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1 Mega Blastoise

He looks cool, his two cannons moved from his back to his wrists like hidden pistols lol. And now only one big ass cannon on his back, looks awesome!

This mega does the same damage as blastocoele ex

I am now going to block out the fact this he is number one.

Look at the ability : Mega Launcher. Add egg moves into a squirtle.

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2 Mega Rayquaza Mega Rayquaza

How is this not the best. my level 50 (hacked) rayquaza soloed the second elite four and champion! all of which are above level 70 at the very least!

Why is blastoise number one he sucks

Why isn't he first!?! Second isn't good enough for one of the greatest mega legendary! He is the only mega who doesn't need a mega stone to mega evolve along with that he is Dragon type which is one of the most powerful types! Also with his hidden ability delta stream he loses all his flying weaknesses so he only has to worry about Dragon weaknesses and also you know he doesn't need a mega stone,well you could make him hold a very good item such as a focus sash so he will be even more powerful and have good moves maybe like extreme speed,dragon rush and model make him an assassin who would out speed greninja.

How is Blastoise first when he is crap and Rayqyauza is the best

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3 Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard X

All its life charizard needed to be a true dragon. Here it is. It's incredible in everyway and makes all other mega Pokemon look weak. 10-10 score on everything.

"Let the odds forever in your favor."

He's a Pokemon-killing machine/ bad ass fire-breathing death Dragon

He is the strongest Pokemon I know even blastoise is that strong he is only a slight of

I love this pokemon!

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4 Mega Lucario Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario is very strong. I won mega rayquaza with it. My lucario was a level 100 and mega rayquaza was a level 75 but mega rayquaza is still a mega evolved legendary

Lucario is awesome final smashes are awesome in both smash and Pokemon

Can read aura's and now its mega BEST

Give this thing a choice band and have it sweep with close combat
This thing deserves to be in ubers

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5 Mega Charizard

It's Charizard, but mega!

6 Mega Mewtwo X

I keep buying breakthrough but no new two just full art secret rare

Evolves from mewtwo cool and mega mewtwo is rare to get a well

Actually Arceus can defeat him Arceus is the god Pokemon

Come on a it’s a mega legendary

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7 Mega Garchomp

Pretty cool except it got a big chin

Mega Garchomp is vary awesome and his claws is nice

He's got a mask a awesome claws

I love this mega because gible is my fave pokemon now they add mega garchomp ^.^

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8 Mega Venusaur

Mega venusaur ex is my favorite pokemon ever he looks really cool and is stronger then mega gengar witch is amazing because I had him before and he was really strong

His ability makes it lose two weaknesses, so I'll have a good time wrecking Fire types.

Mega venusaur ex is my favorite pokemon he always looks cool and he does 120 damage


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9 Mega Gengar Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar is beast

He can cope someones move.

Should be 1st he's my best pokemon - legendary

he is op

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10 Mega Blaziken

Love him he in the series of Pokemon and cached ash while he was falling Dow to save pikachu with his thrusting fie

Does the damage go like 100, 200, 300, and so on or 100, 200, 100, 200?

He is a monster how is he not first

What mega blaziken is like the best an he is the only pokemon that comes close to campeting with raquaza

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11 Mega Primal Groudon

Mega primal groudon is not a thing idiots

Mega primal groudon is so cool and big and strong

He is epic


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12 Mega Absol Mega Absol

With that magic bounce, it can really be a pain dealing with one, in fact, almost nothing can't be obliterated by it (if the trainer isn't stupid)

Ah yes,Mega Absol the first mega pokemon I got as well as one of my favorites with a high attack stat most things die after two physical attacks of course it can only take one hit of its weakness but it will probably end up winning after two attacks like I said it takes out its opponent in 2 turns if it attacked first, personally I love this pokemon because it is the best at my favorite stat,the attack stat,I think the reason why most people call this pokemon weak is because they don't use it right..which triggers me...

It was cool

13 Mega Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir

Guys, this dude right here can beat mewtwo with two hits using moon blast

Beat the Champion with just this awesome Pokemon!

I traded my full art version for full art M Houndoom.

Best and cutest one to me ❤️

14 Mega Dialga

Is this even a thing

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

Are you mad


15 Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam

Alakazam is AMAZING! I have one and defeat almost all the trainers with it!

No other mega looks like such a natural progression.
Plus it's become a sweeper nobody wants to fight. And just look at all those spoons! Vanilluxe beware.

16 Mega Arceus

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

Wow u can't even mega evolve

What MEGA ARCEUS! this list is so dumb

U can’t mega evolve this Pokémon

17 Mega Gyarados
18 Mega Charizard Y

I have one of them that's why

America for the win

Mega charizard y should be in the top 5.

Way better and cooler than x - legendary

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19 Mega Ampharos

Only if you decide to do 50 more damage

This is bad does 30 damage too itself

20 Mega Moltres

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

What idiot put moltres and Zappos on this list. When it's not even a mega form

21 Mega Ho-Oh

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

22 Mega Sceptile

Guys vote for it is has the best design ever and enough and I could say more than that the curios 1 blastoise so please vte for it

The best thing about mega evolutions is that pokémon become that much more awesome.

Badass with the added Dragon type. Best Hoenn starter

i rules

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23 Mega Articuno

Can't mega evolve

24 Mega Diancie Mega Diancie

My only Word: AMAZING

25 Mega Zapdos

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

26 Mega Kangaskhan

I have secret rare mega kangaskhan

27 Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade has sharper blades than Gallade, it is a fighting and a psychic type Pokemon and it looks very sick with it's awesome cape.

It should be top ten

My mega gallade is my best mega next to loppunny

He is supposed to be in top ten. He is super op. come on, don't just vote on mega charizard.
Most people hate him! I'm gonna turn red! 😡I mean, he should be known great! I love MGALLaDEe

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28 Mega Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar

Amazing, insanely high defense, sp. Defense and killer attack! Even his speed is insane, also his mega evolution adds a lot to all stats except sp. Atk!

29 Mega Metagross

Should be way higher up. Mega Metagross is better than blastoise

Not really special after the free giveaway.

He should be at the top

Metagross is the best sweeper around ice punch meteor mash bullet punch zen headbutt enough said

30 Mega Scizor

! Chainsaw hands! I'll punch yo face with then bullet punches.

This thing is my favourite pokemon should be first - TENTACRUEL

Okay. Let's get mega scizor the ability Techinichian. This will double the power/damage of moves with a base power of 65 or below. Now we have bullet punch. Bullet puch is a steel priority move which scizor will get STAB from, but also Technichian will double it. Now with Technician and STAB in play, Bullet punch has a base power of 120! That's like a brave bird or flare blitz, without the recoil and always goes first. Give him full Attack EVs and his atack stat reaches 394 at the absolute highest, give him swords dance, and his attack stat will double to a little over 700! For the rest of the EVs give him a spread of special defense and hp (however you want) and you can in most cases survive a flamethrower. But let's go back, yet again to bullet punch and swords dance. We now have an attack stat of 788 at the very most (with a attack boosting nature) and the power 120 bullet punch. With this I have hit ground/fire/steel types for around 25% of their health sometimes more! Even though ...more

He looks sooo strong and he is the two pincers shoot HYPER BEAMS

31 Mega Swampert

I think mega swampert is number 1 because he is the evolution of mudkip and mudkip is beast

Looks like Swampert skipped leg day

So I herd u liek mudkipz

32 Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Mewtwo Y

Id Call It A She Cause It Looks Feminine - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

She/he is the strongest pokemon ever!
battles are so fun with this pokemon because it always win!

33 Mega Sharpedo

Super strong, cool and a bad dude

This thing is monstrous

I love him mine does 120 damage on torpedo dive and has 210 hp

34 Mega Houndoom

He exits I did not know that #oblivious

I like dogs he is a beast

Houndoom is sooo awesome and amazing he is a giant beast he is my most favorite pokemon.


35 Mega Lopunny

MEGA LOPUNNY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Literally the wierdest mega I've ever heard of.

My favorite mega evolution go team rabbit 🐰

36 Mega Salamence Mega Salamence

This Guy is op but where is his arms? LOL!

37 Mega Camerupt

Bo this card is sucking at 39


38 Mega Manectric

Weakling, especially for a mega.

Best mega ever

39 Mega Latios
40 Mega Abomasnow
41 Mega Medicham

Pure Power Mega Medicham with Power up Punch = OP

42 Mega Heracross Mega Heracross

Great and nice mega to have

What he should be #1 he rocks a
I mean he's SUPER strong plus he looks badass

43 Mega Aggron

Big strong. And made of metal!

this is op

44 Mega Banette

A beast with prankster - socoolmudkip

45 Mega Beedrill Mega Beedrill

Mega beedrill is a horrible if u think about it.


46 Mega Latias
47 Mega Mawile

If you want a STAB attacker with fairly good defense this is the Pokemon for you.

48 Mega Groudon

He can do 200 damage and he so cool.and has 240 life

49 Mega Ampharos Ex
50 Mega Glalie

Should not be at 46. He's going to take damage, so he should and does get rewarded for it.

He does 100 +

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