Top Ten American Born Hockey Players

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1 Mike Modano

A born leader who put the team first, a reason why he led the Stars to a Stanley Cup in 99. The is a natural scorer who was a great defender as well. His durability and consistancy over a long and prosperous career makes him the greatest American born player, and even one of the better players, ever to take the ice in the NHL. Although he is now a Red Wing, Modano will always be the face of the Stars franchise. We miss you Mike, you'll always be a Star in my eyes.

I live in Dallas and my first NHL game -was Madanos first Hatrick plus one! What a wonder to watch! Love this guy.

Leading points scorer of any american player.

Best American hockey player ever

2 Pat Lafontaine

Most dynamic American born player to play the game. Scored 148 points in the 92-93 season for the Buffalo Sabres. Part of the famous Miracle on Ice gold medal team in 1980.

Pat Lafontaine WAS NOT part of the 1980 gold medal team

Yeah this is true

Better den Mike Madano

3 Chris Chelios

Chelios is the best number ONE

"3 time Norris Trophy Winner" Been playing for over 20 years and still going!

4 Brian Leetch

Should be No. ! Sorry Mike and Pat..

Mvp of 94 finals

great offensive defenseman that was a quality defenseman from his rookie year, through the end of his career. 9 time all star, 2 time calder trophy winner, and the only american born player to win the conn smythe.

5 Patrick Kane Patrick Timothy Kane II (born November 19, 1988) is an American professional ice hockey right winger for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL).

As he goes for point 1000...with a few years left in him, multiple Olympic teams, various MVPs, and already 3 rings on his fingers...what more justification is needed

Only American to win the scoring title, pure scoring offensive player. Barring injury will go down as the best American to play.

He will end up as the leading scorer in USA history from the NHL.

Kaner is the bomb!

6 Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy is speed player is USA, have good bodylifting and style play.

Jeremy Roenick is best players, I know he is lucky every game and I have good tee to supporting all players like this

7 Mike Richter

He's THE reason why Team U.S.A. had a prayer at gold in the 2012 Olympic hockey tournament. Not to mention the save (s) during 1994 Stanley Cup finals. Perennially underrated during his career b/c he played in probably the NHL's golden age of goaltenders (I.E., Hasek, Roy, Belfour)

8 Ryan Miller

he's the only reason Buffalo can even compete

9 Keith Tkachuk
10 Phil Housley

Phenominal vision/skating/puck handling, very exciting to watch,

#11? Are you drunk? He should be top 5

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11 T.J. Oshie

Because he is a beast and go USA

12 David Backes
13 Joe Mullen

First American to reach 1000 points

14 Tom Barrasso

Outstanding goalie, first straight out of high school to NHL, Vezina, 2 cups, 18 year career. Many memories

15 Johnny Gaudreau
16 John LeClair

1st American born player to 50 goals 3 times w/ the Flyers

17 Brett Hull

He was born in Belleville Ontario... He was a dual citizen as his mother was an American.

He's the American version of Wayne gretzky

18 Zach Parise

He can dangle and defend😍

19 Auston Matthews Auston Matthews is an American professional ice hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League.

4 goals in a goals in a NHL debut, CRAZY!

20 Hilary Knight
21 John Vanbiesbrouck
22 Chris Drury
23 Max Pacioretty
24 Ryan Suter
25 Jonathan Quick Jonathan Douglas Quick is an American professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League.
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