Top 10 Easiest Stars in Super Mario Galaxy (1)

This list is the top 10 easiest stars in SMG1. You guys may add, vote and comment on this list. Remember one thing: I made this list based off of the difficulty of the level itself, and not the difficulty of achieving the requirements you need to have to be able to play it. That is (SPOILER) why I put The Star Festival on number 1, because the level itself is easy. Anyways, here's the list! Enjoy!
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1 Luigi on the Roof

This star is sooo easy, all you need to do is a triple jump to get on top of the roof without even needing to go through the pipe on the other side of the planet. So easy, even if you do take that pipe.

This is seriously the easiest star in the game. It can take 10 seconds to beat, whitch is 10 times less than the star festival

2 The Star Festival

Easier then writing this comment. You are FORCED to get this star and there are not a lot of enemies so yeah, it's pretty easy.

I know, some of you might complain that you need to complete all 120 stars with both Mario and Luigi before you can play the level, but as I explained in the beginning, I based this list off of the difficulty of the level itself, and if you look at that, this star is by far the easiest. You cannot possibly die here (well maybe you can but then you gotta do some really dumb things...) so yeah, this star is easy to complete.

3 Purple Coin Omelet

This is by far the easiest Purple Coin mission in the game. Most of the coins (60, in fact) are placed in the paths of the Launch Stars, which you will automatically collect without having to do any effort to get them. The other 40 are placed in lines on the other 3 planets, which also isn't hard to do.

4 Passing the Swim Test

This is so easy! You just need to grab a gold shell off an innocent penguin's hands, and bring it back to the giant penguin called Coach. That's it. So easy, it's even hard to die in this level. And if you think about it, you should feel sorry for the penguin who had the gold shell; now he failed the test. So bad...

5 Shrinking Satellite

If you had had problems with disappearing platforms before during other missions, this level will let you think: it's not that hard at all to complete missions like Luigi's Purple Coins, etc.. Why? Because this star is sooo easy. You could even try, after you've collected all the musical notes and the star appears, to let the other platforms disappear as well, and I succeeded. That's how easy it is, guys. It's that easy.

Here's the reason why I think this is number#1: passing the swimming test was overrated. the purple coin omelet was time consuming. I know Luigi on the roof is easier, but shrinking satellite makes you feel like it's easier! to be fair I hadn't played the star feastival yet!

6 Surfing 101

Are there people out there having trouble with Wii Motion controls in some levels? Have I got good news for you: this level with Wii Motion controls isn't that hard. And if you do fail, then you probably suck at Wii Motion controls in other levels as well.

7 Gateway's Purple Coins

I wondered: shouldn't this one be higher on the list? I mean, I think (and I might be wrong) that this is a level in which you cannot die, so it should be, like, first or so? Or maybe second: the Star Festival is also a no-die level. But it can actually take a while to get all those Purple Coins. But it's easy anyway.

8 Painting the Planet Yellow

This is one heck of an easy level. And, like many others on this list, this star is located in the Terrace Dome, along with Rocky Road, Luigi on the Roof, Purple Coin Omelet, Surfing 101, and I think that's it. I think I got all of them now. That's half of the stars on the original list, made by me, being located in the first dome of the game. Oh yeah, and the first star in the game (Grand Star Rescue) is ALSO on this list. Wow.

9 Rocky Road

Hehe the name of this item is sooo funny, hehe. Oh yeah wait, the star. Yeah, you just need to run across some moving platforms with holes in them, which isn't quite hard because, well, that's the only thing you need to do. Just running without falling in holes with different shapes.



Haha so funny... alright then.

10 Grand Star Rescue

This is the first star in the game, and it is pretty easy. Lumas are scattered everywhere, and they'll tell you what to do. You don't know what to do? They'll tell you. They'll tell you that you need to collect five star bits which make a Launch Star so you can move on, they'll tell you one of the enemies has a key which is needed to unlock a pipe and a Luma. And if you didn't already know what pipes do after more than 30 years (it's been 30 years since Super Mario Bros. now), guess what, they'll tell you that. So easy.

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11 Dino Piranha
12 Bigmouth’s Gold Bait
13 Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
14 Topmaniac's Daredevil Run - Battlerock Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
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