Top Ten Mood Stabilizers Used to Treat Bipolar Disorder

The Top Ten
1 Lamotrigine

The side effects of using this, I'd say you're better off having Bipolar.

I take this

2 Carbamazepine
3 Gabapentin
4 Levetiracetam
5 Oxcarbazepine
6 Topiramate
7 Lithium Salts

I was put on lithium and I starded throwing was horbibel

Dear pcyaytrist.yes I know I spelled that wrong.stop overgiving out lithium to everyone who has bipolar.

8 Valproate Semisodium
9 Sodium Valproate
10 Valproic Acid
The Contenders
11 Fluoxetine
12 Lexapro
13 Risperidone

I used to take this (Now I don’t take any) but it kind of help calm me down. The only thing is that it does take away your dopamine which destroys your focus and memory that’s why I only take this at nights. And also boys don’t take this it’s bad for you. - Honeyreis

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