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1 Mega Blastoise

He looks cool, his two cannons moved from his back to his wrists like hidden pistols lol. And now only one big ass cannon on his back, looks awesome!

I am now going to block out the fact this he is number one.

Blastoise is really a strong Pokemon and he is one of my favourite Pokemon

This mega does the same damage as blastocoele ex

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2 Mega Charizard X

All its life charizard needed to be a true dragon. Here it is. It's incredible in everyway and makes all other mega Pokemon look weak. 10-10 score on everything.

"Let the odds forever in your favor."

He is the strongest Pokemon I know even blastoise is that strong he is only a slight of

He's a Pokemon-killing machine/ bad ass fire-breathing death Dragon

Blue fire, good ability, this guy could defeat Arcaes with the right conditions(Anytime, anyplace.).

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3 Mega Rayquaza

How is this not the best. my level 50 (hacked) rayquaza soloed the second elite four and champion! all of which are above level 70 at the very least!

My mega Rayquaza is my strongest Pokemon and he does 300 damage.

Mega rayquaza looks amazing and does 300 attack damage!

Mega rayquaza is the best Pokémon in the game because in the tiers he was ban from the highest rank uber he was moved to a higher rank mewtwo and rayquaza have the same stats but rayquaza can hold an item while mewtwo can't so rayquaza is the best that He was able to defeat the e4 by himself

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4 Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario is very strong. I won mega rayquaza with it. My lucario was a level 100 and mega rayquaza was a level 75 but mega rayquaza is still a mega evolved legendary

Lucario is awesome final smashes are awesome in both smash and Pokemon

Can read aura's and now its mega BEST

Best mega ever I beat primal grousing lvl100 with mega lucario lvl97

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5 Mega Charizard V 1 Comment
6 Mega Mewtwo X

I keep buying breakthrough but no new two just full art secret rare

Evolves from mewtwo cool and mega mewtwo is rare to get a well

Actually Arceus can defeat him Arceus is the god Pokemon

One of the strongest pokemon mega evolution

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7 Mega Garchomp

Pretty cool except it got a big chin

Mega Garchomp is vary awesome and his claws is nice

Kalos league champion has a mega hardtop and wrecks ash and the elite four

A beast in doubles - socoolmudkip

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8 Mega Venusaur

Mega venusaur ex is my favorite pokemon ever he looks really cool and is stronger then mega gengar witch is amazing because I had him before and he was really strong

Mega venusaur ex is my favorite pokemon he always looks cool and he does 120 damage

It literlly does 120 damage and it poisens and does something else I always forget!

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9 Mega Blaziken

Love him he in the series of Pokemon and cached ash while he was falling Dow to save pikachu with his thrusting fie

Does the damage go like 100, 200, 300, and so on or 100, 200, 100, 200?

The Card Does 100 Damage at first then on your next turn another 100! this is his attack:

Moonsault Blaze
During your next turn, this Pokémon's Moonsault Blaze attack does 100 more damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

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10 Mega Absol

With that magic bounce, it can really be a pain dealing with one, in fact, almost nothing can't be obliterated by it (if the trainer isn't stupid)

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11 Mega Gengar V 4 Comments
12 Mega Gardevoir

Beat the Champion with just this awesome Pokemon!

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13 Mega Charizard Y

Mega charizard y should be in the top 5.

This card does 30 damage to itself

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14 Mega Primal Groudon

Mega primal groudon is so cool and big and strong

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15 Mega Alakazam

No other mega looks like such a natural progression.
Plus it's become a sweeper nobody wants to fight. And just look at all those spoons! Vanilluxe beware.

16 Mega Dialga

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

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17 Mega Ampharos

This is bad does 30 damage too itself

18 Mega Gyarados
19 Mega Arceus

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

20 Mega Moltres

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

What idiot put moltres and Zappos on this list. When it's not even a mega form

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