Top 10 Lies People Tell You


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1 There are only 3 states of matter.

This list is so stupid! not to mention the fact that no one ever has voted on it, and everyone can tell that these comments are all being commented by you Boshua. What kind of name is that? It sounds like the name of a dying person.

Solid, Liquid, Gas,Plasma, and Einsteins. That's 5. - Boshua


2 If you look cross-eyed too long your eyes get stuck that way.
3 If you eat a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow inside you.

Why do people believe this dumb myth? If eating sunflower seeds does nothing then watermelon seeds should be fine.

There's even a Chinese KID'S SONG dedicated to this! BS! >:(

4 Looking at a screen for too long ruins your eyes.

This isn't a lie...

No hate bro but this list is pretty dump.Remember no hate just love!

This is real Boshua! Your just trying to make kids go on there devices more! Eye doctors don’t lye Boshua!

What! Ugh no BOSHUA! You don’t want to see?!

5 Video games ruin your social skills.

Only thing is there are a lot of games that offer online gameplay where you can play with your friends and meet new people. - 3DG20

But you can talk to people in video games. - lovefrombadlands

Video games can be social. - MrCoolC

6 Pokémon is promoting animal abuse.

It’s just a show. - 3DG20

7 Pokémon Go is satanic.
8 Pineapples are violent and murderous.
9 The earth is flat

They’re probably joking when they say that. - 3DG20

10 Broccoli was never made to be eaten.

Broccoli is delicious

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? Roller coasters are dangerous

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11 It's impossible to travel to the future

Ever heard of gravitational time diolation? - Boshua

12 Egg Foo Young is a Chinese dish

My mom said that only black people would eat this...

13 Santa is real
14 School is fun
15 All Asians are good at math
16 All Asians are Chinese
17 People who act like the opposite gender are gay and weird

I'm female and I'm a tomboy but that doesn't mean that I'm a weirdo! >:(

18 Rap and hip hop are only for black people
19 Only men rape
20 School supplies are for little kids only
21 Adults can't sleep with stuffed animals
22 The weight limit for this toy is ____ lbs

I am over 100 lbs and I own and ride a spring rocking horse that has a 60 lb weight limit. It is durable!

23 I am ___ years old
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