Top 10 Ideas That Won't Make Good Top 10 Lists

If the following list ideas have been made already or if they've not, these lists are not good ideas and either should be ignored or never made.

The Top Ten

1 Top 10 Countries in Antarctica

2.I give up - Pieclone

2 Top 10 Things to Do Without Doing Anything

You'd have to be unspeakably lazy to promote that - PositronWildhawk

3 Top 10 Squares On a Chessboard

HAHA yeah this is #1 - Bigandbagguy


What coordinate system should be used?

4 Top 10 Colours for Mops

I made it, it actually got approved - Solacress

I'm going to make this - Solacress

This would be a redundant list.

5 Top 10 Shades of Black

What's your range of black using the RGB color scheme?

6 Top 10 Mammals That Lay Eggs
7 Top 10 Pieces of a Jigsaw
8 Top 10 Hardest Melons
9 Top 10 Months of Summer
10 Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber is the Best

That will NEVER be a good list. Well, maybe with the exception of the near-impossible possibility that he becomes a better music artist.

The Newcomers

? Top 10 Lists of 10 Things or Fewer that Contain Evanescence Somewhere in the Top 2

The Contenders

11 Top 10 Best Facts Of Why Rock Sucks
12 Top 10 Buttons On an Atari 2600 Controller
13 Top 10 Worst Users of TheTopTens

That would be mean

14 Top 10 Best Pop Songs (Excluding Michael Jackson)
15 Top 10 Reasons Why Zootopia is the Worst Animated Movie of All Time

Zootopia wasn't that bad, and it totally wasn't worse than Foodfight, Bebe's Kids, all those rip-offs of Disney movies, etc.

No offense but I loathe this with a burning passion

16 Top 10 Users That Don't Deserve Fame
17 Top 10 Most Ruthless Things To Do
18 Top 10 Best Rebecca Black Songs

Rebecca Black now has decent songs. Unlike JB.

19 Top 10 Reasons Why Nickelback is better than Nirvana
20 Top 10 Reasons Why Other Mean Users Are More Intelligent Than Positronwildhawk
21 Top Ten Reasons Why BritGirl Is The Most Underrated User Of TheTopTens
22 Top Ten Worst Ellie Goulding Songs
23 Top Ten Worst Avril Lavigne Songs
24 Top Ten Reasons to Hate TheTopTens
25 Top 10 Worst Bands with French, Monkey, and Guitar in Their Name
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1. Top 10 Worst Users of TheTopTens
2. Top 10 Best Pop Songs (Excluding Michael Jackson)
3. Top 10 Users That Don't Deserve Fame
1. Top 10 Countries in Antarctica
2. Top 10 Things to Do Without Doing Anything
3. Top 10 Colours for Mops


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