Top Ten Mind Blowing Facts

Facts that are too dangerous for your brain to comprehend.

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1 Russia is bigger than Pluto


Well, you can't get more mind blowing than this.

2 It's possible to die whiles laughing

Laughing can also kill you, you can't deny that. one time I was laughing so hard from a joke I've heard while eating a bowl of potato chips that I accidentally choked on one while laughing. the person who was telling the joke saved my life though. that just proves don't eat whenever you're watching or listening to something funny.

Brilliant! What a wonderful way to go! ;D - Britgirl

3 There is a planet that's both too hot, too cold and suitible for life in several months
4 There is a fear of fear: phobophobia

I'm afraid of fear because it controls my life!

5 The Dead Sea is so salty that if you were to face down on the sea, you wouldn't get up and drown
6 You can turn to the colour of carrot by eating too much carrot
7 PewDiePie gains new subscriber every 1 second

Sounds ridiculous! I don't think so... - BloDayBey

IS THIS TRUE? D: - DubstepLover

8 Half the population of mobile phone users have a fear of losing their phone (Nomophobia)
9 There is a real life "Last of Us" fungus (Cordyceps fungus) that turns insects into zombies
10 The creator of Pringles had his ash buried in a Pringles can

This is a weird but interesting item! Good list! - funnyuser

What? Laugh out loud - DubstepLover

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11 Seeing the color red makes your heart beat faster
12 12am is earlier than 11am
13 Nintendo started out as a card trading company
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1. Russia is bigger than Pluto
2. It's possible to die whiles laughing
3. There is a planet that's both too hot, too cold and suitible for life in several months


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