Worst Final Fantasy Bosses

Final Fantasy is one of the best known video game franchises, but it's far from perfect. These bosses serve as examples as so.
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The Top Ten
1 Yu Yevon (Final Fantasy X)

You saw this coming.

2 Necron (Final Fantasy IX)

Another insulting final boss.

3 Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)

1. Has over 50,000,000 HP
2. Devastating attacks with an arena filled with booby traps
3. Reduces your damage cap halfway through the fight

4. Can reflect all spells in the final third of the battle, INCLUDING HEALING SPELLS


There is a save spot right next to the boss so you can save your progress on it

4 Barthandelus (Final Fantasy XIII)
5 Famed Mimic Gogo (Final Fantasy V)

So you have a boss that can copy your offensive, defensive, and healing options for twice the power and you can actually defeat him without taking damage. All you have to do is what Luigi would do in a Mario Party Minigame.

6 Naga Queen (Final Fantasy II)
7 Xande (Final Fantasy III)

Fitting due to that he's the worst villain in the series.

8 Garuda (Final Fantasy III)

This fight could either be brutally hard or insultingly easy depending if you have the Dragoon class.

9 Demon Wall (Final Fantasy IV)

He slowly moves in on you whilst attacking with spells and if he gets too close, Instant KO for your entire party.

10 Guard Scorpion (Final Fantasy VII)
The Contenders
11 Maliris (Final Fantasy IX)
12 Orphan (Final Fantasy XIII)
13 Shinryu (Final Fantasy Dissidia NT)
14 Whisper Harbinger/Whisper Bahamut (Final Fantasy VII Remake)