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1 Sidney Crosby Sidney Patrick Crosby ONS (born August 7, 1987) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who currently serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League.

The truth is that malkin is the real face of the penguins, Crosby is thought of as the best because he is a forst liner on a team malkin carries. I believe he is the dirtiest player. Ever see a penguins game with a call against the penguins? I haven't. Also, he is known for diving and embellishing, but when he does so, the other team gets the penalty, it's just not right and is a disgrace to hockey. I can't believe he is thought of as the best. He isn't even on the top 20 right now if you ask me. He is always getting injured, and that hurts the team when your captain is gone. It's time the fans take a stand against the overprivilaged penguins and noncalls. Thank you very much for your time and keep your head up out there.

2 Dion Phaneuf

A 'pileon' is more use on the ice than Phaneuf right now. Too bad, when he was a Flame he played with passion and fought guys. Now the only thing on his mind is his huge salary.

Phaneuf is the leafs' best defenceman though, although he got traded

So sorry, I posted that when he was good, but now I think he should just retire

3 Connor McDavid Connor McDavid (born January 13, 1997) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Can't call yourself the best if you can't get your team into the playoffs. End of story. Only the best can be considered and he isn't among them, points be damned.

He's not even the best player on his team but people will call him goat because he's canadian.

People can't admit to the Oilers having the best player ever. come on guys, just own it!

4 Rick Dipietro

Injury prone. Never lived up to the hype.

5 Todd Bertuzzi

Never the same after the Steve Moore incident.

Remember that nasty hit he did?

6 Nicklas Backstrom

If you are betting your franchise on Ovechkin you are doomed. You have to have a team! That includes at least 2 SOLID lines, 2 good penalty kill lines, an all around line that will do whatever the coach asks, and most of all A HEART! GKG! To quote an NHL rule: Rule 13 Composition of Team
A Team shall be composed of 20 players (18 skaters and two goalkeepers as per Rule 15 (a)(c)(d) - Players in Uniform) who shall be under contract to the Club they represent.

Ovechkin leads the caps. Without ovi he would be nothing. People also think of his "15 goals in 15 seconds commercial." Any nhl player can do that. He's nothing

7 Jason Arnott
8 Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Mikhailovich "Alex" Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

He stands in one spot and shoots. He's a cherry picker and never passes off. He does have a cannon, but that's it. He is one dimensional. I'll take Sidney Crosby any day.

Choke artist who won a singular time.

He Is one of the best, but he's overhyped, which leads to overrated

9 Jonathon Cheechoo

Yeah, a lot of people say Cheechoo was good thanks to Thorton. Couldn't agree more.

One good season thanks to Joe Thornton. All over for him now though.

10 Bryan McCabe

Had a few good seasons way back when.

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11 Rob Blake

Passed his prime. Time to hang em up.

12 Jordan Staal

He is the best. People need 2 quit hating and start appreciating. GO PENS!

Compared to his brothers he has got nothing.

13 Nicklas Lidstrom

He is amazing. And yes he is on top 5 d men of all time.

14 Alex Kovalev

Everyone thinks he's an all star. Get Real.

15 Max Afinogenov

He's got speed, but that is about it.

16 Auston Matthews Auston Matthews is an American professional ice hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League.

It scares me how people actually think he is on par with McDavid, when he's not even in the same universe as him. TSN d rides this guy 24/7 and acts like he's a generational talent. He's definitely a good player, probably a franchise talent, but come on. All he can do is score goals and he hasn't gotten more than 80 points in a season so far. I think he is somewhere around Stamkos level not Lemieux, Gretzky, Crosby

Although he's got lots of talent, leafs fans think they'll win the cup every season because they have Austin Matthews but no blue line. He's not the next Wayne Gretzky, but leafs fans think he's better than Gretzky for some reason.

17 P.K. Subban
18 Eric Lindros

If he stayed with the nordiques/avalanche, it would be a story where the avs would've lost the cups instead of winning.

19 Alexei Yashin
20 Wayne Gretzky Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League for four teams from 1979 to 1999.

Come on, nobody ever dared hit him and that is why he had all the space and opportunity to score all those goals and make all those assists. If Mario Lemieux was healthy and played the same amount of games, Mario would have easily surpassed Wayne's point total of 2800 or so.

Overrated! I hate how much people adore him! He isn't as good as people say! Connor McDavid has better skills!

21 Jonathan Toews
22 Ilya Kovalchuk
23 Alexandre Daigle
24 Patrick Kane Patrick Timothy Kane II (born November 19, 1988) is an American professional ice hockey right winger for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL).
25 Marián Hossa

If you know anything about Hockey Hossa is so underrated. He carried the Hawks Made Toews who he is today. Hardest worker on the team. Sad to see him hang them up.If you notice hawks are not playing as well. True leaders make other players around them better. Not built up by scouts and media TSN.

Yo this guy is amazing my favorite in the nhl and yes I am a hawk fan. Well the whole theam is my favorites.

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