Reasons People Think They're Better Than You

This may or may not be a dumb list, but I captures some personal feelings.
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1 More money

I liked a lot your list dureckl. Actually, it took me by surprise, it is a very strong and interesting topic. Yes, people, we do that all the time! We always make these comparisons, and most of the time we don't even want to realize that, because that would be too much for our vain little world. Actually, I don't think anymore that there are people who are better than some other people. Maybe, some people have more potential than other people, but that doesn't always make a person better or even unique. It takes so much more. It has to do with the soul. Money, cleverness, beauty, popularity and responsibilities cannot make a person be right in their own skin if they aren't already. Many people misuse their gifts and that doesn't make someone better but worse. Anyway, I think that each and everyday we prove ourselves in our eyes and in others. Nothing stays the same. Nothing is guaranteed.

I may have been raised to behave like a lady but I'm true working class. I find it quite ill-mannered of people who have money to flaunt it.

2 Better looking
3 More physically active
4 Don't do harmful substances

I'm a smoker but I don't think it makes me a bad person. We all know smoking is a bad habit but it doesn't make people any less of a person. We all have done something in our lives that isn't good smoking happens to be one of them

You may be a bit dumb to do this, for instance, smoking, but it doesn't make one a bad person.

5 Make few(er) mistakes
6 They're popular
7 They're responsible(ish)
8 They have more "friends"

Try quality over quantity, you might actually get somewhere, "Mr Popular".

9 They are good at sports

You can't claim to be better because of this.

10 They're taller

What does that have to do with being Better than a another person?

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11 They're religious
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