Best Leonardo da Vinci Paintings

The Top Ten
1 Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has been described as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world".
2 The Last Supper
3 Virgin of the Rocks
4 Lady with an Ermine
5 The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
6 Saint John the Baptist
7 Annunciation
8 Adoration of the Magi
9 The Baptism of Christ
10 Salvator Mundi
The Contenders
11 Portrait of Ginevra Benci
12 Bacchus
13 Saint Jerome in the Wilderness
14 Portrait of a Musician
15 Madonna of the Carnation
16 Leda and the Swan
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