Top Ten Reasons Why Having Continuous Bad Luck Isn't So Bad

You know, my internet went TWICE trying to make this list - how funny is irony? Don't despair about bad luck - let it work for you! Hopefully this list will help. And if it doesn't? Well, I guess that's just bad luck! I never said I could word miracles!
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1 If it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all

I don't really need luck. I just want good things to happen to my life.

FOOLS! Bad Luck is worse than no luck at all!

Ha! So give me bad luck every time!

Bad luck IS no luck.

2 It makes you laugh

It does me. When bad luck creeps up on me I actually treat it as a game that I have to win. It's fun trying to overcome it.

No, it makes me angry when I'm playing my game. Get unlucky then have to wait another hour for another game

3 Makes you appreciate the things you may not have before

For some reason, it just makes me warm towards the things I didn't realise that I'd Ignored before.

4 Makes you think that things can only get better

Bad luck makes you feel like you've hit Rock Bottom, eh? (always saying "eh" It's only an accident at birth that I'm not Canadian! ) Anyway, getting back to the seriousmess of it, Rock Bottom means that things will pick up. They HAVE to! Use that newfound stubboness of yours

But it does not and then things get worse.

5 It makes you try harder

I JUST read about Mat in Hinderstap, where he was in the tavern, and he kept on losing. The last toss he won and got food stuffs, but then night fell an chaos came loose.

Bad luck this time? Try, try, try again! You WILL succeed and laugh in the face of bad luck.

6 It makes you stubborn
7 Makes you stronger-minded
8 Gives you something to moan about

That only makes me annoying to be around. Trust me, you do NOT want to see me irritated.

9 Makes you feel unique

If I'm in a car stuck in traffic, having spilled toxic waste on my brand new shirt, and my iPod's out of battery, I'm in a very specific situation. I thus like to bear in mind that someone out there is having a worse time than me.

10 At least bad luck is free

If it cost money, I wouldn't use money and have no bad luck. So I'd rather it cost money.

What a spot of good fortune you don't have to PAY to be plauged with bad luck...

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11 It makes your life interesting
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