Top Ten High Speed Trains

The Land of Rising Sun produced the first HIGH SPEED Train.. Bullet or Shinkansen in the late 1964... Since then started the high speed train revolution.
The Top Ten
1 Shinkansen

Also famous as the Bullet train... The Shinkansen covers your whole journey with a speed of 275 mph. - Mallick

Speed, Safety, No delays, what a wonderful train it is

2 China Railways CRH380A

The greatest high speed railway in the world

The King of the Kings... the Chinese CRH380A can hunt down the Buggati veyron very easily with a jet like speed of 302 mph. - Mallick

3 Transrapid

Who told.. if you don't have legs you also cannot run faster? The German Crawler can crawl at a speed of 279 mph making your journey faster and safer. - Mallick


The TGV of France makes itself into the top 5 by burning the tracks at a speed of 236 mph.. - Mallick

5 Shanghai Maglev Train

Without any tension of wheels this Chinese Ninja crawls at a 270 mph making it nearly impossible for anyone to take even a nice pic. :D - Mallick

6 THSR 700T

The BEST high speed train I've ever ride! - williamou417

The King of Taiwan can stretch itself at a blazing speed of 208 mph. - Mallick

7 KTX-Sancheon

Taking the 6th position the South Korean' KTX 2 can carry more than 300 passengers at an unbelievable speed of 219 mph.. - Mallick

8 AVE Class 102

With a great speed of 205 mph This Spanish beast can easily pass within a blink of an eye... Though the King of Taiwan races itself just 3 mph more than this beast. - Mallick

9 British Rail HST 125

THIS IS #1! Come on it really should be #1, they are loads better than other countries' crap!

Amazing trains, built nearly 40 years ago and still doing 125mph on a daily basis!

The ultimate diesel of all time.

10 Eurostar

The 199 mph of The Eurostar clearly saves its position in the 9th number. - Mallick

The Contenders
11 Amtrak Acela Express


AMERICA for the win

12 LNER Gresley A4 Pacific "Mallard"

The fastest steam locomotive EVER built; reached 125.88 mph on July 3, 1938. She STILL holds the record for steam power after over 75 years.

13 Budd Metroliner

This high-speed set served the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, and Amtrak for almost 50 years. The Metroliner has a top speed of 150 mph. Currently the power cars are still going strong as cab cars for Amtrak's regional trains.

14 GE P42DC
15 FS Class ETR 500

With a top speed of 190 mph the Italian ETA 500 holds the 10th position. - Mallick

16 Amtrak Turboliner
17 British Rail Class 20

Brilliant sounding engine, still working at Hope cement in Derbyshire.

18 British Rail Class 222 meridian

A very comfy state-of-the-art 125mph passenger train.

19 British Rail Class 185

Comfy, sleek and quiet 90mph passenger services.

20 Amtrak Avelia Liberty
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