Top Ten Mega Man Robot Masters We Hope Never Exist

Capcom has come out with a lot of terrible & odd ball robot masters over the years, here are the robot masters we never want to see in any upcoming mega man game.

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21 Barney Man
22 Angry German Kid Man
23 Old Man

Yes. Perfect.

24 Rose Woman

There actually is one just in a comic

25 Harriet-Is-Hot Man
26 Penis Pump Man
27 Glass Man

I can not name how many weakenesses this robot master has!

28 8 Bit Man

This robot master is poorly detailed and I thought mr. Game and watch and the tetris block were very poorly detailed characters

29 Leprechaun Man

On 2018 capcom made a game for mega man 6's 25th anniversary by making 8 more
Stereotypical robot masters by dr. X making another world competition with these robot masters: Irish is leprechaun man

30 Teletubby Man

The guy who is commenting (me) always hated Teletubbies.

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31 Dr. Wahwee Man

In mega man 8 dr. Light worked on a secret project which made a robot master sound like dr. Light which is how we got dr. Wahwee man special attack: it appears to be the work of dr. Wahwee!

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32 Annoying Orange Man

This stage is annoying and the music is annoyingt the miniboss is annoying
The enemies are annoying the stage has too much annoying mazes and puzzles and traps and the robot master in this stage is annoying! It keeps on calling
You a apple and doing weird stuff with its tounge and watch out of knife and his seeds and sound wave attacks and when you defeat him you get a annoying weapon more annoying then top mans: top spin

33 Gunsche Man

Gunsche man is my favorite robot master from mega man & fegelein man

34 Jodi Man

This is a robot master in the game mega man & fegelein man this robot master is part of the Nazi team he attacks by using his shiny bald head

35 Burgdorf Man

A robot master in the game mega man & and fegalein man this robot master is part of the Nazi robot master team he is alyways getting drunk and attacks by throwing beer bottles at you

36 Hitler Man

This robot master is the Nazi robot master fuher from the game mega man & fegelein man the game takes place when mega man time travels to 1945 and has to team with fegelein man to defeat the evil Nazis robot master team. when you fight the final boss which is Hitler man he is alyways pissed and he keeps on throwing the penicl of doom at you and some toxic chemicals when you beat the game mega man goes back to the future and fegelein man ends up living a happy long life and dieing in 2005 instead of 1945 and the Nazis end in a terrible way and mega man looks at the sky and waves to fegelein man who is in heaven. while Hitler man is in hell.

37 Harlem Shake Man

Its attack is a annoying dance!

38 AVGN Man

This robot master keeps on complaining about why mega man robot masters suck these days I can see why!

39 Tear Woman

And I thought splash woman made woman look bad this robot master is just... sexist

40 Anna Cameron Man

What a stupid man! - drdevil

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