Top Ten Most Inappropriate Places to Have a Souvenir Shop

Can you imagine this? "please feel free to visit our souvenir shop on the way out..."

The Top Ten

1 Prisoner of War Camp Prisoner of War Camp

Buy this stinky solider outfit! It has HISTORY in it! - Muffet13

"Here! This soldier's arm is only ten euro! " - FennikenFan9

2 Orphanage Orphanage

Here, buy this t shirt! - Muffet13

Every purchase helps a child in need of a home. - Turkeyasylum

Look Mommy, a sad child! ;( - LunaFrost

3 Prison Prison

@Muffet13-a former prison (now a museum) in my area offers an event called "Prison food week" and they actually let you sample real prison food (Nutraloaf). I haven't attended the event yet but one day I would love to!

Here - Dine in our ‘gourmet’ prison restaurant! Try REAL prison food! - Muffet13

"Hey, the soap I dropped in the shower right before I was assaulted by five beefcakes is in that shop and so is the metal coat hanger I plugged into the sockets to try and kill myself is in there too! Only £2.99! All proceeds go to the prison guv'nors fir their annual trip to a nice hot country for a two week holiday! " - Britgirl

4 Brothel Brothel

Here - buy stuff that will make even Comu-chan blush! - Muffet13

Affordable presents for your wife or girlfriend - condoms and sex accessories with the images of our best prostitutes! - Metal_Treasure

Today we'll be having a BOGO free on blondes. Tomorrow, 50% off on all Australians. - Turkeyasylum

5 Concentration Camp

Here, buy this magnet! - Muffet13

They'd probably sell shower curtains.

Sell all the gas!


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6 Public Toilets Public Toilets

Here! Buy this loo paper! - Muffet13

And here we have a special piece of crap. Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is indeed Donald Trumps crap for only $500! What a steal! Wait till we get to the price of the toilet seat he sat on! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That's a really crappy place to have a souvenir shop.

That would stink (pun intended). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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7 Cemetery

"Here! This corpse leg is only 20 euro! " - FennikenFan9

The real world isn't Billy and Mandy, you know. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For some reason this reminds me of the game Ben and Ed...WHY - Danguy10

8 Abattoir Abattoir

Here! Buy a pillow with a dead cow on it! - Muffet13

9 Crime Scene

If the cops or detectives catch you stealing a body part to give for a souvenir - FerrariDude64

Welcome to our shop. If you were here at exactly 17:33 on Friday, please don't leave. - PositronWildhawk

10 Gun Shop

Just sellin guns for souvenirs over here. - FerrariDude64

Mom, I want that Ak-47. - SamuiNeko

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? Pet Cemetery
? Mental Hospital

The Contenders

11 Edge of a Cliff

Here! Buy parachutes for only $1000 dollars! - Muffet13

Some bully could throw you and take all the souvenirs - FerrariDude64

12 Crematorium Crematorium

Well, I guess the urn counts as a souvenir, doesn't it? - PositronWildhawk

13 Strip Club

Oh wow! A shirt that says "i saw people naked" for 2 dollars! - SonicDrummer231

I would rather wear a Jimmy Hattori t-shirt in public. At least he’s a mascot with a cause. Unlike that t-shirt that says “I saw people naked! ”. - Muffet13

14 The Sewers

Cotton candy, popcorn, and red balloons for sale! You’ll float, too!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Hi there, Georgie,

Don’t ask me why I said that. - IceFoxPlayz

15 End of a Runway

Imagine getting a picture taken:
"Alright, you two stand juuust there." - Rocko

16 War Zone

There'd be a big sale on red balloons for a 99c discount, eh? - Swellow

17 Abortion Clinic

Our sale on rejected children is now on! - PositronWildhawk

In hindsight, this should have been #1. - Britgirl

18 Nuclear Power Plant

On sale for 100% off, radioactive waste! Guaranteed to make you die a cancerous death or mutate you! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 Landfill

100% trash for sale! All for the trashiest price of 1 trashy dollar bill! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Unless we're in Ed, Edd, n Eddy, landfills shouldn't be places to have souvenir shops. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

20 Funeral Home


21 Jedi Temple
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