Top 10 Lines for a Friend/Enemyship Graduation Poem

Guess who's going to middle school? This baby right here!

The Top Ten

1 We started together, and that's how we'll leave.
2 I won't be the smartest, and I won't be the dumbest, but even 1000 miles away you'll still be the funniest
3 It may be good bye but it isn't the end, but our limits we'll have to bend.
4 You can't hurt me no more, but when I leave it'll give you the sore
5 I remember every day, when we got to have a say.
6 See you later alligator, in my earth there is a crater.
7 The only thing I really learned is what a friend is,
8 It's the end, but not for us.
9 Goodbye, brown eyes, help me sleep tonight
10 Together we stand together we'll land and I'll always lend you a hand
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