Top 10 Best Family Members

Which of your family members is your very favorite? Is it your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter...? See if you agree with the people who have voted on our list.
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1 Mother

The only country that covers the whole continent is Australia where kangaroos live. That playful Joey loves his mother so much, he's had a relationship with her ever since, relaxing in her pouch all day long

I hate my mom! She's DEFINITELY not the best family member for me! I hope you guys are having a good time with your nice moms

I love my mom! She brought me in this world!

2 Father

My father is more childish than most adults do. He's caring, experienced, calm and very decisive. While playing with brother is more fun and it makes me happier, father makes me feel safer and protected.

As much as I love my Mother, my Father is the only man I can really depend on. He's strong but gentle, funny. He's a good listener and a calming influence in my sometimes manic life. I love you so much papa! X

My dad is awesome but he does have a negative side to his personality.

3 Grandmother

Their Just the best when it comes to anything.

4 Brother

I completely adore and idolize my elder brother. He has always been there for me, he's funny, kind and very childish. I love my parents, but the generation gap makes it easier to play with brother compared to with mama and papa. My brother also taught me many lessons in life, he's almost like a second father to me ( He is 10 years older than me )

I wish I had a brother

5 Sister

I have 1 younger and 1 older sister, and I get along with my younger one a lot she is so loving, caring and loyal to me. she is always there for me if I get upset ( she's 11 ). My older sister who is 16 she's just like any teenage sister. I much prefer my little sis.

If there was one person I'd have live with me, it's her.

My sister is my favorite person in my family.

6 Grandfather

Never met them. Both of mine passed before I was born so I have no comment on this.

7 Second Cousin

They can come in handy when the other cousin is doing something always ready to hang out

I rarely get to see my second cousins, but when I do, I always have a good time with them

8 Uncle

I have 3 uncles (who are my dad's brothers). One of them lived with my grandma, so I'd pretty much see him whenever I went to her house for visits.

A bad uncle would be Simba's Uncle Scar.

Their like a father you can do things with that you normally can't with your dad

9 Aunt

I have an aunt (who is the oldest out of my dad's siblings) and she used to spoil me a lot when I was young. She still does it like crazy. A week before I turned 15, she took me to Target to purchase a pair of boots (the ones she bought for me were black slightly high-heeled). Then, we went to a clothing store across from Red Robin and she bought me these bunny pajamas. The top was pink and had a hood with bunny ears.

Then, we went to Red Robin for lunch. She told me I was one of her favorite nieces.

I have an aunt from San Francisco who constantly spoils me like crazy. She buys plane tickets for my family and me, convinces my mom to take me on vacations to CA and Vegas, and takes me wherever I want to go when I visit her. My uncle (her husband) also spoils me like crazy. They are my favorite uncle and aunt (and I am their favorite niece! )

10 Son
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11 Cousin In Law
12 Daughter

She takes care of you whenever you need it.

13 Cousin

I love my cousins so much but I never get to see them. I LOVE THEM!

14 Great Aunt
15 Wife
16 Niece
17 Nephew
18 Third Cousin

I love my third cousin

19 Stepfather
20 Father In Law
21 Stepbrother
22 Stepsister
23 Sister In Law
24 Husband
25 Stepmother
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