Most Attractive BTS Members (Bangtan Boys)

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Their name in Korean, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Japanese, Bōdan Shōnendan, both translate to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts."

What are the most attractive BTS members? We know, we know - it's like trying to pick a favorite star in the sky. But hey, that's exactly what this is for.

We're talking about all sorts of attractiveness here: charisma, talent, looks, personality - you name it. After all, each member brings something unique to the table. From RM's intellectual allure to Jin's worldwide handsomeness, from Suga's enigmatic vibe to J-Hope's infectious energy, from Jimin's ethereal beauty to V's artistic soul, and let's not forget Jungkook, the Golden Maknae who can literally do anything; they've all got something that makes fans go wild.
The Top Ten
1 V

Even people who don't have V as their bias 100% agree that V is extremely handsome. I'm truly not exaggerating. He's undeniably very attractive. In every music video (especially Black Swan, to name just one, but it's actually every MV), I can't take my eyes off of him. During every concert, he's always my center of attention.

There's something about the way he carries himself and dresses that is so captivating that I can't help but have a huge crush on him. However, it's not just his looks that draw me to him. His voice is deep, velvety, and soothing, easily making it one of my favorites. Offstage, he's the cutest person I have ever seen, and his boxy smile is to die for.

He's not just all about looks. He's genuinely a very sweet person with a golden heart. Beneath his killer appearance lies a charming and beautiful personality. I love you so much, V. You're my bias, forever and always.

2 Jungkook

This bunny right here is everything to my heart! He is so hot, cute, and talented that I am going to cry right now. He is the most beautiful being I have ever laid my eyes on. I've even written a song about him because he is the one for me, and my heart is going to burst from #loveoverload <3.

His smile lights up my whole world, and I feel more alive because of it. His smile gives me butterflies in my stomach, especially his eyes. When he smiles, his eyes drive me crazy ;P. God, I love this boy! He also has the best personality ever. When he cries, I cry. His long hair is so hot! It's hard to write this because I'm literally dying inside, knowing that I can never have him.

His voice is like an angel, his laugh is so Kookie, and he is the key to my heart. There is no other. Jungkook-ah and his long hair are what keep me alive and breathing. He is also a super-talented singer, dancer, rapper, and athlete. Without him, I am nothing.

The other members are also incredibly talented, and without all of them together, there would be no BTS. However, Jungkook is the one who has always stood out to me and will forever be in my heart. I am really jealous of the girl who wins him over in the future.

3 Jimin

Sure, you could argue that some members have better hair, better arms, or, God forbid, better legs. I would disagree, but I'm not a god, so you could. That being said, there's no question that Jimin is unbelievably attractive. This man can transition from cute to sexy, to adorable to hot, all within the span of two seconds.

Have you ever seen his eyes? They're beautiful. His smile? It lights up the room. And his legs? I can't even talk about them. He is the definition of "leaves me speechless," and his phenomenal dancing only intensifies the internal pain of seeing someone that gorgeous.

4 Suga Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

His features are mesmerizing. He can pull off every look and appear stunning. He's like a Prince Charming, but in a beautiful and not just handsome way. His face is so delicate, almost elf-like, and then there's his jawline! I mean, look at that jawline! It's so sharp it could cut my vegetables.

Like everyone in BTS, he's a man of duality. Some expressions make him the cutest human being in the world, while others make him look like the man who could steal not just your heart, but also your man's heart, your mother's, and maybe even your cat's.

Since we're talking about cats, let's discuss his beautiful, cat-like shaped eyes and the emotion in them. Even in photos, it seems like Yoongi's eyes are an ocean of pure emotion. Even when he's tired or sleepy, his eyes are captivating.

Add to that his perfect legs. I mean, I wish I had legs like that!

Not to mention his grace. It's evident not only when he's dancing but also in his general movements.

In a group where everyone is handsome, it's hard to focus on someone who's not in the front or as visually prominent in music videos. But once you look at Yoongi for more than a few seconds, it's hard to look away. He's not only beautiful but also graceful and charming in many ways.

Appreciate this man's visuals (and dancing too), because you all are sleeping on them!

Thanks for reading. That's all I wanted to say.

5 Jin

When I saw Kim Seokjin up close, I was shocked. I can't believe handsome men like him exist. He's literally the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life. He's an angel. He looks 1,000 times better than what he looks like in pictures.

You won't be able to understand how handsome and ethereal he looks through his pictures because, once I saw him in real life, I couldn't believe how handsome he is. I think Jin truly deserves the title of Worldwide Handsome and visual. I really can never get over his beauty.

Obviously, he's the most handsome. He has the name Worldwide Handsome for a reason. Just ask Google who is the visual in BTS. Yes, it is the one and only Kim Seokjin. Seriously, look at him.

When my friend showed me those lyric videos, I saw him first. When I watched BS&T, he just captured my heart. Not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to touch his face, especially his lips. I know that's weird, but don't judge! He even got an award for his handsomeness. That has to say something.

6 J-Hope

Hands down, my number one bias wrecker. I mean, have you seen the man? His dance moves? His poses? His features? He's so handsome and talented, and he probably has the kindest heart ever. (Where are men like him in my life?) Even though I'm a Yoongi stan, I would have to say that Hobi is my soulmate. He makes me so happy and feel good about myself. I don't know what I would do without him.

No matter what anyone says, I'll always see him as a perfect man. He gets respect, but not as much as he deserves. As someone who gets judged by their looks (like myself), my heart breaks for him. He has all my love and support.

7 RM

I was so jealous of him at first because he basically has everything. A person with a personality and willpower like his can easily accomplish anything in his life. He is truly more than an idol to me. He has inspired me a lot.

Along with his personality, he is also extremely handsome, which made me fall in love with him.

How do people always rank him last? Just look carefully, and all you see is beauty and those dimples. People, if you don't like or hate Namjoon, you have a problem with me and with your heart, and you are for sure not Army.

If you just don't think he's good-looking, I can accept it because I thought that at first too. Just search for Kim Namjoon cute on YouTube, and your bias list will be dead.