Top Ten Most Important Chores

Let's all admit it, some of us hate chores because they get in the way of what we have planned. Just understand that chores can prepare us for life like cleaning our own house.

The Top Ten

1 Cleaning your room

Ah yes, you always here your mom or dad say, "Greg, clean your room or you are in trouble! " Lol, hey a clean room can keep spiders and insects away. - Arcxia

2 Cleaning the dishes and kitchen

Or else dishes wouldn't get clean.


3 Cleaning your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom can keep certain diseases like the stomach flu away. - Arcxia

4 Laundry

When comes to going to school or work you definitely don't want your clothes to smell like crap out in public. - Arcxia

5 Mowing the Lawn

You don't want your yard looking like a Jungle. - Arcxia

Luckily I'm allergic to grass so I'm exempt from this

I suck at mowing the lawn

6 Mopping the floor
7 Cleaning your pet's things

Litter box, dog food bowl, and etc. It's hard work, but it will help your pet be happy and healthy - Arcxia

8 Cleaning your closet

The clothes wont smell and look bad

9 Working on the garden
10 Ironing Clothes

You must iron your clothes to look good. I've seen so many people go out with unironed clothes and I wish I could just take out an iron and iron them so they look better. Parents, iron your kids clothes so they look better. I iron mine everyday, even my Tshirts and I'm only 15

The Contenders

11 Dusting your fan
12 Collecting the bed
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