The Most Horrible Recorded Calls

Here you are the most horrible recorded call you have ever heard !

The Top Ten

1 Area 51

In 1997 Frantic person send this massage to the radio included :
The call :
The caller : Hello Art? I do not have a lot of time
Art: Well, let us begin by finding out whether you are using this line properly or not
Caller : Area 51
Art : Where you there an employee or are you now?
Caller : I'm former employee I was let go an medical discharge about a week ago
I-.. I kinda been running across the country um..m.. man I do not know where to start... they are gonna.. they will triangulate on this position really... really soon
Art : so you can not spend a lot of time on the phone, so give us something quick
Caller : what we are thinking of aliens...Art they are Extra-Dimensional Beings.

Source : v=ee3bld4lTG0 - reema_39_

2 Child saves his family from attackers

We all know that parents are always there to protect their children. but what will happen if one of the young children saves the whole family from attacker?
The call :

dispatcher : 911 state your emergency.
caller ( the child) : there is some guy that is gonna kill my mom and dad. Can you come please?
dispatcher : how old are you?
caller : can you come really fast please please?
dispatcher : can you tell me what happened?
caller : They range the door and they have guns to shoot me mom and dad
dispatcher : right now?
caller : Yes can you come really fast? Bring some cops
dispatcher : I have them coming hon. listen okay?
caller : OK
dispatcher : Listen to me. Take a deep breath. How old are you?
caller : 7 years old
dispatcher : where are you at the house?
caller : inside the bathroom
dispatcher : who is with you?
caller : My sister
dispatcher : how old is she?
caller : 6 years old. Can you come really fast?. Hurry ...more - reema_39_

3 There is a new baby born in the trash!

While she is getting rid of garbage, she heard some noises, she thought that it is a cat or something like that but after few seconds she realized that there is a baby in the trash, quickly she called 911
The call :

dispatcher : 911, what is the address of the emergency?
caller : Yes, there s baby in the garbage can. I thought it was a cat. I was outside just a minute ago. We lifted the the trash bags off and there is a baby in the garbage can.
dispatcher : Is it live?
dispatcher : OK is it breathing?
caller : I think so. It sounds like a cat in distress. And I do not know how to get him out.Neither one of us are tall enough and if we tip it, the trash is gonna go over on top of him
dispatcher : okay just stay in the phone with me
caller :oh me god
dispatcher : I'm getting some help on the way, are you with the baby now?
caller : I am outside. we are both outside
dispatcher : okay how old does the baby look?
caller : it looks newborn. I mean it ...more - reema_39_

4 I had killed my autistic children

That's horrible. I hope that mom rots in hell.

Another painful call includes mother while she is calling the 911 because she had killed her autistic children,without any Introductions let's get into this horrible recorded call.

caller : they are autistic. Both are autistic.
Dispatcher : They are both what dear?
caller : autistic.I don't want my kids to be like that.
Dispatcher : They are both autistic?
caller : I want normal kids, first I tried to kill them with bathroom cleaner. I put in their mouth but they do not drink it. I want them to drink it
caller again : They do not drink it so there is a wire there so I just grabbed their neck. Then I tried so many times and then they are no more.

Source : v=E1MhOUFsvR4

5 The killer grandma

When we say grandma we will all think about the kindest person on the earth.. but what will happen if the kind grandma turn into crazy killer? No longer here is the call :
dispatcher : 911 what is you emergency?
caller ( teen) : oh I just have been shot
dispatcher : what?
caller : I have just been shot
dispatcher : where are you at? okay how did you get shot?
caller : My grandma shot me
dispatcher :your grandma and grandpa shot you?
caller : my grandma, I'm gonna die
dispatcher : okay we are gonna have-... stay on the phone with me okay sir? I'm gonna get help on the way. Where were you shot at? your chest?
caller : Yes
dispatcher : Are your grandparents still there?
caller : No
Dispatcher : where did they go
caller :I do not know
Then the dispatcher keep talking to him but he did not answer after a few second he answered :
caller : I got shot again
dispatcher :You got shot again? Are they still they?
caller : yes, please ...more - reema_39_

6 Child called 911 because his parents are dead

Wow this one is really creepy - Martinglez

When we talk about crimes and calls, nothing is more scary than listen to children trying to describe to 911 how his parents are lying with bullets and blood and try to know if they are dead or not. This is what happened in this call. keep reading to know exactly what was going on.

dispatcher : 911 what is your emergency?
caller (the child) : um hello.
dispatcher : hello! Is everything okay?
caller : My mommy and daddy... I think there is a bullet on the floor
dispatcher : There is a what?
caller : And there is, there is blood coming out of my dad's mouth and he fell off the bed.
dispatcher : He did? where is mommy at?
caller : I.. I do not know, I think they are dead
dispatcher : what do you mean sweetheart?
caller :I do not know
dispatcher : okay, your daddy is on the floor, how old are you?
caller : I'm 5 years old and I have a dog in the house.
dispatcher : let me get someone over to you, did you go in your mommy and daddy's ...more - reema_39_

7 The chimp is attacking my friend!

And here is another call but this time is not from people who gets attack from another people or something like this. This call was from girl who called 911 to help her to get the chimp away from her friend's face while the chimp is attacking her friend. She was very tense and rough while she is calling for help.

Caller : Send the police!
Dispatcher : what is the problem there?
Caller : the -the -the chimp killed my friend!
Dispatcher : what is the problem with your friend I need to know.
caller : send the police with a gun... with a gun!. he ripped her face
Dispatcher :he ripped her face off?
caller : he is trying - he is trying to attack me! please please hurry!
Dispatcher : Okay I need you to calm down a little bit. They are on the way.
caller : hurry up!
Dispatcher : They are on the way, but I need to get more information, who is doing that?
caller : With guns -guns
Dispatcher : who got the guns?!
caller : No bring the guns! you gotta ...more - reema_39_

8 11-year-old girl hiding in closet as men break into her home

Imagine that you are young person with 11 years and you are alone in your house then you heard someone while he is trying to break in your house, what are you going to do? let us see Ashley and what is she going to do.

Dispatcher : 911, what is the location of -
caller (Ashley): hello, please I need help, need help!
Dispatcher : what is going on?
caller : they are breaking into my house, please come really quick
caller again : They are coming, They are coming... oh no please
Dispatcher : Who -
caller : I won't say anything, I promise you!
Dispatcher : Who is there?!
caller : These people

After that A man and two juveniles were taken into custody and have been charged in this case. Meanwhile, local officials are praising Ashley's courage.

Source : v=axB-IhKgaNY - reema_39_

9 18 year old mother: is it okay to shoot him?

When a mother is alone in her house with her baby and there is stranger standing behind her door, the only thing that she can to protect herself and her baby is to kill him and this is exactly what happened in this call.

Caller (The Mom) : There is a guy at my door
The Caller again : This guy is up to no good, I'm here alone with my baby. Can I get dispatch out here?
Dispatcher : You have got your door looked?
Caller : I've got two guns in my hands, is it okay to shoot him if he comes in the door?

After that she shoots and kills him.

source : v=gNDZGvSfzI4 - reema_39_

10 Teenager called the police: I have killed my mother & my sister

Jake Evans is a teen who killed his mother and sister. After he did that he called 911
And here is the call :
dispatcher : 911, where is your emergency?
Evans : My house
dispatcher :What is the emergency?
Evans : I just killed mu mom & My sister... -coldly -
dispatcher : You just killed your mother and you sister? How did you do that?
Evans : I just shot them with A. 22 Revolver.
dispatcher : Are you sure they are dead?
Evans : Yes.
dispatcher : Is there any reason that you were so angry at your mother and your sister?
Evans : I do not know... It is weird. I was not even really angry with them. It is just kind of happened, I have been kind of planning on killing for a while now.

Source : v=nSsHV_ry668 - reema_39_

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