Top 10 Lame Items in Mario Kart 8

I'd rather say "lame" rather than "worst" because reasons,

The Top Ten

1 Coins
2 Blooper
3 Green Shell Green Shell

They're perfect for blocking shells and sniping opponents from behind without warning. It's a shame most players underestimate how dangerous these can be to opponents if they're used skillfully. - Entranced98

4 Dash Mushroom
5 Banana Peel

The green shell... What the heck is it doing above the banana peel?! The green shell is more useful than the banana peel! I repeat: THE GREEN SHELL IS MORE USEFUL THAN THE BANANA PEEL! The green shell is easier to score hits with than the banana. If someone's straight ahead of you and you have a green shell, they're going to get hit. If you have bad aim, you can always practice. The banana, however, is pure rubbish as a weapon. The only way you're going to hit someone with that is if they are right behind you (and I mean RIGHT UP CLOSE) or if you're playing against the easy 50cc CPUs. Bananas are useful for one thing: blocking other items.

6 Boomerang Flower
7 Crazy 8

More often than not, it hinders more than helps. Opponents can take all the good items such as the mushroom and star, and if one drives into the bob-omb near the end of lap 3 you are screwed. - Entranced98

8 Cape Feather
9 Golden Mushroom
10 Star
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