Top Ten Best B-Shots (B-Daman Users)

The Top Ten
1 Samuru Shigami (Sonic/Rev Dravise)

He has been training since his childhood... His experiences are his guidebook... His intelligence is his weapon... And his skills are his natural talent... Surely he DESERVES to be the very BEST!

The first B-Shot to be seen holding a talking B-Daman. This has a lotof Rapid Fire, not as much as Deathshell but surely enough to blast out a Hellfire of marbles.

His skills are fast and very cool. He always get a perfect score when he's practises. When the first he met riki, he start thinking of him as a rival. But when they defeated novu, they're friendship getting closer. They like brothers, u know

2 Riki Ryugasaki (Rising/Accele Dracyan)

He is only beaten by Kamon Godai in the final episode. He also used Spike Phoenix at some part, and he was the main character of the first season of Crossfight. He saved the world from Dragold, so he deserved number 2.

His heart is big and spirit is good. This two matter in any sports. This have got by Riki.

He must be the 1st

3 Kamon Godai (Drive Garuburn)

He became the Grand B-Master at the very end, after beating Riki Ryugasaki. He deserves the number 1 spot on this list, and he had a tragic back story with his brother. His brother was evil, using Triple Gillusion, and then Kamon challenged Ryoma to a battle, and then in the battle he lost Drive Garuburn, and his memory, also Garuburn's memory.

Well, I choose kamon because he is a strong and powerful b- shot. But he is a kind person and caring...

I love you kamon...

4 Novu Moru (Assault/Force Dragren)

A very cool form change B-Daman, and the modes work better on this than that of Dragold's mode changes. On Dragold, he's using wings, on Dragren, he's using emblem plates. A really cool B-Daman and B-Shot, really meant for each other.

5 Basara Kurochi (Stream/twin Drazeros)

His B-Daman can push 2 marbles with a single press of the trigger. The Twin Drazeros was intensive at power, while the Stream Drazeros is Rapid fire intensive. Both B-Daman and B-Shot amazing, perfect match.

6 Rudy Sumeragi (Smash Dragold, Not Proto 01)

Rudy do not deserve to be put on the top ten list.I mean it was called TOP TEN B-SHOT not top ten b-shot with powerful b-daman.In short,if he was a great b-shot,he and dragold might rule the world.Besides,it was Dragold who control Rudy and not the other way around.

7 Yuki Washimura (Across/Steer Eagle)

A really nice B-Daman, and B-Shots, that's all, and that Across's gimmick is awesome.

8 Ryoma Godai (Triple Gillusion)

He's the evil brother of Kamon and the main antagonist in the second season. His 2 B-Daman, Right Drake and Left Starion combine to become Triple Gillusion. He woke up after being defeated and Gillusion was finally sealed away.

9 Byakuga Shiranui (Kreis Raydra)

The Western B-Master, all I can tell, and that he's an antagonist. AND, he was a control type B-Daman with the highest control, and it's really true, and it's also vey good at pushing things because of power, and the emblems are different, but everyone knows why.

10 Mitsuru Hachisuka (Slot Beedle)

I chose him because he is the first to face Kamon, and it was an epic battle. He really is like a bee, and people might be wondering, is Beedle Beetle? No, it is the combination of BEE and NEEDLE.

The Contenders
11 Alba Cocodoro (Lightning Diles)
12 Simon Sumiya (Lightning/Mash Scorpia)

His skills are pretty cool as a b- shot. He is fast and shot marbles pretty fast even he only shot it just in one hand. He's b- Daman is mash scorpia that already upgraded from lightning scorpia and he beats misuru when he practicing in kamon's backyard. Somehow, he is afraid of girls.

His skills as a b-shot are pretty good. He's cool and he shot marbles pretty fast even he shot it just in one hand. His b- Daman is mash scorpia from the upgraded of lightning scorpia and he beats misuru when he's practicing in kamon's house. Somehow, he's afraid of girls.

13 Genta Ankokuji (Gatling Deathshell)

His B-Daman has the highest Rapid Fire and he is the Northern B-Master, and there's like a crank so if you rotate, it will push the trigger causing massive rapid fire.

14 Sumi Inaba (Lightning Rabbit)

Sumi is cute and funny. Her skills are not bad and she is riki's close friend and she's the one who introduced riki to a b- Daman. However, she cares and kind for her friends.

She lacks on focus.

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