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1 E.L.F (Super Junior)

They are the best...mark these words from an EXO-l

Warm members... one of the my favorite band


iKON is one of the best k-pop boy group in Korea and iKONIC is the most peaceful fandom ever. I have never regretted being iKONIC. I/We didn't stan them because they are handsome, I/we stan them because of their talent and friendship.
"iKON fell once but they didn't stay there, we got up again" - Hanbin♡

Keep safe always iKON and iKONICs. We're always here to support you. Saranghae iKON♡

3 B2UTY (B2ST)

The fandom name ARMY has a good message behind it, ARMYs are also respectful and kind. They always help and support especially BTS.

I thought the meaning was quite cute at first, "Adorable Representative MCs of Youth". It only started as cringey when the fandom grew and It think the main reason it was cringey was because of the 'adorable' part, but Representative MCs of Youth shows the goal of BTS and show what the youth is facing today and definitely the task is up to the armys to spread such wonderful messages they aim to bring.
Also the fact that it is called Army, as the people behind these, 'Bulletproof boy scouts'. That despite them being bulletproof, we the armys are always side by side with them along our journeys together through the years.


Bts and armys have one of the most lovely bond one could ever have.I have never seen such beautiful, loving and caring human beings in my life. What makes them even more amazing is their love for armys. Trust me these 7 people are one of the most talented and hardworking ones you would ever see. And their music is just out of the world. You cannot do anything but fall in love with them. I would never in my life regret loving BTS. Armys are always there with them. WE LOVE YOU BTS !

I pick BTS because A.R.M.Y has a very meaningful definition behind it which represents us to protect ourselves and to protect BTS from any bad things that happened to them... well in my opinion we are supposed to kill all the haters and insult them until they cry and run to their mommies but if they don't like BTS or kpop then I respect that but if they hate on them Imma get my water gun! That is all I have to say.


their concept is really cool even if it wasn't executed in the best way and they're an all-rounder group with no visual hole and they're all fun. their songs are bops and their choreography be hitting hard too tho. jeno is my ult but mark and the gang got me ready to risk it all fam. everyone in the fandom is weird but I promise you it's great

I'm opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts (please get the reference)

We are grass... I mean a big family

We the real vibe killers...

My favorite kpop bands


Too many to explain what's the meaning behind this fandom name.
let's just say that seventeen's debut concept was about 'diamond' weird but it has deep meaning guys. their pre-debut song entitled "shining diamonds", it's lyrics symbolizes that the 13 boys will shine like a diamond and slay on stage, that's why in that moment we called seventeen as diamonds (in the pre debut era). as they are the diamonds, our fandom name, CARAT symbolizes that it values diamonds, means we value seventeen as they shine on stage.

Sweetest. People. Ever!
I can say that here on the Carat and Seventeen household is the most comfortable place for me to stay. I love S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. I love Carats. I love Carat-bong. I love this family, my family!

I love how Carat is very cool as a fandom name, and although I can't be fully considered as one, I definitely support them through the end.

If you don't stan them now you will suffer later. Because the shininglight will give your eyes burn.

8 Cassiopeia (TVXQ)

Respect, yes they deserve it give them all you can. In love with their friendship.

Exo-L is the best of all fandom,we are the strongest fandom despite of all struggles.

EXO _L s are the best

Exo we are one

10 Elvis (AOA)
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I think that blinks support Blackpink a lot, and also respect them. Some blinks criticize other members if they are their bias or bias wrecker(sorry if the spelling is wrong), but many blinks also love them all. As once, Rosé said 'You are not a blink if you don't like one of us', most blinks have started loving all members and not criticising anyone.

Because I'm a blink

I vote blackpink

They are adorable

12 I GOT7/AhGaSe (GOT7)

We aghase are pretty clam type, got7 don't have major type of scandal, and we don't have and fanwar.

I love got7, they are really really cool, and I proud to be an ahgase&

13 ONCE (Twice)

Twice is love

Twice is Love <33

14 STAY (Stray Kids)

Stays are genuinely so nice. We support each other and other groups as well. I'm pretty new to this fandom so if anything that I'm saying is wrong, please correct me :) and we also stay out of all the drama out there. And I don't think most of the stay are the "we wanna se a livestream today" type of person. I think there more of a "it's ok If you don't feel like doing a livestream. Take good care of yourself and get some rest" type of person. All of the stays I've talked to are literally so caring and supportive. I love this fandom. I feel very welcome here :)

Stray Kids is the reason I am not rotting away in a mental hospital. Stay's are really nice. Really the nicest fandom ever. "You make Stray Kids stay"

Stay is one big family that are teasing their idol(Stray kids) all the time. I love my Stays

Bruh no one can beat monbebe and stay at being the cutest names

15 Swings (SNUPER)

Come on this is the most legit fandom name, ask Sangho, he totally loves it.

16 Inspirits (Infinite)

Inspirit literally means to encourage.
Inspirits will encourage our INFINITE till the end.

We are not happy ending but we are never-ending; because our love is infinite.

Inspirits...damn this name sounds cool

17 ReVeluv (Red Velvet)

Is the best for me

I love you guys.

18 MONBEBE (Monsta X)

I was stan Monsta X from they're debuted. Monsta X treat they fan very nice and sweetly. If there anyone notice, Monsta X always thank Monbebe with they "saranghada, Monbebe" And Monbebe thank Monsta X with "Saranghada, Monsta X". Aren't that sweet?. I won't deny that other fandom call "Monbebe the quites fandom" because they will not start fanwar or fight with other fandom. If you be the one of them, you will know how caring Monbebe are. They caring not only for Monsta X but for each other too. I was saying this about thousand times and I will say this again "I am proud be the one of Monbebe".

Not gonna lie, when I first saw the fandom name, I didn't pay much attention to it. Now that I've looked more into them, I find it the most perfect, cute and fitting.
MX have a hint of French words in some of their concepts, like their Music film for 'Destroyer' and Joohoney's line in their collab with Steve Aoki, 'Play it Cool'
Mon means "my" in French
(Also the group name starts with Mon so that's really fitting)
Bebe can mean star/baby/soul mate/best friend/partner/love/etc
I love how the group name and the fandom name show the two sides of Monsta X. On stage they're these insanely fit, talented 'monsters' and in reality they're truly just babies.
Monsta x have very subtly included the fandom name in their first win, 'Dramarama' at 2:54. You kinda need to listen closely to hear as the word is disconnected into "MON" *other lyrics* "BE" *lyrics* "BE". But once you do hear it, it's the cutest thing ever uwu

Monbebe let's go! French Monbebe where you at?

19 V.I.P (Big Bang)

Bigbang, changed my life.. Love you forever!

They are kings

20 MOA (Moments of Alwaysness) (TXT (Tomorrow x Together))

I really love all of their personalities and they sing well to. I like them despite them being my third favourite Kpop group

Talent, Talent, Talent & Potential to become even better.
I love how the meaning of the group name is connected to their fandom name which shows how connected both are.

They are army's babies and will always love and support them.

The best of all

21 Atiny (Ateez)

Most hardworking fandom who radiates positivity and kindness.

I love this fandom and I felt that this fandom is my new home...

I think that's a really cute and beautiful fandom name and has a beautiful meaning

22 Moomoo (MAMAMOO)

Mamamoo's fandom is one of the least problematic in all kpop fan bases combined. we know how to stay out of people's business and respect other's opinions.

From what I know, Moomoo means radish in korean? I don't really remember much, but definitely these four women from Mamamoo is talented. I mean how can this group make me question my sexuality because they are totally the girl crushes you've been dreaming of.

Stan talent stan mamamoo

Because I love them

23 Melody (BtoB)
24 Buddy (GFriend)

Y'all should vote for us because we got friendzoned by GFriend themselves. Lovely!

25 Wannable (Wanna One)

Meaning they will be able to achieve everything and anything together.

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