Top 10 Best High School Cliques

The Top Ten

1 Floaters

I like to float on floaties.

2 Popular

I'm popular because I have a lot of friends but I'm not one of those horrid snotty mean girls or boys. - PatrickStar3

Grow up to be nothing and regret being so stupid in their younger years.

3 Athletes

This was my clique. I can't say gangsters because I went to a ghetto high school so everyone was super gangster. - hiphopgod

4 Stoners
5 Gangsters

Fun fact: At my school I hold the record for most total fights with 16. Most of these came when we were scrimmaging at basketball practice because someone would get pissed that I pushed them. - hiphopgod

6 Nerds

Oh, you mean the guys who we bullied? - hiphopgod

The nerds are the ones that will discover new planets and invent the iPhone11


7 Geeks
8 No Clique

I'm this one. - PatrickStar3

same bruh

9 Chorus
10 Emos

The Contenders

11 The Students that are always absent
12 Bullies
13 Anime Fans
14 Hipsters
15 Gamers
16 Scene Kids
17 Dropouts
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