Top 10 Variations of the Phrase "Touch Grass"

The phrase "touch grass" is an internet insult which is typically said against internet users who are thought to be terminally online and need to reconnect with the real world. The phrase typically means to plug off from the internet and go outside and/or reconnect with nature. To spice things up, here are ten phrases that are related to "touching grass". Variations should either be nature related or must be connected to going outside. Feel free to add your own.
The Top Ten
1 Feel the breeze
2 Hug a tree

A clever way to coax them into the tree hugger club.

3 Walk in sand

It's not bad advice however usually the people who say it also could benefit from spending more time outside themselves.

For those who live near the beach or are surrounded in a desert.

4 Chew some dandelion

You know those white dandelion seeds dancing by the wind? Yeah that's what I'm talking about.

5 Breathe fresh air
6 Watch birds

How could you bird watch properly when you're not at the outdoors?

7 Touch some snow

When you live in a cold place and touching grass isn't that viable.

8 Jump in some puddles

Don't forget your waterproof boots.

9 Smell some flowers

You really haven't gotten a whiff of a real natural smell for a long time.

10 Pick up shells

For those who live near a beach. Ngl though shell collecting is an interesting hobby.

The Contenders
11 Step on some leaves
12 Jump into a leaf pile

Similar to step on some leaves but a more fun version of it.

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