Top Ten Users Who Should Take Admin's Job

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1 PositronWildhawk

He makes a lot of pretty good points in his arguments, more than any of us can. Damn, I'm envious of him. That trait itself would be enough for him to be a good admin. Plus, lots of users would like him as admin since he can see from their perspectives as a user himself, especially when it comes to the policy.

Isn't this list exactly like my list of users that should overthrow admin?

2 Therandom

At least Therandom actually ran for Admin.

3 Puga

Get him to number 1

4 htoutlaws2012

Is there a better user to take care of this site than Htoutlaws2012? He's literally the biggest contributer of this site.

He'd be a lot reasonable, and likable than the current admin we have to be honest.

Overall seems like the most experienced and matured user on here. In my opinion should be first

5 Britgirl

Thank you, but I wouldn't want the responsibility.

6 TwilightKitsune

I'll probably need some help with it, but I'd love too!

7 IronSabbathPriest

Would do. I know the basics of coding. Better than the weeaboos. Plus I speak four languages whilst admin can only speak English.
However, I'm a lot less tolerant of people disobeying my rules. If you really went against me like some of you do with admin (I am not their biggest fan either) then I'd remove all your posts. Or something like that.

8 Metal_Treasure
9 Turkeyasylum
10 Blear

Blear would've just banned everyone who wasn't a weaboo, and wouldn't allow and criticsm on anything, meaning he could troll all he wanted to, and anyone who hates that gets banned.

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11 bobbythebrony

He actually had military service. He's better qualified than most of us

12 ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah, I'm going to try to be more tolerant of other people's opinions from now on, even if I don't agree with them. I'll admit there are some users who would be more qualified than me to become admin, but I think overall, I can be able to know how other users feel about me and what they want to do.

Just give me enough good points in reasoning and I'll be willing to oblige to it. I might even revise the policy even if I don't care about it.

13 Userguy44

Don't know if could do that, but I'd make sure this site would be better.

Give us Userguy44, give us death!

14 PeachyBlast

She's so kind and understanding. She'd probably make a good replacement for admin.

15 SwagFlicks
16 LightningBlade
17 ArchAces
18 Skullkid755

Yeah, I think I'll ban worse users instead. Disney1994 hasn't done much at all in the last month or two anyway and he's ashamed of himself so I won't ban him.

He's pretty much like me. Again, he's willing to listen to reason and is easy to get along with. I think he would make a great admin.

I honestly think that Disney1994 doesn't deserve to be banned. I don't like What he did but he didn't do anything that deserved a ban.

And then I'll make it so that any comment praising the twighlight movies are removed jk.

19 gemcloben
20 honeybooboofan
21 Eminemfan1717
22 Finch

He's already an Admin

23 Randomator

He would be perfect as admin.

24 Goku02
25 cosmo

I would make the top tens how it used to be. And bring back the old layout. I would also remove the policy, even if I'm neutral on it. Plus I would add group chats,and among other stuff.

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