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1 NIST International School

NIST has been my home for the past 4 years, unlike for others who have been here for the past 13 years, I know how different NIST truly is from the other schools. Personally, I have studied in two other school that are here on this list. Yet I have to say NIST is truly the best. Th environment may be smaller physically, but that only makes the student body stronger, as we are more interconnected. Almost everyone knows each other here. With a strong educational system, great community services and top class sports facilites and teams, NIST truly has the best to offer. Students here are all-rounders and are extremely well prepared for the upcoming future, whether its for universities or even their career lives. With all this said, I can only say... GO FALCONS! GO NIST!

I spend 5 years as a student in NIST and I loved every second of it. It has made me the man I am today. The best part about NIST is that the schools not too big nor too small. It gives students the opportunity to take part in numerous ECAs and activities like other International schools but at the same time, almost every student has an opportunity because the school is small. Classes are small and the school has a family atmosphere which is amazing. The teachers are all very enthusiastic and love teaching and are always there to help. The college counsellors are top-notch and everything is perfect.

A school with a great holistic curriculum that accounts for the fact that students have many different areas of interest and plans for the future, it prepares them for university education in any country of their choice - which is what an international school should be doing.
Simply put, it is the best education you could offer your child.

Best school

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2 Bangkok Patana School (BPS)

BPS is not only the best school in Bangkok, but out of the eight international schools I've been to, Patana is by far the best I've experienced.
The best thing I find about Patana, is the wide rage of facilities available for all students to freely use. 3 Large swimming pools, countless football pitches, and inside and outside playing courts, the sporting facilities are the best in Bangkok, I know this through inter school competitions I've been in, After visiting all the schools listed here, BPS is defiantly the best in this area.
I've been at BPS in primary, the teachers and parents around you are all very warm, caring and open minded. I thought this would change as I graduated to secondary school, but to my pleasure, It only got better, with non stop support from everyone around you, the teachers, not even on holidays, fail to reply to your email, or answer you questions. Dedication is a major factor to why we love it here so much.

To everyone thinking about which ...more

At Bangkok Patana my sons have had the opporunity to pursue varied interests and are encouraged to develop open minds and encouraged to work at their fullest potential. They love it!

BPS has amazing facilities - many of which really enriches the student's life there, promoting more incentives to pursue learning - not to jump through hoops, but out of genuine curiosity, which is what education is supposed to be about! =)


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3 International School Bangkok (ISB)

Worst school to have ever been created. This place will ruin your child's life and is filled with psychopaths and backpackers who want to see your children suffer. They will pick out the weakest and nicest people and literally crush their souls. This place is a fest-pit for the cruel. Even in that stupid, shameful excuse of a ted talk, kids talk about partying with drugs and alcohol. These people are killers. Adding disability opportunities? Yeah right, Keep a watchful eye on your children. There is something fishy going on.

ISB provides a wonderful education and also has a great balance of physical education and learning. There are also an abundant amount of facilities for students to use to extend our physical abilities in any sports. ISB is located in a wonderful community where everyone is supportive of each other and cares for each other day after day. Outside of school, ISB also offers many after school activities for students to join in on, strengthen our collaboration with others and also to strengthen our skills in that certain sport.
ISB teachers are also very dedicated to their subject and students. They care for each student and treat students kindly and fairly. I have been at ISB for 7 years and have never felt left out and ISB community members, parents, faculty and students are all very welcoming and when I moved in, I felt at home on the first day. ISB has been my second home and it has given me the best opportunities I will probably get in my life.

This school is the worst school I have ever been to. I always went to A rated public schools in the US and they were amazing. I am a gifted student with an IQ of 135 that always gets good grades and exceeds in the many schools I have been to... all except ISB (8th grade). Without a doubt this is the most horrible school in terms of academics. The teachers have NO idea how to teach and I learned almost absolutely nothing. My average math grade was an 102% (yep you read that right.. I was good and my teacher was too) in advanced algebra in my last school. Guess what? With the teacher here that expects you to lear everything from reading an online textbook with no explanation naturally that dropped to like a 70% or an "Approaching" or whatever it's called. The only reason kids get good scores in the supposedly advanced classes is because they are all Asian and have tutors after school that actually teach them stuff. In "Humanities" 50% of the time we just read and the ...more

A bird pooped on me twice near the oxygy gym also the nurse gives you a bandaid for everything

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4 Wells International School (WIS)

Wells is a school which is more like a home, a friendly and loving environment everyone is so nice and loving - the activities in school is amazing! The studies are good and challenging as well, wells make sure everyone gets the best out of everyday, I couldn't be more thankful - I love my school

I cannot think of a better school for my child. School where teachers are engaged, care, where both academic culture and holistics matter. My child has developed so much since she started... Just sad about one thing: there is no such school in Europe.

Wells excelled in academics, performing arts and sports. Keep up the good work and the unity of the School. Congratulations to all the teachers, students and coaches of your hard earned trophies and medals.

Wells has SLUTS!

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5 International Community School (ICS)

As a teacher, I really value the sense of community within our school. There's a reason why "community" is part of the name. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work here, and as I spend more time here, I find myself continually challenged to grow, both professionally and personally. There was a time when I was considering pursuing another career path, but after having worked at ICS for a while, I find myself becoming more and more passionate about teaching and particularly about positively influencing my students' lives. This is not only due to the encouragement of fabulous administrators that I work under, but also to the friendships I have with coworkers, some of whom have become some of my best friends, and the wonderful student body we have here. I now plan on staying here for some time, focusing on offering my students the best possible educational experience they could have in an environment that fosters community, growth, integrity, respect, and love, to name a few of the ...more

Three of our children attended ICS for 13 years each. They each had a wonderful experience and they loved the school, the teachers and the experiences provided. They were not only prepared for university academically, but also in decision-making skills. I'm thankful they received an education that didn't just revolve around the academic side, but they also had many great experiences in sports, drama and Student Ministries activities. Our family appreciated the emphasis on the spiritual aspect of life, and we're grateful that our children have a bigger understanding of life and know that it means more than just living for wealth and happiness.

ICS has something that no other school elsewhere offers --the close-knit relationships between teachers and their students. The teachers here love and wholeheartedly serve their students with no limits. They take the extra hours after school as well as weekends to be involved with their students' lives and always put the students first regardless of time. The entire faculty is intentional about following Christ, passionate about teaching, and unceasingly determined to serve the community. They reap pure joy from loving and spending countless of hours whenever students need them, which is something that no amount of tuition could ever pay for.

This school is like none other. The leadership, staff, and teachers care about the students to no end. Prayerfully walking with God to grow students up in wisdom.

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6 Shrewsbury International School (SHB)

I received the best education I could ask for (ranging from primary to secondary school teaching) due to mostly high-class teaching and excellent facilities. The student community, on the other hand, isn't as diverse and stimulating as hearsay would have you believe it is. A solid 90% of it is solely and exclusively Thai, which for a "foreigner" can be rather stifling, repetitive and conducive to a narrow personality type. The pro of this arrangement is that the determination to excel at studies (which is tangible within the Asian culture) becomes highly influential and continuously prods one to exceed everyone's expectations. I found my niche, had a lovely six years with great results to prove it. Speaking frankly, despite certain imperfections I strongly recommend SHB to anyone (although especially to pupils who strive for academic excellence) and really and truly believe that out of the international schools available in Bangkok it is a diamond in the rough.

This school really prepared me for university life, and although there are many Thais there, the people who are non Thai are welcoming and friendly. I find that usually the non thais hang together and the thais hang together, but they do mix and do talk to each other! I loved this school, now I'm at Oxford, and all I've learnt has really helped me! Facilities are great, friends are lovely, support is amazing - there's always someone to help you, teachers are smart and good, and there is generally an aura of support and familiarity which surrounds this school. You are determined to work hard and in general, it's a lovely school. I have to say though, I was a drama kid - I participated in all the productions, performances and such, and they were of an extremely high standard. Students from other cities in the world sometimes came to evaluate our performances. I love this school.

The teachers at Shrewsbury are brilliant. In particular, the Teachers of Chemistry are outstanding subject experts and do an wonderful job of inspiring the students and enabling them to progress to top Universities around the world.

What a good school

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7 Harrow International School (HIS)

As a Harrovian, I'm proud to say that this is the best school. I've been going to Harrow since year 1 to year 8. I then left Harrow in the beginning of year 9 to come to America. My first year in America was pretty easy for me because I learned most of the things from Harrow. During my 8th grade/year 9 year, I became the top student by having A's for all my classes. However, when I was in year 8 at Harrow, I was in set 2 for English and set 3 for math. This made me think "wow, even though I'm not the smartest at Harrow, I'm still a lot smarter than the kids here (educationally). " And now, I'm a freshman in high school, I'm still learning the things that Harrow has taught me years ago. This proves that Harrow is really ahead with the education. I'm proud to be a Harrovian and Harrow is like my second home. All the teachers, staffs and faculties are really nice and I love all of them. They're very supportive to me and other Harrovians. Also, all the students there are really ...more

Excellent facilities, really very good at preparing students for British and American universities. After a couple of difficult years (floods, headmaster changes, etc. ) things are great there.

The school offers excellent education quality as well as professional and well-trained staffs

Great school

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8 Ruamrudee International School (RIS)

I personally loved my experience in Ruamrudee International School. The experience I had in RIS is probably something that none of the other international schools can offer since it is located in a peaceful city with lovely communities that always welcomes new and current students to join. I always have the impression of Thailand being the "traffic", "most polluted", and some parts "dirty" due to continuous flooding or lack of hygiene available for people. Well, it certainly is not a problem near RIS. It is located in the suburb area where there is a lot of nature still kept in tack, less traffic during school hours since it starts early and ends early, and the community services run by the students and parents let us maintain the mother nature as pure as possible.

Ruamrudee International School is a school filled with academically focused students and many British, Australian, American and Canadian Teachers who have students' interest ( academic and athletic) at the heart of being an educator. I am proud to be working in this environment with diverse educators whose job it is to prepare these mostly second language learners for enrollment at some of the top, English speaking universities around the world. Our school profile proves that what we are doing is working. Students are not doing it all by themselves! Yes, some are highly motivated and some are not and yet a majority still are getting into top universities! Unfortunately, as in any school across the world, unhappy educators exist and it is in the best interest of students who we love and colleagues --both admin and teachers --that those unhappy people leave.

The high school principal is finally leaving after four years of incompetence, bullying, negligence, driving out good teachers and competent assistant principals, and all around unethical behaviour. It was clear from the start that this guy was a disaster. The teachers knew it, the director knew it, the owners knew it, but as a "good Christian" he was allowed to stay and wreak havoc. It's probably too late to save this school. The priests who own this place don't care about quality education than do the rich Thai parents who send their kids here to get an inflated grades and an easy ride into Thai universities.

This school is so big I get lost all the time jk

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9 St. Andrews International School, Samakee

St. Andrews Samakee Early Years has one of the most amazing and motivated educators. It truly is a child centered school. I have a unique child who was reserved and anxious and after attending the school for 3 years, she is now thriving - independent, secure and always happy. The teachers are ever so patient and unbelievably accepting. I believe that SAS had established a strong foundation in every area of life for my child which would have a long lasting effect on her future.

It is a very warm place

My child attends the school and has made amazing progress over the years. She is learning to be a caring and tolerance member of the community through the open and inclusive atmosphere of the school.

Don't even bother

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10 KIS International School Bangkok (KIS)

KIS defines what a good international school should be. The caring community is open to all cultures and nationalities and the students are open minded. As a student, I feel very accepted in the school and know almost every other student. The teachers are able to guide the students towards success and with relatively small classes, this provides student's with interactive learning with the teachers and their peers. The graduates are able to go to amazing universities all around the world due to the success that the IB curriculum brings them since the Primary Years Program all the way to the Diploma Program. We have great sports teams that are welcoming for every student willing to participate including football (soccer), swimming, basketball, table tennis, track and field, badminton and volleyball. Other more creative students are able to join graphic design classes, the KIS Today club to write creative pieces for the website, media club and much more. Community activities bring ...more

KIS is a very warm community to be in. I have joined KIS for 3 years and still love it! The environments are pretty big, which means the school provides more activities in that areas. I just love how this school is updating, renovating things, and add activities. The study program is IB, which IB is the best learning program comparing to all. Teachers are able to manage each projects efficiently! Moreover, KIS encourage students' interests, for instance, KIS has big girl dance group. They encourage them by inventing TISAC Dance Competition every year to support the dancing girls. Therefore, KIS has a lovely community and environments to be in.

KIS is such a great school with a very strong community feel, solid academics, good location, lovely facilities. One of the strengths of the school is the staff and their experience with IB. It is a small but strong school and it has a great atmosphere. Graduates from KIS have been accepted into many great universities and so far, all the graduates have got into their first choice of universities.

I go there

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11 St. Andrew International School Bangkok (STA)

I've been in St. Andrews International School Bangkok for several years now. I've had some great teachers, motivating and supportive. However, I've seen some teachers who have just been biased against me. Once you've got a bad impression on ONE teacher, it'll get spread. Teachers busy talking bad about students in the staff room. Barely any students achieve high scores for IB too. I'm desperate to leave this school as soon as I can.

Great medium sized international school. Over 15% of students are foreign, and many of the remainder are mixed Thai/Foreign. The very approachable head (Mr Paul) is the driving force behind what is a happy school with a great atmosphere that also manages to achieve impressive academic results.

St Andrews does not have the expansive sports facilities and playing fields of large schools on the outskirts of Bangkok like Patana and ISB, but still does well with what it does have, particularly on swimming and football. On the other hand its location is very convenient for parents living in the Ekamai/Thong Lo/Sukhumvit areas of Bangkok, and for us personally we prefer a school that is less than 15 minutes away rather than more than an hour.

St Andrews was taken over by Nord Anglia a couple of years ago, and since then there has been an increase in the number of students from just over 500 only a few years ago to more than 1000 now. Facilities though have not kept pace, and so ...more

Kids here are polite and easy to deal with, as long as you are not too demanding. The high school principal has absolutely no respect for teachers or education - he fits the stereotype of the ignorant jock and playground bully to a tee. The head of school is invisible and useless. I regret coming here and fear my career may be damaged if I don't get out quick.

Absolutely ridiculous, inaccurate and deliberately misleading comment and post. St. Andrews is a high achieving and a very highly regarded school with a very professional, astute and effective head of school. The same can be said without exception for all other senior staff and teachers at this outstanding school. It is also fair to say that high standards are expected from staff and non performing and under performing members of staff at this school which is part of the Nord Anglia Education group tend to be replaced very quickly. This school has has excellent management programs and monitoring in place and this along with a very proactive, respected and involved parents council make this school an excellent place for students to reach their full educational potential.

Mr. Matt (the music teacher) is a straight up sexist who’s always punishing the boys for they’re small sin and never to the girls.

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12 American Pacific International School

This school might not be situated in the best of locations, nor it may provide you the education better than those in the top tens, this school redefined the word "family" to me. Consisting of around 200 students on the Main Boarding Campus, this small community undoubtedly gives the feeling of warmth. I've been here since kindergarten and now I'm in my senior year, and I have no regrets at all for staying here when I had chances to move away. If you're looking for a close-knit group of people, this is the right place for you.

I like this school beacause it good very much I study English and it was fun best lucky lucky


13 Magic Years International Kindergarten

The school is now known as Magic Years International School. I have experience with their Kindergarten through Grade 3 program. It is completely different than when I went to school. There are no desks and set times for "math" or "English". All subjects are incorporated together and learning happens throughout the day. My children looked forward to school and it was great to see them take charge of their learning. - thaimed

I have stay at magic years for 5 years and it is still my best kindergarten school. The environment there is very clean and the activities is very fun with good friends to play with. The teachers there are very great. I speak English fluently at magic years.

Small school with a big heart. The school's layout seems to invite creativity and exploration. Worth a stop if you are looking for more individual attention. - repoulin

This school just opened a new campus and it looks beautiful. It is amazing to see how much this school has grown!

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14 Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS)

BCIS is an excellent and top quality international school offering a learning experience focused on the whole child like no other. You just have to experience it to believe it!

The children here are nice and eager to learn. They have been taught well on the foundation of Christian morals.

Love it here. School with fully equipped facilities. No words could describes how much this school is important to me.

Great environment!

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15 St. Andrews International School, Green Valley Rayong

My children have attended St Andrews for 6 years (in both Primary and Secondary) and I can thoroughly recommend the school. It is set in an amazing location, has a strong sense of community, dedicated teachers and a learning environment that really motivates the children. They feel confident, supported and are genuinely happy to go to school everyday. The activities and sports that are available are extensive and one of the highlights of this school, as well as the impressive exam results. As a parent you feel confident that St Andrews will encourage your child in every aspect.

Our child started in the nursery program and after three years has made exceptional progress by any measure. The staff at all levels is exceptional. We are very happy with everything here.

This school has more parents than teachers in campus. They love your money more than the academic results.

This is the best school in the area. 95% gest between an A+ or B as a final grade.

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16 California Prep International School

This school is very good in term of taking care of it's students. I so impress with this school that all teachers do not involve in any types of drugs, so they are the good example for their students.


This school is a new school located in Saraburi, the administrators and teachers are very good. They love and care for their students, each student would be tanken care as their own child. Teachers know their students by name. I think California Prep. Is one among the best.

I appreciate that school staff give attention to every student. Strickly follow rule and regulation. Highly appreciated that school make really drugs free school.

Like the best International Schools in Thailand, California Prep International School produces highly academic and motivated students. Talents and skills just naturally develop without any force nor threats of grades. The school’s policies are firm but friendly implemented. Discipline is one of the major businesses of this school.

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17 The Regent's International School

I am a teacher at the Regent's school, and although my view point may be considered biased the points that I share with you are based as accurately and as honestly as possible. The warm personalized environment in which our students are educated is excellent and the care and attention that each student receives is exemplary. The campus is developing positively, with large amounts of space and grounds. Facilities are also impressive for a school within the heart of Bangkok. Our student learning is engaged through multiple facets; we are more than just an educational institution, the approach to attaining knowledge is sought by immersing our students within wealth of holistic experiences. Only then we will achieve our aims of creating a well rounded young person who can positively affect his/her surroundings.

Great school and should be in the Top 10. The staff are so caring and very professional. High standards of education and an excellent English speaking Environment. Highly recommend. My two children are blossoming in this school.

If you want a school that knows your child then Regents International School is the one for you. Unlike the schools in this top ten list this is a smaller school where the staff and pupils work together as a family. The result is an all round education with excellent academic results.

It sick don't go there

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18 Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School

Very high quality education to learn. Good teachers, good teaching, best school in Bangkok I suppose. The foods are great, traditional Thai food and international food. Not expensive than any other British school.

Great teachers, world class textbooks and resources, inexpensive, very friendly environment.

Nice and friendly staff and teachers...

RAIS is my second home

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19 Concordian International School

This school is such a great dedicate from the founder, principals, teachers and all staff. They really put all of their own energy to the students with also maintain a good Thai manner. This is the most beautiful school in Thailand, the building, the tone of the colors and also the two new building that specific on Science, Art & Technology. Please come to visit the school and you will know the differences.

Our daughter graduated from CIS a few years ago. She was a valedictorian and now attending UCLA. Naturally, we love her very much and are very proud of her. Well, as I said, that's natural. However, we also felt that the management of CIS love their students as much as do do ours. That's pretty amazing. In addition, they manage to bring about tangible results through their professionalism. Thanks a million.

I have been working at Concordian for the past 4 years and I have seen that this school does not only care about the student's academic result, but also, and more importantly, the students' well-being. The school put special attention to the students' heart and mind with excellence management, teachers, counselor, and staff team. I don't think I will ever come to know a more caring school than Concordian.

Should be top 3, this ranking is ridiculous

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20 Modern International School, Bangkok

I study at Nist and that is so mean

It's great if you are interested in developing your child academically. Also the teachers and staff are very caring, helpful and approachable, unlike many of the other so called elite schools (shouldn't forget to mention how the staff at NIST is so unconcerned and unhelpful ). So yeah having been a part of Modern for almost a decade I am indeed proud of it. For what we got here was not only amazing, but truly beneficial and extremely worthwhile.

Well everyone is kind so is the teacher, So defiantly a good school with logical school fee.

Great school but needs to change Sport Teacher. Very bossy and makes weird rules. Demotivating.

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