Top Ten International Schools In Thailand

The Top Ten
1 NIST International School

I spend 5 years as a student in NIST and I loved every second of it. It has made me the man I am today. The best part about NIST is that the schools not too big nor too small. It gives students the opportunity to take part in numerous ECAs and activities like other International schools but at the same time, almost every student has an opportunity because the school is small. Classes are small and the school has a family atmosphere which is amazing. The teachers are all very enthusiastic and love teaching and are always there to help. The college counsellors are top-notch and everything is perfect.

Something that makes NIST unique from other International schools is that it the first and only non-for profit school in Thailand. It is also a U.N. related school so children will understand more foreign culture and accept them more. NIST makes students understand that by being in a school full of people with a variety of nationalities, it will make them get used to it for when you must go to study at abroad you people from a range of cultures and it would be easier to accept them. As a student at NIST for the past 9 years NIST has changed a lot when I first came. Today, with a variety of sports and activities you can participate here and with the great facilities at NIST, I personally believe that NIST is a friendly environment to learn in.

NIST is so amazing, I couldn't say one bad thing about it. I attended NIST from years 5-8 (2012-2016) and I loved every second of it. NIST has helped me grow and learn things that I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else. The environment is incomparable and the people are just wonderful. Within a week of attending you will definitely feel as if it is your home. Watching the school grow will all the students has been unforgettable and even though I don't go there anymore I think about the school all the time. NIST has definitely changed my life for the better and I definitely think it is the best school in Thailand, hands down.

Moving to Bangkok with the family in 2016 directly from the public Swedish school system you really noticed the difference. One of our daughters, at the time 12 years of age, came home one day during the first week saying "It is fantastic, the teachers here really believe in me, they think I can become someone". That statement says it all and even though the students do not always appreciates that there also is expectations on their efforts, they will understand the benefit later on. I can highly recommend NIST for being an outstanding school and a fantastic community to be part of.

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2 Wells International School (WIS)

Many students think that school is somewhere they're forced to go but, I feel that Wells is somewhere I want to go. Spending nearly 12 years here at Wells, I've developed as a student and as a human being. I used be shy and with very low self confidence. Today, I wake up everyday with a purpose, a positive mindset and a will to interact with others. In terms of academics, Wells is constantly growing. In Grade 10, I was given the opportunity to take AP courses. Then, I was enrolled in the IB program which truly, has been an eye-opening and self-reflecting experience.

Throughout these years, Wells has provided me with outstanding opportunities both in and outside of the classrooms including sports, clubs, trips and more. As an athlete, I learned the significance of teamwork, which gives me the courage to stand up after making mistakes. Additionally, I've been given numerous opportunities to become a better leader. I started with leading the basketball team, then my class events ...more

This is my 14th year in Wells since kindergarten, and I love this school. Small in size in comparison to the other schools in Thailand, it is impossible not to know a student. For a school that has just started 10 years ago, it provides so much opportunities for students to work both internally and externally. Without any exaggeration, the whole school feels like my second family; teachers can't be more caring, events can't be more fun, and students can't be more kind. I thank my parents for making such a great decision of sending me to Wells!

Wells International School is a good school with excellent teachers and support staff that make your children feel like home. This is good value for money and I think there is no sense in sending your child to NIST or other high cost schools as they don't deserve the money they take from the parents. I have seen several international schools in Bangkok and looked at their curricula and I saw no difference. I don't no about the high school grades but with regards to primary education and facilities, I guess Wells is one of the best.

I have been in this school for more than half of my life. In this school there are lots of opportunities that you can obtain such as joining an organization, joining a sports team, creating a booth in school on events(such as international day) and more. Also the education system in this school is really good. You get to choose what class you want to take and focus on that class(highschool). Maybe some teachers still need work on interacting with their students or the way they teach, but majority of the teachers are awesome. I love this school and I will not leave this school until I graduate.

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3 Bangkok Patana School (BPS)

Schooling is a big part of your life, if you started at a school since K1 you are talking about 15 years of schooling. The environment in which you are brought up in affects your concentration, your behavior and your attitude towards learning and Patana is truly a great school, it has everything to offer, and you know your money is being put to good use when you arrive to school at the start of the academic year, seeing a new building or canteen or upgraded equipment for the students to utilize. People worry about the size, and being too big, but the way I see it, is more space, more opportunities. Home to me always.

BPS is not only the best school in Bangkok, but out of the eight international schools I've been to, Patana is by far the best I've experienced.
The best thing I find about Patana, is the wide rage of facilities available for all students to freely use. 3 Large swimming pools, countless football pitches, and inside and outside playing courts, the sporting facilities are the best in Bangkok, I know this through inter school competitions I've been in, After visiting all the schools listed here, BPS is defiantly the best in this area.
I've been at BPS in primary, the teachers and parents around you are all very warm, caring and open minded. I thought this would change as I graduated to secondary school, but to my pleasure, It only got better, with non stop support from everyone around you, the teachers, not even on holidays, fail to reply to your email, or answer you questions. Dedication is a major factor to why we love it here so much.

To everyone thinking about which ...more

Facilities alone, BPS is far superior when compared to any other school featured on this list. Having visited several of the other listed schools for sport and MUN, this was clearly evident and BPS most certainly set the standard in that department. In terms of education, BPS has a world class, extensive curriculum focused on producing well rounded individuals with a vast array of skills, highly desired by leading universities world wide. In all, BPS remains a very special school, where students are taught in a nurturing environment by the best to be the very best they can be.

I'm a current student and I have been at BPS for over 11 years and I have to say, it offers many outstanding opportunities for students. Its sports programme is exceedingly exceptional with many highly trained coaches. I myself have been part of many sport teams in BPS. As well as Patanas impressive sporting reputation, there are many highly qualified teachers at this school. With many 'Top in Thailand' students at school, Bangkok Patana does not offer scholarships and do not select students for performance. This shows that Bangkok Patana is a great school at giving students the best possible opportunities for success. Overall, this school is amazing and I will be sad to leave one day as I truly consider BPS and the BPS community my home.

4 International Community School (ICS)

It is great blessings my children had ICS in their life, they were loved and guided in right path by the teachers. I am grateful for the teachers in ICS. Caring and loving community it is!

As a teacher, I really value the sense of community within our school. There's a reason why "community" is part of the name. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work here, and as I spend more time here, I find myself continually challenged to grow, both professionally and personally. There was a time when I was considering pursuing another career path, but after having worked at ICS for a while, I find myself becoming more and more passionate about teaching and particularly about positively influencing my students' lives. This is not only due to the encouragement of fabulous administrators that I work under, but also to the friendships I have with coworkers, some of whom have become some of my best friends, and the wonderful student body we have here. I now plan on staying here for some time, focusing on offering my students the best possible educational experience they could have in an environment that fosters community, growth, integrity, respect, and love, to name a few of the ...more

Three of our children attended ICS for 13 years each. They each had a wonderful experience and they loved the school, the teachers and the experiences provided. They were not only prepared for university academically, but also in decision-making skills. I'm thankful they received an education that didn't just revolve around the academic side, but they also had many great experiences in sports, drama and Student Ministries activities. Our family appreciated the emphasis on the spiritual aspect of life, and we're grateful that our children have a bigger understanding of life and know that it means more than just living for wealth and happiness.

ICS has something that no other school elsewhere offers --the close-knit relationships between teachers and their students. The teachers here love and wholeheartedly serve their students with no limits. They take the extra hours after school as well as weekends to be involved with their students' lives and always put the students first regardless of time. The entire faculty is intentional about following Christ, passionate about teaching, and unceasingly determined to serve the community. They reap pure joy from loving and spending countless of hours whenever students need them, which is something that no amount of tuition could ever pay for.

5 Concordian International School

This school is not meant to compete with or be in the same category as Patana or other famous international schools. The environment is very Thai and parents who send their kids there want the kids to learn Thai values as well as speak English, Chinese and Thai. The IB system is amazing! To my surprised, the English level of the kids is very good, not Thai-glish. From EY to G6 the school has very little turnover (each year 4 classes x avg 18 per class) and thus very few spaces available. After that the class sizes drop off. I would think that they hope the pipeline of kids coming through their programs will populate the future upper classes. Even for the upper classes the facilities are there as they have invested in the future. This school is not for everyone but giving a child an IB education in a trilingual environment can only lead to a bright future.

This is really is a great school, Khun Varnee, the administrators and their great teachers and teaching staff do a fantastic job of getting pupils into great worldwide universites and keeping their Thai heritage. The staff are caring and there is huge emphasis on values and respect. Alongside this there is great academic achievement and fantastic facilities. Anyone with a child who they want to see reach their potential and be treated as an individual must see this school. What a great learning environment!

This school is such a great dedicate from the founder, principals, teachers and all staff. They really put all of their own energy to the students with also maintain a good Thai manner. This is the most beautiful school in Thailand, the building, the tone of the colors and also the two new building that specific on Science, Art & Technology. Please come to visit the school and you will know the differences.

I honestly think that this school is really nice. The students learn to respects others in a Thai manner way. Although the detention way and always thinking the teacher is right no matter what the situation is not a really nice treatment but the academics are amazing. I have been her since Kindergarden and loved every moment of it. The library is nice, and the building is also nice. Mission statement is also true and love and honestly is always accept here.

6 International School Bangkok (ISB)

ISB provides a wonderful education and also has a great balance of physical education and learning. There are also an abundant amount of facilities for students to use to extend our physical abilities in any sports. ISB is located in a wonderful community where everyone is supportive of each other and cares for each other day after day. Outside of school, ISB also offers many after school activities for students to join in on, strengthen our collaboration with others and also to strengthen our skills in that certain sport.
ISB teachers are also very dedicated to their subject and students. They care for each student and treat students kindly and fairly. I have been at ISB for 7 years and have never felt left out and ISB community members, parents, faculty and students are all very welcoming and when I moved in, I felt at home on the first day. ISB has been my second home and it has given me the best opportunities I will probably get in my life.

I've been to 4 schools and ISB is by far the best school. The facilities here are of top quality and the academics are very challenging. The people here are all very unique. They all come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell. They are one of the most supportive people I've met and not to mention, the smartest and most talented as well. You'll find lots of students here that are just pure geniuses and will either raise your competitiveness level or just make you doubt yourself. But whichever one it is, you will get help from them no matter what it is. Graduating this year and didn't even regret ditching taking an entrance exam for another school I applied to. It's no doubt the best international school here in Bangkok (and the oldest).

ISB has the best curriculum and dedicated teachers, dedicated students and many different areas of activities to join in. Whether it's sports, dramatic arts, visual arts and much much more. Unlike OTHER schools ISB is actually more of an international school. In NIST, Patana, Harrow, Wells, St. Andrews) most of the students are Thai, Chinese or Indian. ISB has students from all over the world.

ISB has been able to teach kids who never spoke English before to speak it fluently. Also ISB is a very active school. Always helping those in need with different fundraisers. And also our middle school students this year won the World's scholar cup!

ISB has visiting authors such as Marie Lu, and we also get people with experiences come and share and teach us.

Graduated in 1995 when many other international schools were not around. Back then it was the benchmark to follow by other international schools with high quality faculties (most were expats while local hire were highly exceptional), advance placements curriculum (IBs, APs, and etc), and state of the art facilities and educational equipments (probably one of the reasons it abondoned the 30 year-old campus in Soi 15). Now 18 years later and learning from friends whose children are studying in various schools, it is felt that ISB is still leading the pack in various educational developments (but the gaps are closing in as developments from other top schools are catching up). Visit each school and compare the tuition cost against their investments into the school (teachers, facilities, equipments, and etc. ) and you will have a good idea where you want to invest for your children.

7 Harrow International School (HIS)

As a Harrovian, I'm proud to say that this is the best school. I've been going to Harrow since year 1 to year 8. I then left Harrow in the beginning of year 9 to come to America. My first year in America was pretty easy for me because I learned most of the things from Harrow. During my 8th grade/year 9 year, I became the top student by having A's for all my classes. However, when I was in year 8 at Harrow, I was in set 2 for English and set 3 for math. This made me think "wow, even though I'm not the smartest at Harrow, I'm still a lot smarter than the kids here (educationally). " And now, I'm a freshman in high school, I'm still learning the things that Harrow has taught me years ago. This proves that Harrow is really ahead with the education. I'm proud to be a Harrovian and Harrow is like my second home. All the teachers, staffs and faculties are really nice and I love all of them. They're very supportive to me and other Harrovians. Also, all the students there are really cool - as ...more

I just want to say that to the Harrovian this where he/she went to america is like really smart there? Well everyone here in all international schools are actually smarter then American students because we learn much harder things at a younger age. In Nist we learned pieces of literature in 8th grade/yr 9 that people in the us learn in their senior or junior year. In BPS we learn things in math in 7th grade/year 8 that people in the us learn in their sophomore year and this goes for so many other schools. Like if a school teaches IB or A levels in Thailand its actually a lot harder then it is in the us because standards are not as high so don't go thinking harrow is anymore special then other schools because YOUR NOT!

My kids go there and from my experience it's worth for the fees. The schoo offer the best of the best for all courses such as academics or after school activities. They are big school but they also take care of the kids carefully and ask for constant supervision if the kid happens to have a problems. My son had problems for low grade and exam scores and he was quite depressed and school conselor and school head of the house constantly talked to me and ask me to check the kid.

I was in harrow and it was so fun and the teachers don't really care what we do. When Thailand was flooded, we went to study at Nist and we trashed the place and their cafeteria. I talked to one of my friends that goes there and they changed it. I guess they can thank us because it sucked

8 KIS International School Bangkok (KIS)

KIS defines what a good international school should be. The caring community is open to all cultures and nationalities and the students are open minded. As a student, I feel very accepted in the school and know almost every other student. The teachers are able to guide the students towards success and with relatively small classes, this provides student's with interactive learning with the teachers and their peers. The graduates are able to go to amazing universities all around the world due to the success that the IB curriculum brings them since the Primary Years Program all the way to the Diploma Program. We have great sports teams that are welcoming for every student willing to participate including football (soccer), swimming, basketball, table tennis, track and field, badminton and volleyball. Other more creative students are able to join graphic design classes, the KIS Today club to write creative pieces for the website, media club and much more. Community activities bring ...more

KIS is the greatest most connected and communal international school out here. Once you enter, there is a really large sense of community, kindness and connection. It may be smaller compared to other schools such as ISB and NIST, but this 'limit' of students allows a more intimate and connected student-teacher support relationships.

Teachers are supportive, students and parents are connected. In and out of school activities both for parents and students are initiated. We have after school clubs to join, such as Drama Club, Hip Hop Dance and various sports such as football (soccer), basketball, swimming, ping pong, badminton, tennis, cricket and volleyball.

KIS is a very warm community to be in. I have joined KIS for 3 years and still love it! The environments are pretty big, which means the school provides more activities in that areas. I just love how this school is updating, renovating things, and add activities. The study program is IB, which IB is the best learning program comparing to all. Teachers are able to manage each projects efficiently! Moreover, KIS encourage students' interests, for instance, KIS has big girl dance group. They encourage them by inventing TISAC Dance Competition every year to support the dancing girls. Therefore, KIS has a lovely community and environments to be in.

Great school - taught their a number of years ago. Students are engaged and committed to doing their best. The IB education model is a wonderful platform which develops elements of analysis and reflection within each student who gain a breadth and depth in their learning unlike any other school. I enjoyed the warm friendly atmosphere in the school where everything is all about the students. Take the tip - KIS is an excellent school. I have 42 years experience in education so I have seen many lesser school in my time.

9 Shrewsbury International School (SHB)

I received the best education I could ask for (ranging from primary to secondary school teaching) due to mostly high-class teaching and excellent facilities. The student community, on the other hand, isn't as diverse and stimulating as hearsay would have you believe it is. A solid 90% of it is solely and exclusively Thai, which for a "foreigner" can be rather stifling, repetitive and conducive to a narrow personality type. The pro of this arrangement is that the determination to excel at studies (which is tangible within the Asian culture) becomes highly influential and continuously prods one to exceed everyone's expectations. I found my niche, had a lovely six years with great results to prove it. Speaking frankly, despite certain imperfections I strongly recommend SHB to anyone (although especially to pupils who strive for academic excellence) and really and truly believe that out of the international schools available in Bangkok it is a diamond in the rough.

This school really prepared me for university life, and although there are many Thais there, the people who are non Thai are welcoming and friendly. I find that usually the non thais hang together and the thais hang together, but they do mix and do talk to each other! I loved this school, now I'm at Oxford, and all I've learnt has really helped me! Facilities are great, friends are lovely, support is amazing - there's always someone to help you, teachers are smart and good, and there is generally an aura of support and familiarity which surrounds this school. You are determined to work hard and in general, it's a lovely school. I have to say though, I was a drama kid - I participated in all the productions, performances and such, and they were of an extremely high standard. Students from other cities in the world sometimes came to evaluate our performances. I love this school.

Shrewsbury International school is a brilliant school! This is because, the education is fantastic, the sports is outstanding and you have better chances of getting into good schools in England or America beacause Shrewsbury was first established in Englang... Unlike Bangkok Patana, ISB, NIST, St. Andrews, ICS, RIS, WIS, KIS! Harrow International school may have been first established in England too, but it was not by a farang and everyone knows and says and has proof that actually Shrewsbury International school is in the top 3 best schools in Bangkok, and also that NIST abou the fifh or fourth best in Bangkok!

Shrewsbury is an amazing schools, all farang who are looking for a great school in Bangkok should go to this school! It has great facilities, brilliant friends, excellent sports and are outstanding in academics! You can live the the exclusive Chatrium condos, that way you can get to school extremely quickly (there is a gate connecting the school and the condos together. If you ever need a snack, refreshment, massage, clothes or food you can just go throught the gate to 711 (which is underneath the Chatrium condo), or a massage at Nemita spa and refreshment at Starbucks (which are both underneath the Chatrium residence, and finally a bakery and Sai Sen Japanese restaraunt! Oh yes, you can buy fantastic clothes underneath the Chatrium condos! Shrewsbury international school is the best school ever!

10 St. Andrew International School Bangkok (STA)

St. Andrews isn't worth being 11th on this list. Teachers in STA are unorganized, inexperienced and extremely biased. The teachers give students way too much homework and it is nearly impossible to keep up with this. Students are constantly stressed because of how much homework they get and how little preparation time they get for exams. The canteen food is also disgusting and almost inedible. Students have found various pieces of plastic, hairs and many other unpleasant things which makes it too expensive for its quality. Barely any teachers are genuinely pleasant and are way too harsh on students. Some teachers are also smokers and you can literally smell it off them. Teachers also gossip about students in the staff room which is completely inappropriate and unfair because talking about teachers is like blasphemy. If it weren't for my friends I would be leaving STA as soon as possible.
Some other things:
- Students engage in sexual intercourse which is illegal at their current ...more

Great medium sized international school. Over 15% of students are foreign, and many of the remainder are mixed Thai/Foreign. The very approachable head (Mr Paul) is the driving force behind what is a happy school with a great atmosphere that also manages to achieve impressive academic results.

St Andrews does not have the expansive sports facilities and playing fields of large schools on the outskirts of Bangkok like Patana and ISB, but still does well with what it does have, particularly on swimming and football. On the other hand its location is very convenient for parents living in the Ekamai/Thong Lo/Sukhumvit areas of Bangkok, and for us personally we prefer a school that is less than 15 minutes away rather than more than an hour.

St Andrews was taken over by Nord Anglia a couple of years ago, and since then there has been an increase in the number of students from just over 500 only a few years ago to more than 1000 now. Facilities though have not kept pace, and so ...more

The food in school is terrible most of the time and sometimes has no taste. The queue for food is always long and their prices for food is unreasonable. The place is dirty and they should get more people cleaning the place everyday. There are also too many students in school till the school is awfully crowded. Some teachers are bias and rude. Teachers here don't take things seriously sometimes and do absolutely nothing when students face problems or troubles with other students. Many students here are rude, mean, lazy and racist. Some students disturb others in class and annoy them by not working properly in group projects. However some students are nice, kind and hardworking. There are also too many Thais and Indians in the school. Overall, Standrews is okay and isn't too bad. The place is fine and the location is convenient. I am looking forward for the school to improve the quality of the food and better discipline to those students causing trouble to others.

I've been at STA for 11 years, and I have to say that many of the comments are clearly very misleading.

STA has an incredibly successful athletics team - football, basketball, swimming, badminton etc. - and have won various competitions. There are facilities to support even non-athletic students and help them to enjoy sports.

The school encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities after school, including Model United Nations, World Scholar's Cup, SAS Choir, STA Theatre Group, Rock Band, and much more.

The academic standards are also outstanding, with extremely talented teachers. Now, I've realised that many of the other comments disapprove of some teachers at the school. However, is there any school that has never had a not-so-great teacher pass through? Unsatisfactory teachers are dealt with quickly, and immediately replaced by even better teachers. The standards are incredibly high all of my teachers have been great role models for ...more

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11 Ruamrudee International School (RIS)

Ruamrudee International School is a school filled with academically focused students and many British, Australian, American and Canadian Teachers who have students' interest ( academic and athletic) at the heart of being an educator. I am proud to be working in this environment with diverse educators whose job it is to prepare these mostly second language learners for enrollment at some of the top, English speaking universities around the world. Our school profile proves that what we are doing is working. Students are not doing it all by themselves! Yes, some are highly motivated and some are not and yet a majority still are getting into top universities! Unfortunately, as in any school across the world, unhappy educators exist and it is in the best interest of students who we love and colleagues --both admin and teachers --that those unhappy people leave.

I personally loved my experience in Ruamrudee International School. The experience I had in RIS is probably something that none of the other international schools can offer since it is located in a peaceful city with lovely communities that always welcomes new and current students to join. I always have the impression of Thailand being the "traffic", "most polluted", and some parts "dirty" due to continuous flooding or lack of hygiene available for people. Well, it certainly is not a problem near RIS. It is located in the suburb area where there is a lot of nature still kept in tack, less traffic during school hours since it starts early and ends early, and the community services run by the students and parents let us maintain the mother nature as pure as possible.

The high school principal is finally leaving after four years of incompetence, bullying, negligence, driving out good teachers and competent assistant principals, and all around unethical behaviour. It was clear from the start that this guy was a disaster. The teachers knew it, the director knew it, the owners knew it, but as a "good Christian" he was allowed to stay and wreak havoc. It's probably too late to save this school. The priests who own this place don't care about quality education than do the rich Thai parents who send their kids here to get an inflated grades and an easy ride into Thai universities.

The puppet head of school is leaving. Now if only the high school principal and elementary principal would leave, maybe this place could get back on track. The middle school principal seems good - not much experience yet, but she acts like a professional and is concerned about the education of the students, completely unlike her colleagues in high school and elementary school. I have seen this place go up and down over the years, but never such a downward slide as the past three years. If the fathers don't do something soon about these administrators, we will never get and keep good teachers to rebuild what has been destroyed.

12 The Regent's International School

I am a teacher at the Regent's school, and although my view point may be considered biased the points that I share with you are based as accurately and as honestly as possible. The warm personalized environment in which our students are educated is excellent and the care and attention that each student receives is exemplary. The campus is developing positively, with large amounts of space and grounds. Facilities are also impressive for a school within the heart of Bangkok. Our student learning is engaged through multiple facets; we are more than just an educational institution, the approach to attaining knowledge is sought by immersing our students within wealth of holistic experiences. Only then we will achieve our aims of creating a well rounded young person who can positively affect his/her surroundings.

I was sent to the Regents school BKK and its not like any other schools the teachers are all friendly and have many fun and interesting activities for children. I have progressed a lot and this school was where I met my best friends, and if I'm ever alone the teachers always support me in everything. it is the BEST school in the world!

If you want a school that knows your child then Regents International School is the one for you. Unlike the schools in this top ten list this is a smaller school where the staff and pupils work together as a family. The result is an all round education with excellent academic results.

I'm v happy with the teaching and staff and facilities. It's just the right suez to enable a closeness between families of the children. Best of all, as a city school it has excellent green field and sports space so it does not feel like a city school. I have one boy there now and my second son will be starting next year

13 Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS)

I used to have a child at Thai-Singapore International School and I would not recommend this school to anyone. They are very mis-leading and not very honest with your child's progress. They do not take initiative with the student or the parents for overall improvement in the child's education. I know first hand that they do not even respect their teachers. The school will eventually be all filipino teachers because they are cheaper to employ than western teacher's with higher education quality. However, they still charge the same tuition fees and even increase it as if your child will be receiving the same quality of education. Again, I strongly discourage anyone from choosing this school. We moved our child to Berkeley International School which is more expensive but the quality of the education and the staff is significantly better ten fold!

Our school implements a comprehensive curriculum issued by the globally respected Singapore Ministry of Education to provide our students with the best education.

We nurture and develop students in the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic domains over their formative years. The educational objectives of these five domains are achieved through the best practices, from the east and the west, with a keen emphasis on Asian values and obvious links to global values.

Choosing a good school is not easy but I decided to send my two children at Thai-Singapore International School because they have a strong curriculum and they are transparent in telling parents about their future plans. They established the school because they have a clear vision of producing graduates who are competitive. The management have good plans by making the school an iPSLE Centre, Cambridge School, and an HSK Centre for those interested in Chinese. I trust that students of the school will be ready for universities abroad.

I am a parent at Thai-Singapore International School and I have two daughters studying at Primary level. Since they transferred to TSIS, they have never ran out of stories to tell me about what they enjoyed for the day. They would always share their highlights for the day such as reading their favorite books before the classes begin the interesting and enjoyable lessons they have from their teachers the opportunity to explore their talents and skills during elective time and being able to visit T.V. channels or news agencies.The school has a resort-like atmosphere and the teachers and staff are very friendly and accomodating. Parents are updated with the daily activities of the students and parents are free to communicate with the teachers for any queries. Even the management welcomes any parents who would like to speak to them, thus, assuring parents that the school takes care of the students. As a parent, I am assured that my daughters are safe and happy in their second home - TSIS.

14 The American School of Bangkok (ASB)

This is a very good school and there are many welcoming friends waiting for you! The staff, teachers, and the principal all welcome you for a guide. I've been to this school for six years and I loved each second of it. The activities are very fun and many people gather for it. It is so exciting. There is also a cafe where students and parents can rest and buy food and drinks. The food there is awesome. That is the only school I've ever said the food is yummy. The other schools meals are bad and I can only eat when it is sometimes good. But this school is different. I've enjoyed eating the food and I could eat every day because the food is so yummy. The teachers and students are waiting for you! This school is the best!

I have been in ASB from the day it started, well it was known as Didyasarin before ASB. All of my siblings have been going to ASB from my older brother who started of in kindergarten in Didyasarin 30 years ago to my youngest cousin who is currently in grade 6 at the Sukhumvit campus. This has been our family school. We have seen the school grow and have grown with it. Education is the same everywhere else, but ASB has a lot more to offer for individual growth. All of us that have graduated from ASB are doing really well.. We may have not been the brightest of the lot but we were certainly provided with opportunities to excel as leaders.

This is a great school with progressive staff. Most of the staff is based from Canada and America and work hands on with the families. There is an excellent community amongst the staff, parents and students. The school commonly combines both campuses for large community events and provides the kids with numerous extra curricular activities. Great school which offeres AP for students looking to study in North America.

The Great community for Kids, Nice friends who you can learn from many nations. Mostly they are open mind. Also the home room teachers are very kind and have a lot of energies for you. I love to learn at ASB Sukhumvit...

15 Ekamai International School

This is a great school that provides comprehensive education and placement at the regional, national and international levels.

I'm learning in this school, it should have higher rank. It's the first ever international school in Thailand!

A very good school during the 1980s and 1990s. Back the. It was called Adventist English School.

Wonderful school that offers quality christian education.

16 Ascot International School

I've been working on the academic side of the school for several years and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. The school has improved by leaps and bounds during this time and it is only getting better. Our school is certainly not perfect, but I have worked at other schools in the area that do not live up to their reputations. Ascot far exceeds its own reputation, and I am certain that will be reflected in these rankings in due time.
I am fortunate to work with such a dedicated team who like me are committed to helping the school grow and nurturing the development of our students. I would encourage anyone who is looking at international schools in our area to come to Ascot for a visit. I am confident that you will see what sets us apart from other schools.

I went there a few months ago for a school carnival and went on a campus tour as well. I found the atmosphere to be very welcoming and friendly. The other parents I met had positive things to say about the school and it felt like a warm community. Some of the teachers who were working at the carnival were so sweet with my children too!

My kids have always been happy here and I am more than satisfied with the education they receive. Their teachers are committed and I feel comfortable with approaching them with any questions or comments I have about my kids academic performance.

Ascot students really do have a great relationship with each other. It's such a pleasure to get to learn in this school, so many experiences and funny memories with my friends, classmates, lessons and teachers.

17 Berkeley International School Bangkok

A wonderful place for student to find their real self. Excellent sport & performing arts facilities. Great channel for top universities around the globe.

Berkeley have a great community, very friendly. Most of the teachers are friendly, except for the headmaster. Some teachers don't understand the student. The school offers a variety of sports and is quite good at it. But very low on education. Lack a lot of science equipment and good teachers. The school is quite expensive and does not offer great education. The school also gives high discount for non-Thai students. The facilities look great but most of them don't really work and break quite often. Bad money management made by the headmaster.

Overall, great place except if you want your children to go to good university.

Berkeley is an amazing school for any child to grow and learn in! Berkeley, has very friendly staff and students, who make you feel welcome within the first weeks of school! We joined Berkeley about a year and a half ago, and feel like we have been here for years! It is a smaller school, with over 500 students which is amazing, as everyone knows each other! We switched to Berkeley and within a few months our family was thriving in their education, with academic challenges for any skill level. Berkeley wants you to be the best version of you, and does not strive for everyone to be the same. We have discovered passions for new sports and every single one of our children plays an instrument, they never have learnt before! Berkeley, also has sports facilities unlike any other school, a 50 meter Olympic sized pool, which is the biggest out of every international school in Bangkok! Our children are now free to do independent and team learning, focussing on skills to help them in the future. ...more

We joined the school three years agao with our three daughters who hardly spoke any English at the time. We hesitated as the school was so new. We could not have made a better choice. Our three girls are very different, but all teachers went above and beyond to give them the support, the academic challenge, the positive encouragement they needed. The teachers are so inspirational, so warmhearted, set the bars high but help each child individually to get there. Our girls thrive, have discovered new passions, become highly academic, ambitious in sports, just wanting to do well in whatever they do. Everything is always about the kids and how to make them reach their personal best.

18 St. Andrews International School

It has small schools so that everyone who has the admission can know everyone at the school rather than barely knowing anyone and being singled out by other kids.the children care of another and are very welcoming to new students. Iv'e been going to St.Andrews for 5 years and they have been great at support and health for each and every child.

Best school ever!

19 American School of Bangkok

A school that welcomes and makes both child and parents feel at home. Great location at the Green Valley campus. Takes great care, yet, gives the student the space and opportunity to explore.

I think ASB has great people. They have great management.

I like the Green Valley Campus, the school is very nice.

20 SIIS International School

SIIS international school could be one of the best schools in Thailand. I personally think that my English and Math has really improved and it is why I am so proud of my self. To be honest, this school has gave me and the other students so many opportunity to be honest with our self and choose our own subjects! And FYI, people are so friendly just like Eco-friendly as well as the teachers!

21 Crescent International School (CIS)

This school is a joke to North American and European citizens. This school has a very unprofessional atmosphere and most teachers are not native English speakers teaching an UK curriculum.
Administration and staff do not possess an educational background & the quality of education is deplorable. Children are not challenged to reach their full potential.

Glad to be here, after all the time I have spent here I will surely miss everything about CIS when I graduate from here. Friendly students, Friendly teachers and even the staff. I always felt loved and warmth. People here are always ready to help and active.

Such a caring and academic oriented school! In the past few years they have made so much improvement and the changes are noticeable! It's a quality education by a non-profit, community driven school, led by a diverse international faculty. Way to go CIS!

Cis has been d best part of my life of high school. It was my 6th school and the best one. Friends, the teachers, the principle and even the cooks and maids.. They all were like family. Cis was a second home for me.

22 Thai Chinese International School (TCIS)

I think this is a great school. I graduated from TCIS from the class of 2013 and I was able to get in great Universities in the states along with some scholarship offers.

TCIS has the best Chinese learning system out of all international school of Thailand, and the best Robotics class by winning first place in every competition.

The only international school that teaches 3 languages with REAL Chinese. Great service, excellent teachers from different regions, and hot students

Teachers beware, not a good place to work. Admin tends to be dishonest and disorganized. Great kids though.

23 Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School

This school provides a quality American curriculum, that focuses on academic excellence and character development. The facilities in this school are international-standard and friendly to its students. Even though the fees are a little too expensive but I am very satisfied with my child's academic progress after 5 years here.

Very high quality education to learn. Good teachers, good teaching, best school in Bangkok I suppose. The foods are great, traditional Thai food and international food. Not expensive than any other British school.

The school is good though some teacher are good and its was fine. I'm a student of this school and if you don't know anything, stop making a stupid website like this. It's useless

Great teachers, world class textbooks and resources, inexpensive, very friendly environment.

24 Trinity International School

Nice school and they hire teachers without prejudice. You can be a black teacher, Indian, or Muslim and they will give you a job because they are good Christians. The only problem is that they don't pay teachers for the summer vacation in order to save money. So when teachers get to the end of the year... they get nothing. Just 2 months without pay. Who would work at a job where you don't get paid for 2 months? So you end up working summer school if your lucky.

It is a very nice school and very clean and very good education!

Until now, my experience it's great. Good school, staff and teachers.

Focussed friendly school. Affordable and not pretentious.

25 Niva International School

NIVA International School deserves to be ranked within the top 10 international schools in Thailand. The school provides not only high quality academic education but also great social skills and lessons that will prove extremely useful throughout the students life during and after NIVA.

As an 2016 senior currently studying in NIVA, I can state with confidence that the school has made a leader out of me and has taught me countless academic and life skills. The teachers are extremely talented and adroit at their teaching techniques and interpersonal skills.

NIVA, as amazing as it is already, is constantly under development. Very often, new school facilities are introduced into the school, as well as new promising students. I am proud to study in NIVA and will always be.

This is not in the top ten by any means. I would say "some" teachers give top quality but most of them have left to pursue better careers where they are actually appreciated. The management is disorganized and most of the time has no clue how to run their own departments. The Head of School steals money from parents, teachers and staff and calls co-workers into his office to discuss personal matters of his family issue. This school cares nothing about students education, but is a business money making hole in the ground and I don't suggest anyone to send their kids to this school, especially for Elementary - it's horrid!

NivaIS is one the very genuine American international Schools that is active, has a good set of teachers, staff and school caretakers besides its relentless effort to keep education and student interest and engagement in learning to face up to a competitive world. Students love coming to school here. My children; Nikki and Jason, now adults, studied here for 10 and 12 years respectively. They excelled in their education in US and Jason graduated with a double major with the president's award for his outstanding academic ability and social contributions through music. NivaIS also has a beautiful campus.

I have been with Niva for three years, What I find unique about this school from various others schools where I have worked is perfectly student centered and truly International. This school tirelessly works towards its mission and vision. The Management have never shown a compromise in teacher's quality, infrastructure and facility for kids. The most admirable part of this school is the counselling and leadership division which monitors each individual kid and effectively works on their needs along with parents. Keep it up Niva. I will Miss you.

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