Top 10 Metallica Memes

Despite how amazing Metallica, they have a lot of memes in their disposal, ranging from funny to insane. Feel free to choose your favorite Metallica meme.

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No explanation needed. After the infamous song "The View" by one of the worst albums "Lulu," many fans made memes of James saying he is the table and showing pictures of James' face on a table. It's hilarious!

This sounds like it could have been a ripoff of "I Am The Walrus".

James is the table? I think he better at "GIMMIE FOOD, GIMMIE FRIES, GIMMIE SALAD ON THE SIDE".

James is a table who will give you food and fries.

Kirk's wah pedal

Considering how much "wah" there are in Metallica songs, fans decided to turn it into memes like
-turning the "wah" pedal into Kirk's wife
-Ride The Wah
-A person who plays an easy song or plays sloppily to be better than Kirk Hammett

Everybody gangsta til Kirk pulls out the wah. - Catacorn

Lars' drumming

The weird thing is that he is also in the top ten on the list of best drummers of all time so it would seem that many people do think he can play.

Like Kirk, Lars is also made into a meme such as a meme when it showed Justin Bieber playing the drums, it said "still a better drummer than Lars Ulrich." Hopefully, Lars' drumming will get better soon.

Gimme food, Gimme fries! Gimme salad on the side! - Fuel

When fans heard the famous, GIMME FUEL GIMME FIRE GIVE ME THAT WHICH I DESIRE, many didn't understand the lyrics clearly as they thought James said, GIMME FOOD GIMME FRIES GIMME SALAD ON THE SIDE or GIMME FUE GIMME FAH GIMME DABAJABAZA. Gets funnier when it shows James ordering from McDonalds for food, fries, and salad on the side.

I have a ton of pictures of that meme. - PhoenixAura81

Comparing Metallica and Megadeth

Metallica is better, no explanation needed. - PhoenixAura81

Isn't Megadeth a ripoff Metallica? - BananaBrain

No explanation needed.

Not this again - yungstirjoey666

We're off to never never land - Enter Sandman

Said in Enter Sandman, one of Metallica's most popular songs. It's said in the last line of the chorus, leading to many people making memes of James telling a random person to take his hand and go off to never (never) land. It gets even more funny when people plant James' face into Peter Pan, saying "We're off to never never land!

I have this photo of Metallica band members' heads pasted on Peter Pan characters (James Hetfield's head was on Peter Pan's, Kirk Hammett's head was on Wendy's, and Lars Ulrich's head was on Tinker Bell's) while also having those words with the added line "take my hand".

St. Anger

I think you all know this, the song that ruined Lars' reputation as a drummer. It also turned into a meme along with Lars though.

St. Snare. - Userguy44

Metallica are sellouts

You guys can never know how many memes of these are there.

THEY'RE NOT! - PhoenixAura81

Controlling bastard, I'll be your mustard! Mustard! - Master of Puppets

Another misheard lyric. And like Fuel, it gets funnier when a McDonalds employee asks if James wants ketchup or mustard on his burger with James replying, MUSTARD! MUSTARD!

I don't always listen to Metallica, but when I do, nothing else matters.

Self explanatory

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He f****** left the band!!!

Poor Jason. - Userguy44


Remember what Lars Ulrich did? - Userguy44

Make Metallica Great Again
And Justice for Jason
"Hum" - Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich's receding hairline
R.I.P Ozzy Osbourne
James Yeaaaahtfield
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