Top Ten Weirdest Jobs

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The Top Ten
1 Professional Mourners

"Unfortunately, my family wasn't good enough at grieving, so we had to call in the professionals. I must say, though, it did give it that extra sense of realism." - Gg2000

2 Professional Sleepers

what? LOL - Metal_Treasure

Great! What will I be doing?!?!?! How much will I be making?!?! ;-) - clusium

3 Instagram Models

If I was 2 years old forever, me and my aunt would pose for lots of pictures for Instagram, including diaper changing, pooping, naked toddler, and bath time.

4 Odor Judger
5 Professional Pushers
6 Rental Boyfriend/Girlfriend
7 Pet Food Taster
8 Poop Collector
9 Vomit Cleaner
10 Body Part Model