Top Ten Mediterranean Islands

The Top Ten
1 Lesvos (Greece)

The third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia, unaffected by the mass tourism that has turned other islands into amusement parks, I hope I can be there someday

By far the most beautiful and diverse island of the Mediterranean.

The most lyric and poetic island ever!

2 Malta Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

it's an amazing place... went there last summer and had an amazing time... a good place where to party, enjoy the sun and the sea and meet friendly people!

Malta is number 1! I go almost every year including this summer :P Forza Malta! Forza Malta Forza Malta Forza Malta Forza Malta Forza Malta Forza Malta pre simpre.

Such a nice place. Perfect for the summer. I love it. Hot weather nice sandy beaches..

Malta is gorgeous and the Maltese people are the friendliest in the world

3 Cyprus

soon going back for sixth visit, never been anywhere else more than twice so that says a lot about the island

Great place, great variety of food, lots to see, very friendly locals.

4 Sicily (Italy)

Great nature and landscape.

5 Brac (Croatia)

Favorite place in Croatia. It's very known for its great beaches.

6 Mallorca (Spain)

By far one of the best places in Spain. Comprised with very nice waters, beaches, and landscape. It is a magical environment. Very decent for vacations.

Everything in one place. What more can you say.

This is paradise

7 Crete (Greece)

Crete is idillyc... No place on earth like that...

Best Place on Earth

8 Santorini (Greece)

People in the 1800s went to Athens just to get a boat to Santorini and Oia, home of many sea captains. In '56 half of Oia slid into the sea from an earthquake- but the Caldera, Episkopi, Pyrgos, Oia and especially Chora, or main town over the view of the Caldera and Therasia at sunset is very spectacular- and I have seen 65 Aegean Islands. Antiquities, setting, a great theater of visual delight.

One of the best islands in Greece. It is a simply beautiful place and beautiful spot for seeing sunsets. Be sure to take photos.

by far the most stunning place in the world - a must see in life

9 Corsica (France)
10 Ibiza (Spain)

the biggest rave/party location in the world

This is a nice place to visit.

The Contenders
11 Sardinia (Italy)

It is comprised with some of the best beaches. You can't resist going there.

12 Djerba Island

This is an island with a very calm environment. It is a must go place.

Djerba is amazing!

13 Corfu

It is a popular island known for its great scenery and landscape.

14 Capri (Italy)

It is known for its landscapes, its clear waters, and quality hotels. Expect some crowds.

15 Elba (Italy)

The island is decent for a good vacation.

16 Menorca

This is an island with good history. It is a beautiful island making you feel you're in a paradise.

17 Patmos (Greece)

For quality holidays or vacations, this island is the way to go.

18 Thasos (Greece)

It is one of the best island of Greece. It is favorable of its landscapes, clear water, and soft sand.

19 Šolta
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