Top Ten Worst Things About Parties

Hey guys I just came back from a party and quite frankly it sucks. Having social anxiety didn't help my case.
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1 The noise

Depends on what party it is. I have social anxiety too and whenever I have to go to one of these things I probably just end up socializing with some adults. Other than that yeah they can be boring.

I hate it when the music way too laud, because if someone talking to me I can't hear what they're saying and I'm the dumbest when it comes to reading lips.

My relatives are Asian and every time we are at a party they talk SO LOUD. It's so annoying! I ALWAYS bring earbuds and headphones to parties because of this.

2 Awkward conversations

I got invited to a party so I went, and I only really knew the person who invited me. I mean, I knew other people, but they all made it very obvious that they didn't like me, so I just talked to little kids the whole time.

The grownups usually talk about us kids and how we are bad, crazy, weird, and other embarrassing stuff about us, etc...

Especially with people you don't know.

3 Being forced to participate in events when you know you are no good at them

No, I don't to sing karaoke in front of a bunch of old Asian people at a restaurant in Chinatown. I am a HORRIBLE SINGER!

I had to play freeze dance, and a group of kids just wouldn't stop touching me.

Why should I dance? I use my feet for driving, seriously.

4 The music selection sucks

It's always the same: mainstream pop and rap. Basically everything you hear on the radio everyday. Like, can't you be original or something. The worst is, don't even think about changing the song to rock or metal, they are just going to tell you that's it's too loud or that it's weird.

Old pop songs? It's usually the 5 same new pop songs they play. I once left a party because I thought the music sucked, which was that Meghan Trainor song repeated 5 times in a row. Doesn't sound that bad, but it really was.

At restaurants in Chinatown they only play songs that old Chinese people would like, such as opera and Taiwanese songs. I wish they would play more awesome music such as Andy Lau. He's way better.

5 Not knowing anybody there

A few days ago I was at a family party and there was an Asian guy there that I don't even know but everyone else knew him. When I asked my parents about him my dad said that he was a friend and my mom said that we don't know him.

Who was that guy and what was he doing at the party anyway?

6 Being assigned to a seat

This is for the formal parties and the weddings. They make you sit somewhere when you could just sit anywhere in regular occasions. As I said before, I sat close to a LOUDSPEAKER and almost had a seizure because of the damn music.

7 They take way too long

I had to go to a wedding in Mexico, and the after party just dragged on. Once everyone was done eating, it was dance time. However, the dancing dragged on for hours, and my family just left before they could even cut the cake.

At my stepaunt's house (although she doesn't deserve to be called that because she's horrible to my stepmum) you can only have 3 sweet things and you MUST have savoury first! I mean what!

That can be horrible. One solution only: make sure there are enough drinks.

8 Annoying people

Once I was at a party with my dad's side of the family. I was playing with my phone and listening to music and then one of my older cousins decided to take my phone and won't give it back until I went home. There was also a T.V. but I am not allowed to watch it so I ended up being nearly bored to death for the next half an hour or so.

You know, your younger cousins who always follow you around and look like they admire you and always bother you and ask questions every 30 seconds? Annoying!

9 The food sucks

My family's Asian. The food at my family parties are good, but they are really repetitive. Every single family party I attend, there is AT LEAST ONE ASIAN DISH. No matter if it's a birthday, gathering because family is visiting, or even a wedding or a holiday, it's Asian food, Asian food, and EVEN MORE Asian food. ALL THE TIME. (mostly Chinese and Vietnamese food). Last Thanksgiving, besides the turkey dinner, guess what we had for dessert: Taro cake from Chinatown (Asian food even with American food).

I don't think there is any party that I've attended in my whole entire life that I saw ZERO Asian food being served.

10 Drunks

One time, my cousin got drunk at a wedding and was dancing inappropriately. It was very embarrassing

That's why I don't go often to a party. Drunk people are annoying.

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11 Arguments

(At a Chinese restaurant with a karaoke machine)

Me: I want to play Andy Lau songs

Dad: no we will play Chinese songs that old people like

This is why I bring my own music to parties.

12 No video game time

I'm not that social either accept if its about video games that I play and they play too. I'm way better talking to people over texting on playstation or on a phone.

Although you could play with your iPhone or whatever, I'd be much more comfortable at home playing on my PC or console.

I'd rather be stuck in that Battletoads level than go to a generic party...

13 There’s nothing to do

Family parties are the worst. If a relative talks to me it's always "Oh look how tall you are! " "So, how it's going at school/college? " or them talking to me about something that happened when they we're younger.

I tend to get sick/ill going to/out to/towards party/parties. one time I was sick for three months after going to a party

At family parties no one talks to me and I just play with my phone the whole time

14 People taking pictures and videos everywhere
15 Clowns

Scary clowns at kids birthday parties? I've never found clowns scary but a lot of kids had so I will just call clowns "scary". There can sometimes be " scary" clowns at kids birthday parties.

16 Cleaning up after
17 Grinding
18 Fighting
19 Hangovers
20 You're favorite people didn't come
21 Having to dress up

As said before depends on the party. If it's like an informal picnic thing then you can wear regular clothes, but if it's like a wedding then yeah you have to dress up in formal clothes you don't like.

I am female and I hate wearing dresses and pantyhose and high heels but I have no choice. I prefer suits.

If you're at a wedding, you have no choice. Prom is...optional...I guess...I'm sorry, I've never been to a prom.

22 Stupid people
23 People ignoring you

It is so boring. The grownups talks to each other and my cousins and sister hang out together. I get bored easily because of this.

24 Having to bring food

There's 1 good thing about it. You get to take food home in return. Last Thanksgiving my family brought a honey ham. We were the only ones to bring food. Later that night, we were the only ones who got to take home leftovers

25 When they end

It's so silent at that place after a party had just ended and it starts to feel silent and uncomfortable that you wished the party lasted longer. You feel the state of loneliness and want to party again.

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