Top Ten Mega Evolutions for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


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1 Mega Swampert Mega Swampert

I battled someone that had a swampert and thought they suck but then I beat their game with mega swampert. It's power is unpredictable.

It is said that when punches filled with water it can punch you over 5 miles away.

Best HP Best SP Atk and best atk and the creation of mega swampert its like dude have you been working out in a gym - Red26473

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2 Mega Metagross Mega Metagross

Looks awesome, and is incredibly powerful, competitive or not.

The coolest in my opinion, and overdue! - keycha1n

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3 Mega Sceptile Mega Sceptile

How can you not put this at the top?

Scep turns into a dragon, a DRAGON!

if you teach it dragon pulse, it is overpowered!

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4 Mega Blaziken Mega Blaziken
5 Mega Salamance Mega Salamance
6 Mega Lopunny Mega Lopunny
7 Mega Camerupt Mega Camerupt
8 Mega Steelix Mega Steelix

Mega Steelix has the highest defense

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9 Mega Sharpedo Mega Sharpedo

This guy should be number one because he is literally the Jaws of pokemon and it's awesome because of it's design that's the reason I like it besides sharpedo is my favorite pokemon

Love the gold crosses on its body.

10 Mega Beedrill Mega Beedrill

"this thing is on every team I have made since the debut of ORAS. Give it Poison Jab U-Turn Protect and Brick Break and its invincible"

The Contenders

11 Mega Altaria Mega Altaria

The fact Altaria's mega-evolution form was able to make the first ever dragon and fairy type Pokemon to exist setting a high standard for future fairy and dragon types

Problem with Mega Altaria is making it Dragon/Fairy means the it becomes way op being the fact that it can resist ice type moves and as well as that making it Dragon/Fairy means that its x2, x4 weak to steel and poison so if you have a skarmory or mega aggron it will thwomp Mega Altaria - Red26473

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12 Mega Gallade Mega Gallade

Look I know I made the list but please people who read this vote for Mega Gallade over Mega Audino as like Mega Audino is practicaly useless - Red26473

M Gallade is super cool now to have on you team now stats wise mega gallade stats look like this HP: 68. 128 - 175, 246 - 340. Attack: 165. 153 - 238, 301 - 471. Defense: 95. 90 - 161, 175 -... Plus in the looks department mega gallade looks really cool with the sabre replacing his arm. - Red26473

He was my first ever mega evolution so he should be number one.Plus he does look op

Its good at speed and attacking and it can sweep a lot of pokemon by close combat if you train attack and speed evs and ivs my set is leaf blade close combat swords dance and substidute ability is adamant and max evs and ivs

13 Mega Rayquaza

What rayquaza number 13 no way you can get him in omega ruby and alpha sappihre which is a remake of sapphire and ruby come on rayquaza is a total boss

Most OP pokemon ever Can beat Mega Mewtwo, both Primals and Arceus. Even the fabled top percentile rattata

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14 Mega Lucario

No no no I regret choosing mega squads THIS IS TOO OP

15 Mega Audino Mega Audino
16 Mega Charizard
17 Mega Sableye V 1 Comment
18 Mega Slowbro V 1 Comment
19 Mega Raichu V 1 Comment
20 Mega Diancie Mega Diancie

Mega Diancie really deserves to have a Mega evolution since it could boost up a lot of things in the stats department massive base 160 Attack and Special Attack and crucial base 110 and the design for diancie just looks really amazing plus with the added ability of magic bounce - Red26473

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