Top Ten Mood Stabilizers Used to Treat Bipolar Disorder

The Top Ten
1 Lamotrigine

The side effects of using this, I'd say you're better off having Bipolar.

This is an anti-convulsant, but I take this. This helps with the massive mood swings.

2 Carbamazepine
3 Gabapentin
4 Levetiracetam
5 Oxcarbazepine
6 Topiramate
7 Lithium Salts
8 Valproate Semisodium
9 Sodium Valproate
10 Valproic Acid
The Contenders
11 Fluoxetine
12 Aripiprazole

This is an atypical anti-psychotic, but I take this. This helps the psychotic symptoms of mania. For example, I have hallucinations and delusions, and this helps with that.

13 Lexapro
14 Risperidone
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