Top 10 Worst About Things Valentine's Day

We don't even pretend that it's a good holiday, so let's look into the sucktastic things about Valentine's Day, shall we?
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1 Many people break up on Valentine's Day

Ah, yes. Nothing like a little irony in the day that is all about love being a breakup hotspot. This is usually caused by people being overly idealistic about what a good Valentine's Day is supposed to be. When the individual's "perfect Valentine's Day" is not what happens, they get angry with whoever didn't meet the high expectations and decide, "If you can't make this the perfect Valentine's Day, I'll have to find someone who can!"

Yeah, love is in the air, but so are hate and idealism.

That's kind of ironic, in my opinion, since I thought this day was all about love and bringing couples together. I definitely didn't know the disturbing origins of this day.

2 Lots of people are depressed

We all know that those who don't actually have a Valentine on the big day beat themselves up over the matter and tend to act extra miserable, given they don't exactly fit in on Valentine's Day. But it's even worse for those who are already depressed. Suicides on Valentine's Day are not unheard of.

Being single on Valentine's Day sucks. There's no sugarcoating it. I was there at one point and it's not a fun place to be. My best advice is to stay off social media and to just focus on you. If you don't have anyone else, then treat yourself.

3 You'll probably get bad service if you bring your date out for dinner

A fancy, expensive dinner is a popular idea for Valentine's Day, but that also makes booking a date for a restaurant much more difficult and strenuous. Given just about everyone is trying to do dinner, it's harder to get actual seats and a huge wait, which anyone would agree is burdensome. Waiters and waitresses are busier than usual on Valentine's Day, so it's more likely that they will screw up your orders.

4 There's the pressure to propose

Valentine's Day is perhaps the most popular day of the year for someone to ask the four-word question: "Will you marry me?" Most people ask it in public, which can appear cute, but it also adds pressure not only to the singles out there to get the ball rolling, but also for the person being asked to say "Yes" even if they actually want to say "No." Not to mention this becomes a competition on Valentine's Day, due to the increase in commercialism in recent years.

Just take things at your own speed. Just because other people are doing it doesn't mean you have to. Only do it when you're ready.

5 If they're not man and woman, couples get discriminated against

Honestly, you do you. Whatever makes people happy, let them be. Don't bother them if they aren't bothering you. Discrimination is unnecessary, especially nowadays. Just no.

6 First dates on Valentine's Day usually don't go well

Considering the weird competitiveness that Valentine's Day has established in the past twenty years, give or take a few, the pressure to get into your relationship quickly is so drastic that even if you're in a relationship, you'd more than likely try your first date on any of the remaining 364 days of the year.

Especially given you'd be rushing into the relationship at a rapid speed, which is more likely to cause the relationship to fail if you actually had your first date on Valentine's Day.

7 The origins of the holiday are quite disturbing

From February 13th to February 15th, the Romans celebrated "the feast of Lupercalia." Sounds weird to begin with, but men sacrificed goats and dogs during the feast, then proceeded to beat women with the hides of the dogs and goats they killed. The weird part is the women would actually get in line for this abuse, as it was thought to make them more fertile. But the weirdest part is how Valentine's Day got its name: the Roman Emperor, Claudius VII, executed two men named Valentine on February 14th. So, how did it get to be all about love?

8 Seeing boring romantic movies in theaters with your date

Okay, sure, there are more impressive things you can do with your special someone. However, given everyone is headed to fancy restaurants like moths to a flame, sometimes this is your best option.

Instead of boring romance movies, I would much rather see an exciting action movie.

9 Secret admirers are essentially stalkers

Am I seriously the only person who thinks this way? I know it's a dark way of putting it, but the only difference is that people, especially females, gush over having a secret admirer but are understandably creeped out by having a stalker. Secret admirers follow the person they are admiring as secretly as possible (hence they are "secret admirers"). They are typically those clingy guys who have set their eyes on a certain girl, although five or six percent of men have stalkers. On Valentine's Day, these creeps get free passes. Disgusting.

10 Cupid is almost evil

We see him as a cute baby who flies around wearing a diaper and shooting lovebirds in a comical way in the modern world. However, Cupid was not anything cute or funny when he first showed up. In Greek and Roman mythology, Cupid was the god of desire, but he flipped sides based on stories. Cupid was the god of love, shooting arrows at people to make them fall in love, like he does these days. But sometimes, in the myths, Cupid was also a rather sinister god who made people lovesick from unrequited love.

If that's like love potions, that's creepy.

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11 Loneliness
12 It’s just a corporate cash grab

If you think about it, it's not much of a surprise. If it's a holiday with peculiar mascots like Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day (duh), and Easter, they're all overly commercial. Valentine's Day is the third most corrupt national holiday out there, being beaten only by Halloween and Christmas.

I'm one of those, I'm sure you heard before, that thinks I shouldn't be told I need to express my love on a certain day. I try to express my love for my wife one way or another every single day. Now with that being said, I do celebrate it so I don't end up "in the doghouse."

13 All your friends ditch you for their dates
14 The amount of chocolate bought by Americans on Valentine's Day is almost half as heavy as the Titanic

The Titanic weighed 115.3 million pounds, which is quite an impressive vessel, especially for its time. The amount of chocolate bought for Valentine's Day is roughly 58 million pounds per year. While this is an impressive accomplishment for Americans, even if it's not something we're aware of, the issue with this incredible amount of chocolate is not only that it's not exactly a healthy diet, but most of it won't be consumed. Waste of time and money.

15 It is anti-single
16 Not receiving any kind of gift, even if you give something away
17 People leaving you the day after
18 Bad tasting chocolate gifts

I mean, that's kind of subjective. Most people I know hate dark chocolate, but some don't.

19 Not receiving Valentine's cards in your classroom

Especially when you learn the miserable revelation that this is only done in elementary school.

20 People have lost the point
21 Oversized stuffed animals that won't fit in your bedroom door
22 Valentine's Day is becoming more sexualized

Um, yeah. Long story short, this is actually quite a problem. I'm going to keep your innocent minds innocent and not explain why.

23 People take it too seriously
24 Expectations are too high
25 People don't give cards for fun
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