Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Children

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1 Spoiling Them

My cousins are constantly spoiled. They now whine, cry and throw tantrums whenever they don't get whatever they want. My relatives have turned them into spoiled brats.

Exactly. Kids are now spoiled with games, iPhones, money for starbucks, and many more stuff. I know a kid who gets one dollar a day for going to school. Wow.

I don't have a phone and get 2 hours of actual gaming per day, and I am the only one of my peers to see the reasoning there...

2 Letting Them Do Whatever They Want

Let me guess? Letting their children drink alcohol before the legal age?

All the time!

Me: my cousin just threw a ball in the house
Mom: let them be
Me: my cousin is listening to songs with explicit language in them
My relatives: that's OK
Me: my cousins are trying to stab me with a fork
(My relatives ignores it)

3 Being Too Overprotective

This is mainly for OVERPROTECTIVE parents only.

My hometown hosts free concerts/fireworks, etc during the holidays and my ridiculously overprotective Asian mom who ALREADY restricts my freedom despite the fact that I'M AN ADULT won't let me attend them due to her being very scared of potential security/terrorism threats.

Me: can I go to this free concert/fireworks display?
Mom: no
Me: Why not? It's free!
Mom: You might get hurt/killed.
Me: It's 100% safe! They have security there.
Mom: I said no
Me: >:(

I feel trapped in my own home sometimes because of this... :(

4 Trying to Be Their Friend

They can't even be a good role model to me, why would they want to be my friend?

Parents need to know one important thing Your a parent first and a friend second

5 Not Spending Enough Time with Them

I swear that I have the most boring parents in the entire universe...

6 Not Disciplining Them

My parents don't even care when my 19 year old sister threatened to kill me.

I know some parents who do this and their kids are rude and disrespectful to other people

7 Neglecting Them
8 Doing Everything for Them

My parents do this for my cousins and sister all the time. Now they're lazy.

9 Fighting in Front of Them

My parents would demonstrate violence such as throwing furnitures to express anger and use over the top profanity in front of me. They've fought 3 times or so and again, they let me saw them fight, cuss and brutally beat up stuff. Yet we are expected to be like our parents. Sigh.

Luckily my parents almost never fight with each other and if they do, the fight is over within about 20 seconds

Yes, and I have heard the F word like a thousand times in these fights 67% of the time it is daddy

10 Trying to Make Them Fulfill Their Own Dreams

Ikr? Some kids these days need to learn it isn't all about them. Life is not a movie and they are not the main character!

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11 Favoring One Child Over the Other

This is a one of the major mistakes a parent can make by favoring one child over the other they make the other feel completely worthless just look at Hey Arnold the only reason Helga acts the way she does is because her parents always gave more love and attention to her older sister Olga.

My parents clearly like my brother better. It drives me insane.

Especially if you have more than one children: chaos!

12 Being a Hypocrite

Parents tell you don't do this ; the next thing they do it and its all right because they parents. That is contradicting to a child or teen

13 Yelling at Them

My dad called my brother an idiot after saying several, horrible things, and my brother started crying.( My brother NEVER cries)

14 Spanking Them

Growing up Asian, spankings were very common in our household. They no longer happen to the older kids (eg. me, my sister, and cousins) but 2 of my younger cousins still occasionally get them. We now sometimes get aggressive because of it, and that is not a good thing at all. I try not to get aggressive, but it is very difficult.

I've grown out of this now, but let's just say when I was younger, I deserved every smack. It was all in the purest of intentions.

It only learns kids to hit people when there older when people do something wrong

15 Abusing Them
16 Scaring Them

They say that this will hurt, etc...

17 Threatening Them
18 Not Supervising Them When They are on the Internet
19 Insulting Them
20 Making Them Do Chores
21 Swearing in Front of Them

I am always cursed at and one day when my mom cursed, I cursed and almost got grounded for it. It is a habit for them and it is so annoying

Where do you think WE learn the swearing from?

22 Not Pre-Screening Movies
23 Constantly Criticizing Them

My mom needs to stop this. She thinks I spill things when cooking! I don't. 30 years of hearing that. Or how I'm messy. I'm Not! Tell me doesn't drive you insane

24 Denying What They Did Wrong

Once my mom yelled at me in public in front of my relatives and made me cry and she denied her wrongdoing and refused to apologize even though my relatives all witnessed it!

25 Treating Older Kids Like They're Babies

This is the struggle of us teenagers and young adults. Society in general treats us like elementary schoolers, but expects us to be mature and responsible at the same time.

My great aunt does this a lot and it's really really irritating.

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