Top 10 Most Attractive BTS Members (Bangtan Boys)

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Their name in Korean, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Japanese, Bōdan Shōnendan, both translate to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts".
The Top Ten
1 V

V is my bias though it is actually Jungkook who got me into BTS. I saw a random post of kookie on insta and I was like 'Man, he's so cute' but then V happened. All that cuteness, kindness, fluff, attractiveness, carefree nature, fun loving dude, utterly handsome, deep seductive male voice, gosh , he's a full number, a complete package. He's definitely the most good looking for me though Kook is acutely close too. Jungkook , how do I phrase, Kook is really handsome but when it comes to V, he's got something in him , some different aura that just gives you goosebumps. You can't help falling for Taetae.

I feel like if you'd look at the google images, you'd understand how Ethereal he looks, and if you'd watch just one of his fancams you'd understand how captivating his energy is, but beyond that, he's also so charming and adorable and Hot. He's incredibly loving and affectionate towards his family, the other members, the wooga squad, his friends, and his fans. He's very intelligent and hardworking, and he's really funny. He's a brilliant singer (obviously), dancer (also obvious), songwriter/producer (listen to sweet night, scenery and winter bear!), visual artist (see his artworks!), photographer (see winter bear), and overall he's a brilliant idol and human being. this is getting too long but anyway ! kth1 is coming !

No doubt V's on top of the list...he is naturally good looking and his PUPPY EYES are so adorable! He's has a really special appearance and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH HIS BEHAVIOR. It's the thing that makes him even more attractive(caring, fun-loving, pure). But, his voice can be described as something much more different. Its deep with a soulful and hypnotic nature. He has the most natural AEGYO too!

He is the CUTEST member yet of BTS! I love him so much he is my favorite BTS member if there were a chance to see him in person I would take that chance because it was be a really great chance to see my favorite BTS member! But I really do like all of the BTS members my favorite song by the BTS is the song with Halsey. If they do come out with another song what would it be called? What would it be about? I would have to say my favorite k pop bands are BTS Blackpink and red velvet! what I love about BTS is that they have their own moments they have fun whenever they have time and they really focus on what they need to do it is really great that k pop is becoming more popular! I LOVE YOU BTS!

2 Jungkook

Jungkook is everything. He is beautiful. He has an amazing heart as well. He is so cute and humble. He is a savage and he never fails to make my day better. I love him, I want to have a chance to meet him, hug him, and give him my love. This may seem dramatic and all but it isn't! He deserves the world. He is the best singer from BTS and he is also the best dancer in my opinion. I have a million reasons as to why he is the best. HE IS THE GOLDEN MAKNAE FOR GOD's SAKE! He can do anything! He is my bias after all! Yes, Tae Tae is very cute and handsome, but I think Jungkook beats him to it!

He is really good looking totally different from others he can be cute and handsome at the same time but of course all the members of bts are very handsome in their own way!

DO NOT GET ME SARTED with the golden makne here are the reasons l like him.

1. His heart is pure and kind

2. He is soo CUTE well even though V is more cute but still Jungkook is cute

3. The ship name Vkook got me in tears but I'm happy for him!

4. He sometimes acts like a bunny wich is so cute!

This bunny right here is the everything to my heart! He is so hot, cute, talented, and I am going to cry right now. He is the most beautiful being I have ever laid my eyes on. I have even written a song about him because he is THE one for me and my heart is going to burst of #loveoverload <3

His smile lights up my whole world and I feel more alive. He smile gives me butterflies in my stomach! Especially his eyes. His eyes when he smiles drives me crazy ;P God, I love this boy! He also has the best personality ever! When he cries, I cry. His long hair... it is so HOT! It is so hard to write this because I am literally dying inside because I can never have him! His voice is like an angel, his laugh is so Kookie and he is the key to my heart. There is no other. Jungkook-ah and his long hair are what is keeping me alive and breathing. He is also a super talented singer dancer, rapper, athlete. Without him I am nothing.

The other members are also so talented and without ...more

3 Jin

Jin is the reason why I started stanning BTS and eventually became an ARMY. He's so charming, handsome and cuuutteeee at the same time! His smile is so calming. His angelic face and beautiful voice soothes my mind. His dad jokes makes my day. Everything about him is just PERFECT. He's a bit shy though ( that's super cute) but has a great confidence when it comes to his face. He loves his face and so do I.(T_T) Who won't love the perfect face in the world. And he is ethereal in real life. He is dead drop gorgeous. Cameras just can't capture his flawless features.

Jin was the very first one that caught my eyes from watching their Carpool episode. I kept on laughing at his jokes and eventually ended up watching all the BTS videos I could watch! He is truly a beautiful man INSIDE & OUT. A true gentleman with a youthful handsome face that will never fade! Ha! I love you WWH

Obviously he's the most handsome like he has the name Worldwide Handsome for a reason and even ask google who is the Visual in BTS...yes it is the one and only Kim Seokjin like seriously look at him. When my friend showed me those lyric vids I saw him first. When I watched BS&T he just captured my heart ngl I kinda wanted to touch his face especially his lips I know that's weird but don't judge! He even got an award for his handsomeness like that got to say something.

When I saw Kim Seokjin from up front I was shook. I can't believe handsome men like him exist. He's literally the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life. He's an angel. He is 1000 times better than what he looks like in the pictures. You won't be able to understand how handsome and ethreal he looks through his pictures because once I saw him in real life I couldn't believe that he's so handsome. I think Jin truly deserves the title of worldwide handsome and visual. I really can never get over his beauty.

4 Jimin

Jimin is absolutely amazing he is kind humble and good looking and his singing is ussually over shadowed because I knew (used to) know him for his looks and never knew he could sing so well he is absolutely amazing.

Voted just to comment. Jimin is the ugliest asian sissy I've ever seen. She makes me sick. Even a clown like Oli London looks better. Hideous chink.

Jimin is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life, inside and out. Best dancer, my ballet king! He's not afraid of his emotions, he's brave and he's a fighter! He has fought for and worked so hard for everything he is and has become. Against the critics hurtful words, against all odds, this beautiful soul stood tall and strong and came out a winner. I am so proud of him! He is in my heart, forever <3 (by the way there is not a darned thing wrong with his height, 5'8" is a respectable male height!)

I don't know about the generic standards for Korean facial beauty or whatever because I feel that is a waste of time. For me whoever catches my eye and has a unique and mysterious aura is beautiful. Jimin has a different and unique style...he can go from being cute to being cool. I like his feminine side...mate that shows he has some etiquette, manners and isn't the flipping generic stupid men who think bulkiness or that kinda crap is about being handsome cause it's not and I despise that stereotypical trash.😒😏 Jimin has something I feel none of the other members have or could ever have...he stands out the most. Others are good but pretty normal in my eyes.

5 Suga Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

He is different .. Not just by face even his character is the best... he is cute and cold at the same time... he has different outlook to the world ... We have same birthday March 9 .. Its base less but even this is one reason for me to like Him the most

His features are mesmerising. He can pull of every look and look stunning. Like a prince charming but in this beautiful and not only handsome way or something along that. His face is so delicate, like of an elv and then there's his jawline. I mean, look at this jawline of his! It's so sharp it can cut my vegetables.

Like everyone in BTS, he's a man of duality. His expressions can make him the cutest human being in the whole world and the other ones can make him look like the man who could still yours, then your man's, your mother's and maybe even your cat's heart.

And since we got to talk about cats let's talk about his beautiful, cat-like shaped eyes and the emotion in them. Even on the photos it seems like Yoongi's eyes are an ocean of pure emotion. Even when he's tired or sleepy, his eyes are everything.

Add to that his perfect legs. Like damn, I wish I had legs like that!

Not to mention the grace of this man. Not only when his dancing, but, also, when ...more

Just a small thing ...he's the cutest person ever existing...even sometimes after watching his pics I feel like how can he exist like ...he looks sooooo fragile and soft..his skin so clear and lit...its looks unreal,just like those I watch in animes...but any case my opinion , is the best him!

SUGA SWEET...AUGUST D! D BOY! Yoongi makes me soft at times with his cute squishy face, and his SWAG. Suga is a GOD when it comes to anything music related I swear to you, and his rapping is on another level he really has good tongue technology.

6 J-Hope

Hands down my number 1 bias wrecker. I mean have you seen the man? His dance moves? His poses? His features? He's so handsome, talented, and he's probably has the kindest heart like ever (where are men like him in my life I mean mxhfgkdjvnizslkg). Even though I'm a Yoongi stan, I would have to say that Hobi is my soulmate. He makes me so happy and feel good about myself I don't know what I would do without him. No matter what anyone says I´ll always see him as a perfect man. He gets respect but not as much as he deserves. For someone (as myself) who get judge by their looks, my heart breaks for him. He has all my love and support.

My one and only happy sunshine...He is my HOPE...He is underrated honestly people who think otherwise are blind he got the looks you can't prove me wrong

J-Hope always just makes me smile at how funny and cute he is. funny + cute = super cute. He is the sunshine of the group and never fails to make a person laugh at his talented nose, if you know what I mean.

Jhope gives me hope. And he's has so much talent like he can rap, sing and dance he's so funny, and he's so cute. I have nothing but love for him.

7 RM

I'm so jealous of him at first because he basically has everything... A person with a personality and willpower like him will and can easily accomplish ANYTHING in his life. He is truly more than an idol to me. He had inspired me a lot. Together with his personality, he is also extremely handsome, which made me fall in love with him...

I am sorry all those people who put RM first. please don't kill me, but I am not really interested in BTS alone. I'd say that BTS and Twice are both really great bands, but I know more about BTS than Twice. When I first heard their songs, the thing that popped in my head was how meaningful their lyrics are. Anyway, I am really sorry for putting RM last.

One word: namtiddies
Also this men is goddamn beautiful. His nose is so boopable and cute and his dimples are illegal. His cheeks are so puffy and his smile is so precious. Also his body proportions are no joke. Stop sleeping on RM and stream mono

I really don't understand why most people think rm is the least attractive? do I just have unpopular opinions or what. anyway, rm is the most handsome, thank u very much <3