Top 10 Kinds of Lists on TheTopTens that Trolls Ruin the Most


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1 Positive Music Lists

Adding Justin Bieber to any music list. - Userguy44

If you make a Positive Music List trolls will most likely add artists most people hate to these lists and this happens to this and negative music lists the most for some reason - christangrant

2 Negative Music Lists

If you make a Negative music List trolls will most likely add artists most people Love to these lists and this happens to this and positive music lists the most for some reason - christangrant

3 Positive Movie Lists
4 Negative Movie Lists
5 Episode Idea Lists

Just look at "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants" list - ElSherlock

And lets not forget season 11. Thankfully my list about season 12 haven't been targeted yet.

"Cough" Season 10 SpongeBob List "Cough" - JPK

Almost EVERY single one of these lists turns out to be a troll magnet (especially if SpongeBob is involved). It's pretty unfortunate. - Entranced98

I find that these lists get trolled the most. Some people add good ideas but then trolls add things like Different Ways, Kissy Kissy Love You, SpongeBob poops, Squidward farts, etc. - Lunala

6 Positive TV Show Lists

To be honest, MLP deserves to be number one on the "Best Animated Television Series" list, sadly though those who voted for it were unfairly attacked. Screw those guys! If you don't like MLP, that's fine with me as long as you're not one of... them! - Neonco31

7 Negative TV Show Lists
8 Top 10 Ways to Describe Lists
9 Top 10 Songs to Describe Lists
10 Frozen Lists of Any Kind

Positive AND negative

The Contenders

11 Stop Hate Lists

"Deserves it's hate" by someone who hates something that is overhated - Neonco31

12 Any List About Animated Movies

*Cough* Shrek *Cough*

MegaSoulHero, the Disney's Hercules hater, won't accept the fact that Disney changed the original myth due to the fact that the content is not appropriate for families with young children.

Stupid Lion King fans won't let us haters tell the truth nor be entitled to our opinion. TLK's fans are worse than the haters.

13 My Little Pony Lists

Anti-Bronies Are So Vicious - JPK

14 Lists About Trolling

Watch this one gets ruined but oh well - christangrant

15 Super Mario Lists

Sad but true. Most have been ruined by trolls adding bad characters to positive lists and vise versa. Also not to mention all the fan wars - Randomator

Sadly, immature fanwars have ruined most of these more than trolls have. - Entranced98

16 Worst People Lists
17 Overrated Lists

They put Disney's Hercules as an overrated movie when it is actually underrated.

18 Underrated Lists

It really irritates me when people add items that really aren't that underrated to underrated lists. That's not an excuse to just add your favorite artist. - Gg2000

19 Anime Lists

I remember there being an anonymous visitor going around spam adding Sword Art Online and Puella Magi Madoka Magica to negative anime lists. Jeez, I understand people have different opinions, but at this level, it's just TROLLING at this point. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I remember when people like AlphaQ and Du constantly put Shrek and Cory in the House on anime. They still do it.

20 Top 10 Most Inappropriate [Insert thing here]
21 Top 10 Most Appropriate [Insert Thing Here]
22 Negative Album Lists
23 Positive Album Lists
24 Negative Song Lists
25 Positive Song Lists
26 Best Role Model Lists
27 Worst Role Model Lists
28 Hate Lists
29 Love Lists
30 Positive People Lists
31 Negative People Lists
32 Stop Love Lists

21 Pilots, Chainsmokers, Kesha, Taylor Swift, and few other artists deserve the praise they get to be honest - Neonco31

33 Any Sonic-Based List
34 Couples, Pairings, "Shipping" Lists
35 Biased Comparison Lists
36 Any List Dealing with Racism and Stereotypes

For example, they assume that autistic people are easily constipated. What does constipation have to do with autism, anyway?

37 Video Game Lists
38 Character Lists
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