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1 The fire station is on fire

LOL. It's on fire - nko32

2 No photography allowed in a photo gallery
3 Being run over by an ambulance outside a hospital

Wow how unlucky - christangrant

4 After having a fear a of freeways the first time you drive on one you get in a car wreck

This happened to my grandma's friend. - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 The one day your on time for school there's a holiday

Worse, the one time you would have been off sick, it's either the weekend or it's a holiday. - Rocko

This has happened to me. Not fun. - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 The supposed end of the world would happen 12/22/12

Instead Gangnam Style got 1 billion YouTube views

Sorry I worded it wrong it's supposed to be The supposed end of the world 12/21/12 would happen 12/22/12. - happyhappyjoyjoy

7 An obese dietitian

This isn't just irony - it's hypocrisy. - Gg2000

Hmm, you look too fat, I think you might have to start a diet- Says the obese dietician - Martinglez

8 Gamekeeper who is married to a poacher
9 A rehabilitation specialist seeks rehab

Oh I think that happened in a movie! I don't remember which movie it was...But I think it was a tragedy ( obvious...) - Ananya

10 A race car driver gets pulled over for going under the speed limit

The Contenders

11 A bird afraid of heights

Do some flightless birds count? - Lucy1402

12 A death row pardon two minutes too late

It's a line from Alanis Morissette's song Ironic. - Metal_Treasure

It's not particularly ironic to be honest just extremely unlucky. - Powell

13 A song you hate but can't stop singing
14 Winning the lottery on the day you die
15 A lifeguard who can't swim
16 An open prison
17 A hair stylist burns their hair off with a straightening iron
18 A free ride when you've already paid

This isn't ironic. It's just unfortunate. - Misfire

Again, a line from Ironic by Alanis Morissette. - Metal_Treasure

19 A meat-eating vegetarian
20 A new mirror on a clapped-out car
21 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words

"I have a fear of long words."
"Poor you, what's the -phobia name for it? "
"Well... AAAH! " - Rocko

22 The bungee cord snaps on the only person there afraid of heights

This wouldn't be cool. I'm fine with heights myself, but I'd feel bad for him/her. - PositronWildhawk

23 "Dyslexia" is an anagram of "daily sex"

At the doctor: The doctor gives a prescription to the mom. "Your child has dyslexia." he says. The child looks at the prescription: "Mother, why am I confirmed with daily sex? "

As I said before on TheTopTens, it is certainly ironic. In the same way "Computer" is an anagram of "Rectum Op" - PositronWildhawk

This is what a dyslexic person would see instead of dyslexia!

24 A cop gets arrested for DUI

Sometimes it wouldn't surprise me. - PetSounds

25 Taking a bus to a bus stop

Buses make multiple stops

26 A tone-deaf singing teacher
27 The person you are closest to lives thousands of miles away

I'm very close to my aunts and uncles from CA and I live in Philadelphia. Over 2000 miles apart.

28 Burzum making gospel music

Please no - XxembermasterxX

29 Accidentally thinking you missed class on a day it got canceled

Happened to me

30 Mentally ill psychologist

I'm not surprised, It actually has happened many times in the history of psychological field, Their mental state deteriorates while treating the patients ( it's sometimes like mental torture which they don't realise ) - Ananya

31 An immortal person dies
32 The creator of lost his girlfriend to a man she met on
33 "No Signs Allowed" sign
34 Wishing good luck to a black cat
35 When you buy a non stick frying pan and the label/sticker is stuck to it and you can't get it off.
36 Subtitles for silent films

Why? Just...why...? - Britgirl

37 Mayhem making gospel music
38 Gorgoroth making gospel music
39 No learning in a school
40 Fighting for peace
41 The word "Believe" has the word "Lie" in it

Macy's campaign says to believe in Santa, but they're really lying because Santa is not real! :D

42 A narcoleptic insomniac

Narcoleptic's have trouble staying awake, Insomniac's have trouble sleeping - GamingGodPrime

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