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1 E.L.F (Super Junior)

ELFs are quite mature and warm, always reminding each other. Suju's members always educate and remind ELFs that fans resemble the artists. If we have something to protest, then do it politely. Fans are the artists' face/representation, and the artist is the fans' face.

They are the best. Mark these words from an EXO-L.

When I first became an E.L.F and joined this fandom, I was more than welcomed. This is also one of the most supportive fandoms ever. They have always supported Super Junior through the good and bad times, waited for them to finish their military service, and YES, THE DAY HAS COME.


iKON is one of the best K-pop boy groups in Korea, and iKONIC is the most peaceful fandom ever. I have never regretted being an iKONIC. We didn't stan them just because they are handsome. We stan them because of their talent and friendship.

"IKON fell once, but they didn't stay there. We got up again." - Hanbin

Always stay safe, iKON and iKONICs. We're always here to support you. Saranghae, iKON.

IKON is the best group, and I like them because they're amazing and so talented. I'm IKONIC.


I thought the meaning was quite cute at first, "Adorable Representative MCs of Youth." It only started to feel cringey when the fandom grew. I think the main reason was the 'adorable' part, but "Representative MCs of Youth" shows the goal of BTS and what the youth face today. It is definitely the task of ARMY to spread the wonderful messages they aim to bring.

Also, the fact that it is called ARMY, as the people behind these 'Bulletproof Boy Scouts,' shows that despite them being bulletproof, we, the ARMY, are always side by side with them along our journeys together through the years.


4 B2UTY (B2ST)

This fandom is really nice and supportive. Fans should enjoy music, not the body or beauty of idols. This fandom really likes to listen to K-pop and doesn't write immature comments.


Their concept is really cool, even if it wasn't executed in the best way. They're an all-rounder group with no visual hole, and they're all fun. Their songs are bops, and their choreography hits hard too. Jeno is my ult, but Mark and the gang got me ready to risk it all, fam. Everyone in the fandom is weird, but I promise you it's great.

I'm opinionated, but I'm always spitting straight facts (please get the reference).

We are grass... I mean, a big family.

NCT has so many different types of music due to the subunits, and it makes them so unique.


There are too many reasons to explain the meaning behind this fandom name. Let's just say that Seventeen's debut concept was about 'diamond,' which may seem weird but has a deep meaning.

Their pre-debut song, entitled "Shining Diamonds," symbolizes that the 13 boys will shine like diamonds and slay on stage. That's why, at that moment, we called Seventeen "diamonds" (in the pre-debut era).

As they are the diamonds, our fandom name, CARAT, symbolizes that we value diamonds, meaning we value Seventeen as they shine on stage.

8 Cassiopeia (TVXQ)

Well, EXO is very humble and respectful, and they raised EXO-L well. EXO-L in the past was one of the most toxic fandoms, maybe because of the fear of losing another member, which traumatized them.

I think they deserve a spot because I saw them grow from a very toxic fandom with no unity to a very loyal and funny fandom. They are very loyal and even call EXO home and are loving seniors to their juniors. Most EXO-Ls are already mature enough to understand and live a peaceful life, and some are pursuing their degrees.


I think that Blinks support Blackpink a lot and also respect them. Some Blinks criticize other members if they are not their bias or bias wrecker (sorry if the spelling is wrong), but many Blinks also love them all.

As Rosé once said, You are not a Blink if you don't like one of us, most Blinks have started loving all members and not criticizing anyone.

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11 I GOT7/AhGaSe (GOT7)

Unproblematic Kings. Ahgase is the chillest fandom there is. Jackson is friends with everyone! Everyone loves Bambam. Jinyoung is friends with actors. Mark is the chillest dude alive. Youngjae is literal sunshine, and Yugyeom is everyone's fanboy. They have never had bad blood with anyone, and the fandom follows in their footsteps.

We AhGaSe are pretty calm. GOT7 don't have major scandals, and we don't engage in fan wars.

I love GOT7. They are really, really cool, and I'm proud to be an AhGaSe.

12 STAY (Stray Kids)

Being a Stay is like the best parts of high school in the best high school movies. Everyone is friends with everyone. We all feel seen and heard, and our idols (the popular guys) love us, appreciate us, and let us know that they love and appreciate us and our support.

Stays are genuinely so nice. We support each other and other groups as well. I'm pretty new to this fandom, so if anything I'm saying is wrong, please correct me.

Also, we stay out of all the drama out there. I don't think most of the Stays are the "we want to see a livestream today" type of person. They are more of the "it's okay if you don't feel like doing a livestream. Take good care of yourself and get some rest" type of person.

All the Stays I've talked to are literally so caring and supportive. I love this fandom and feel very welcome here.

13 Elvis (AOA)
14 ONCE (Twice)

Just don't disturb us or do bad things to the girls, but yeah, we are nice.

15 ReVeluv (Red Velvet)
16 Shawol (SHINee)

Who in the world will not stan SHINee? Shawols are a very chilled and strong fandom with a great bond between fans and the artists.

Shawol is one of the most stable fandoms. They are super supportive, sensitive, and thoughtful.

This fandom is really kind. They don't even hate other groups.

One of the best, most stable fandoms, who are really supportive.

18 V.I.P (Big Bang)

Big Bang changed my life. Love you forever!

19 Swings (SNUPER)

Come on, this is the most legit fandom name. Ask Sangho, he totally loves it.

20 Melody (BtoB)
21 MOA (Moments of Alwaysness) (TXT (Tomorrow x Together))

Talent, talent, talent and potential to become even better. I love how the meaning of the group name is connected to their fandom name, showing how connected both are.

I really love all of their personalities, and they sing well too. I like them despite them being my third favorite K-pop group.

Everything links together. They want to cherish every single moment with their fans, always. It's beautiful.

22 MONBEBE (Monsta X)

I have been a Monsta X stan since their debut. Monsta X treats their fans very nicely and sweetly. If anyone notices, Monsta X always thanks Monbebe with "saranghada, Monbebe," and Monbebe thanks Monsta X with "saranghada, Monsta X." Isn't that sweet?

I won't deny that other fandoms call Monbebe the quietest fandom because they will not start fan wars or fight with other fandoms. If you are one of them, you will know how caring Monbebe are. They care not only for Monsta X but for each other too. I have said this about a thousand times and will say it again: "I am proud to be one of Monbebe."

23 Inspirits (Infinite)

Inspirit literally means to encourage. Inspirits will encourage our INFINITE till the end.

We are not a happy ending but a never-ending story because our love is infinite.

Inspirits... damn, this name sounds cool.

24 Atiny (Ateez)

I'm not an Atiny, but this fandom deserves to be in the top 5. They're very patient, considering how many times Ateez has been compared and put down by toxic fans of other fandoms. Super chill fandom. I would love to join someday.

Most hardworking fandom who radiates positivity and kindness.

I love this fandom, and I feel that this fandom is my new home.

25 Moomoo (MAMAMOO)

From what I know, Moomoo means radish in Korean. I don't remember much, but definitely, these four women from Mamamoo are talented. How can this group make me question my sexuality because they are totally the girl crushes you've been dreaming of?

Mamamoo's fandom is one of the least problematic among all K-pop fan bases. We know how to stay out of people's business and respect others' opinions.

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