Worst Drugs to Get Addicted To

The Top Ten
1 Desomorphine

I mean, you have a life span of about 2 years after starting the addiction, so yeah, this is really horrible.

This drug is just plain awful, do not try it.

2 Heroin

It wouldn't be as bad if it werent for the tolerance. (don't get me wrong every drug is bad) but it triggers something in your brain that promotes tolerance

It's one of or the most addictive and life-ruining drugs

Less harmful than desomorphine, but still bad to take.

Don't take heroin or you'll end up like Barney!

3 Alcohol

God HATES his children taking the devils bait which is alcohol, alcohol in the Torah the Bible & the Quran dangerously associates it with evil, Gods/God's children who are alcoholics never make it to heaven for destroying the mission/missions God gave them, God destroys alcoholics for they are defective children, any defects of God cannot return for they are repeating the devils tradition, evil & alcohol have history together & alcoholics are considered Satans minions to the church & alcohol gives you cancer & you have no divinity consuming alcohol & alcohol isn't angelic. in the eyes God those of his children who take alcohol have ruined their lives & the lives of others & alcoholics take drama gossip & rumors seriously & personally like as if it were life or death matter, alcohol & alcoholism is associated with crime ghetto & violence, alcohol has to have far more restrictions than guns & firearms for alcohol is no different from mass murderers drunk of violence

4 Methamphetamine

If Walter White give me one, I accepted

5 Hyoscine hydrobromide
6 Cocaine

But I need them

7 Nicotine
8 Phencyclidine
9 Tobacco
10 Synthetic Cathinones
The Contenders
11 Oxycodone
12 Benzodiazepines

This list is crazy, only from alcohol, benzodiazepine and less known drugs withdrawal you can die, things on top of the list are meh...

13 Diphenhydramine
14 LSD

LSD isn't even addictive lol

15 Krokodil
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