Top 10 Most Horrible Things Cardi B Has Done

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1 Drug and Rob Men

I hate Cardi B. She should be in jail. - Userguy44

Makes you wonder how she's not in prison right now. - RogerMcBaloney

I think she was fine to do this. She was disgusted by these men who were looking to exploit her. - emraldYE

I like Cardi B's music but yea, she doesn't have the best personality. - AlphaQ

2 Call the Dead Child of a Black Woman a Monkey

I'm pretty sure most of these are fake. - AlphaQ

Does she really have anything on Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and 6IX9INE. - I80

She's a boring girl, oh hell! but she looks like a plastic undead B1tch - pLix33

3 Call Dark Skinned Black Women Roaches

I'm NOT saying that the Black Woman deserved to be called that horrible name. But she called Cardi B ugly first.

Racist much?! Shaddap cardi and just go get an actual job

For real? - AlphaQ

She’s racist. - Userguy44

4 Start a Beef with Nicki Minaj

I'm sure Nicki started that beef. - AlphaQ

5 Send men to beat up Women at Night Club

That's awful! I feel very sorry for these women!

6 Have Sex with DJs in Exchange for Playing Her Songs

Ummm, she's married and has kids. - AlphaQ

7 Pick Fights

I don't hate Cardi B or anything like that, but if someone throws a shoe at her, like the way how she threw a shoe at Asia & Nicki Minaj, then I don't care at all: she (Cardi B) deserved it!

8 Be Hypocritical
9 Curse Out a Make Up Artist

I don't know who she cursed out but if it was James Charles then too bad for him, his channel sucks. - AlphaQ

10 Be a Terrible Role Model to Women

I can't believe how many people love and adore this whore. It really shows how terrible today's society is. - RogerMcBaloney

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11 Being a Stripper

Are you people serious? The strippers are just there to make money. Cardi literally became one to escape domestic violence.
People should hate the men who go to strip clubs, not the strippers. - emraldYE

She did what she had to do 2 get money
at least shes better than does dat kill people 4 money and besides many big celebs have a bitter past (u shouldn't judge a book by its cover)

It's just a way to get money. Besides, strippers aren't even that bad and most of them need quick money, just like Cardi B. - AlphaQ

It's completely legal in America. It's a glowing business Industry at this point. - Joeljohns249

12 Say the N Word Even Though She's Not Black

B o i, She is black. - AlphaQ

There are 4 races, you forgot Australoid. its racist to forget that.

13 Spread Horrible Women Stereotypes
14 Ruined basically every song she has ever featured on (ex. Rodeo, On Me, Thotiana Remix, Wish Wish)

Cardi b rap in thotiana is disgusting!

15 Steal Peter Rodriguez's "I Like It Like That" Song
16 Became a rapper
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