Top 10 Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

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1 Become a porn star

Just illegal to do as a kid though.

My parents already hate me, so this is a great way to get disowned.

2 Pose nude on the internet

This should be number 1. I can't think of a worse way to disappoint your parents than posing nude on the Internet, except maybe being a porn star or a prostitute.

Your parents are very protective of you and how others view you as a person, sometimes more than yourself. So why do some do that, knowing their parents possibly may see them stark naked? It would go like this: Your name: _____ just posted this picture. In a matter of seconds, half the world, and your dad or mum, is seeing you in the nude. Why bother with clothes at all then?

My parents would be upset with me if I posted any picture of myself on the internet.

3 Date someone they don't approve of
4 Drop out of school

I did it, and my parents have a hard time explaining it to their social circle. I feel awful about it.

5 Move back in with them

My cousin moved back in with my aunt and got kicked out. So now, he's living with my other cousins. He's 26 years old, and I'm not sure if he has a job or a girlfriend anymore.

Since you're now a responsible adult, don't even think of moving back in with them.

6 Stray from their faith
7 Betray their trust
8 Get arrested

Should be number one.

9 Join the Ku Klux Klan
10 Do drugs

How is this not up there yet?!?!

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11 Play Grand Theft Auto v
12 Get drunk
13 Call on Mother's Day to ask for money
14 Be a furry

This is literally how to disappoint anyone.

15 Get a sex change
16 Have a job making YouTube videos

My parents want me to do this for a full-time job when I grow up if I can't become a therapist or get a job in a mental asylum.

That's what I want to do if I can't be an alternative singer.

Is this something worth getting disappointed over? No.

17 Choose your own future

My mom doesn't like it when I mention being the leader of the USA.

18 Watch anime

My parents only let me watch anime as a baby.

19 Come out

Both my parents are heterosexual heteroromantic while I am asexual panromantic.

20 Smoke cigarettes

Smoking is bad, and you shouldn't try to disappoint your parents.

21 Be depressed
22 Become a mass murderer
23 Drink in the morning
24 Get an impractical graduate degree
25 Get a tattoo

When my parents first met, they played this prank on my grandparents by getting a removable tattoo and showing it to them at lunch. I can imagine what their faces would have been like.

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