Top 10 Lies People Tell You

The Top Ten Lies People Tell You

1 There are only 3 states of matter.

Solid, Liquid, Gas,Plasma, and Einsteins. That's 5. - Boshua

I hate when people say that ughh. Makes me want to curl up and die! :( - PassiveAggressive

2 If you eat a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow inside you.

Why do people believe this dumb myth? If eating sunflower seeds does nothing then watermelon seeds should be fine.

There's even a Chinese KID'S SONG dedicated to this! BS! >:(

3 If you look cross-eyed too long your eyes get stuck that way.
4 Looking at a screen for too long ruins your eyes.
5 Video games ruin your social skills.
6 Pokémon is promoting animal abuse.
7 Pokémon Go is satanic.
8 Pineapples are violent and murderous.

That is just silly

9 Special ed helps students prepare for life

We are gonna go to the zoo tell me what you learned

Today we are gonna learn about fire safety class

I know because I am spec ed

ABCDEFF 12345 that is all numbers and letters we learned today English alphabet math numbers yay!

10 The earth is flat

They’re probably joking when they say that. - 3DG20

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11 All Asians are good at math

So people assume that people they have never even heard

I’m Asian. I struggle with math a lot.

12 Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth

I as a parent went to Disneyland with my kid, I found it to still be the happiest place on earth! My dad died a couple months before I went to Disneyland and I was sad and depressed so I really didn't want to go:( As soon as I got to the park I just felt this was going to be a great trip! It was my birthday so I got a pin and even got a million comments on how my ears looked great and had a lot of happy birthdays! in my opinion people who don't think Disneyland isn't the happiest place on earth is wrong cause it clearly is! Ps I got pregnant at 18... Please show me love and support cause I just got out of labour... This is going to be a hard journey but with my husband I'll be alright

No. I went to Disneyland once and based on my experience, it needs major improvements if they want to use tthat slogan. It’s too expensive, it’s too hot, there’s no shade, and the lines are ridiculously long. Also rides break down a lot.

13 Broccoli was never made to be eaten.

Broccoli is delicious

14 School is fun

Biggest lie ever.

15 Only men rape
16 Cartoons are for little kids

I’m 26 and I like to watch Disney’s Hercules

17 You are too old for a blankie

I have a baby blanket from when I was born. I slept with it until I was 22. I now have it in storage but I do occasionally take it out to hug and cuddle with it.

18 It's impossible to travel to the future

Ever heard of gravitational time diolation? - Boshua

19 Egg Foo Young is a Chinese dish

My mom said that only black people would eat this...

20 Santa is real
21 All Asians are Chinese
22 People who act like the opposite gender are gay and weird

I'm female and I'm a tomboy but that doesn't mean that I'm a weirdo! >:(

23 Rap and hip hop are only for black people
24 School supplies are for little kids only
25 Adults can't sleep with stuffed animals
26 The weight limit for this toy is ____ lbs

I am over 100 lbs and I own and ride a spring rocking horse that has a 60 lb weight limit. It is durable!

27 I am ___ years old
28 Roller coasters are dangerous
29 You can’t take pictures or videos in casinos

You can, but you have to be very careful if you don’t want to get caught by security. I successfully got pics of me on a slot machine at the Mirage Las Vegas and a video poker machine at the Showboat in Atlantic City.

I also saw pics and videos of people walking through casinos and sitting at slot machines all over the Internet, and they’re all from tourists like me.

30 Coin operated rides are for little kids only

I am 26 but I’m small for my age so I fit in most of them. I ONLY ride the horse ones. I did get kicked off a few of them but it doesn’t stop me from riding them!

31 Bellagio Las Vegas bans people under age 18

I visited Vegas with my family and my sister was 16 at the time. The Bellagio was one of the hotels that we visited. She was welcomed. Also we saw little kids there, too.

32 Chuck E Cheese’s is for little kids only
33 All teachers are mean and evil

It depends. Most of the teachers that I’ve had were nice, but I unfortunately did have some mean ones as well.

34 All dentists are nice to kids

My childhood dentist was EVIL AS HELL

35 No kids allowed in casinos

When I was in Vegas nearly very casino we visited had kids in them

36 Security objects are for little kids only

I slept with my baby blanket until I was almost 22 and I still sleep with stuffed animals

37 Diabetics are banned from desserts for life

Once I nearly got diabetes and I thought that I can't have desserts forever after the doctor told me that I had to cut out sweets from my diet for the next several months. Turns out I am not a diabetic and I am allowed to moderately enjoy sweets throughout life.

38 Cats cannot taste sweet flavors
39 Dogs can't eat human food

It depends on the food

40 The Easter bunny is real

My parents made be believe this for way too long until my dad finally (accidentally) told me. - myusernameisthis

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