

Yay! He's hilarious! The admins here have no sense of humor.

It's not that the admins have no sense of humor, and they may find it funny as well, but he violated the terms of use several times, and the reason why they find him a troll was because the terms of use states that posting the same info numerous times to the same users, posting inaccurate info such as Barney being Animation, and making unlawful content that encourages criminal act, are all what he did.

10 He would allow criticism

It's time to get rid of hypersensitive babies on this site.

The Contenders
11 He wouldn't make this site PG
12 He wouldn't make changes for the worst

The problem with this list is that there will always be problems for running a site. While he's not interested in it anymore (and because of his latest suspension), his latest behavior proves that he's just as stoic as admin and honestly not so different from him. So what honestly will change if such an occurrence of him being admin occurs? Well, a lot of stuff admin had gotten rid of would be reinstated. That's it. Otherwise, he's still contending with bad users and in the end, he'll have to make more changes to try and even out those users, except he'll be seen the same way he saw admin.

13 He is already a good admin on TheTopTens website wiki, and he would be a good admin on TheTopTens as well

Yep. He's a great admin on the wiki.

14 He wouldn't make useless corrections such as changing lol to laugh out loud

I don't even know why they would do that. It's so stupid.

15 He wouldn't make a list of Error 404 page headings
16 He Would Fully Delete Heroes vs Villains Season X, XX, and XXX after He Made the Changes

I haven't even read those so I don't know how bad they are. But I bet they're awful.

They weren't even pornographic.

17 He is awesome
18 He would sell stuff to you for money!