Top Ten High School Subjects


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1 Phys-Ed

I have a A and I never do anything and am bad at sports... - Lucretia

Yes its the best for me

2 Math

Straightforward and logical - just WORKS

I like math a bit, not my favorite. - Lucretia

3 Dramatic Art

As a theater actress myself I can say that acting is definitely the most amazing school subject. Wether you're insecure or sad you can forget all about that when you take on somebody else's personality.

4 History

Not with my teacher, but the class is one of the easiest for me and I don't mind it. - Lucretia

It's like reading a book with tons of stories that all connect

No just no. Well at least 7th one sucks

Hii what the heck! I hate history subject

5 Visual Art

Art allows us to see a world from a new, more cultural and advanced perspective. It takes into consideration both the contemporary and the unusual.

It helps your imagination and you can express your thoughts through a picture.

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6 Chemistry

It was relatively easy for. Properly because I had a great teacher that made it a lot simpler.

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7 English

Yes that is hard for high school

Of course! The only class I have a F in and never do the work for. - Lucretia

They let youh do a story of your imagination

8 Drafting
9 Automotics
10 Physics

The Contenders

11 Biology
12 Sex-ed

Damn straight! Ha ha, kidding!

13 Spanish

It helps you in Spanish language when you go to Spain as my brother said it will help you understand Dora the explorer

14 Business
15 Co-Op
16 Speech and Debate
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