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1 Hunger Games

It good for playing with a lot of friends

The original and the most intense game that requires luck

I can never get tired of this game. It is so fun and adds a lot to Minecraft

Building hunger games is fun,playing the maps is awesome! you can't beat a good game of hunger games especially playing and having fun with your friends! in my opinion it's #1 because you can have epic strategies and fun ways of winning!

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2 Hide and Seek

Fun, probably the hardest mini-game ever created

The fact that you need to pick the right spot to blend in as much as possible is important, as well as luck, hoping the seeker doesn't realize he's in front of a hider. Quite the intensity!

I love it, I made it for my server 247 new people joined in 1 day!

This game is so ' Fun! Omygoodd This game, the seeker doesn't even realise the hinder is in front of him! It's so intense omygod"❤️

< Thisis my opinion, Everyone has onze of its own so no hate comments please💭❌>

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3 Cops and Robbers

This is THE BEST ONE! My Opinion

If your playing with the right people and you can communicate good its by far the best. The map also has to good enough though. My favorite by far.

Cops and robbers are awesome in my opinion


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4 The Walls

This game requires much more strategy than luck. It should be number two! The only one in my opinion that might be better is hunger games


You get a few peaceful moments while waiting for the walls to come down tehn they come down without you knowing and bam your dead

The walls is fun minigame because it's like chess there's team's 2-4 and you need to know what you are doing and what is going to be your next step and it's not like a hungergames where you are just going to run run and rip. And please no hatin' because this is my opinion, Thank you

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5 Skywars

A strategy is to use a snowball to knock opponents while there Void-building.

I like this game because you can take your time but at the same time you can't... If your in the middle island you are under a lot of stress when you search all the chests for gear... I like it because it is so easy and fun to knock players of and I love the island idea... 8.5 out of 10

To be honest wanted money wars but skywars is the same thing (sort of) and is extremely challenging and has to do with pvp (which I'm a master at)

Skywars is awesome if you are good at playing minecraft

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6 Super Craft Brothers

Fun, Best PVP game ever

Best game ever! Go super smash bros brawl

I love this game I always choose the spider.

A short but fun game

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7 Spleef

The traditional version of splegg

Spleef is a fast paced yet laid back mini-game, it's perfect

Spleef has always been my favorite, the hunger games is my second. But dang is this game a classic, it's fun. Exciting. And people don't get too mad when they lose. - thelegendaries101

It is awesome I have won about 100 times

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8 Capture the Flag

Great game - very fun! Fun to run around, trying to get the flag without being killed!

Awesome! My YouTube channel is going to have lots of this!

It's a great game in my opinion I just love it :D

Great game I always play it

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9 Battle Dome

Prove which group is superior in combat in factions, without losing anything but bragging rights, worth it

Best game ever

No one is joining my game

Only other people's

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10 The Blocking Dead

Really cool game especially with resource packs and guns created using command blocks. Coo in multiplayer when looting other players becomes a priority. This should be at the top but I guess not too many people like it.

I can never find this game on servers. It seems to be a cool game, as far as I can see.

One of my favorite games!


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11 Mega Walls

With the staggering amount of numbers in your army-like teams, it may as well be all-out war, like the more the merrier! And the map is really huge! This is a really recommended game.

Mega Walls is very cool and is mostly on hypixel. You guys shoudl really try it, there are 4 teams and you have to protect your wither from dying. You can fight other teams' wither, etc.

The problem with mega walls that the people who donate are basically invincible, the game gives a lot of power to donators and makes it a bit boring

Incredible coding, I have no clue how hypixel does it

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12 Parkour

This is my favorite, you never need to worry about what kit you have or what you need, and you can slow down and actually relax, and enjoy yourself! How games are meant to be built and played!

This game is the best! Why isn't it at the top?! Is it because other people who aren't good at it rage quit? Definitely should be top ten! (In my opinion

This is so fun, me and my best mates skype and do loads together!

I guess so many people rage quit

Its not just a game for this one,this game can help us learn parkour skills,and use it against those who doesn't have parkour skills.We can sneak on them too.But be warn:This is a very risky game.

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13 Trouble In Mineville

Terrorists blending with the innocents. Whoa, hard

I love this game. It brings a sense of excitement and social gameplay, that you don't see in other mini-games. In this one you have to be careful who you kill because you may lose karma by killing the wrong person.

I played it several times before and see it's hard to blend in as an assasin. You would have adapt, prove innocence, confuse and make deception to be successful as detective, innocent and murderer, but the best qualities I like is how you would have to try coordination, making unity amongst everyone much more important while still remaining susceptible.

Its awesome, and its not a buy to win game

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14 TNT Run

No one commented? It's one of the most awesome games I ever played

It is different every time and I love this game I could play it forever

Best mini game

It is a fun game just like spleef but you don't need a shovel you try to be the last one alive it is a great game and better with friends. Compete with your friend to see who is the last on to survive!

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15 One In the Chamber

This game sucks never played it before

Worst mini game, it doesn't even work!

I think it is super fun! You need to kill everyone in this game. U have 5 lifes.The last player who survives wins. (I played it on MCPE)

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16 Wipeout

My brother wants to know hare to get wipeout

Wipeout is awesome to me I even built it more than 200 times

I MIGHT BE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CREATORS SINCED I MADE A SERVER FOR WIPEOUT IN 2015- PLUG PE! I can't believe one of the creations I have made is in the top 20 ;) Congratulations to all the other Wipeout builders we have done it and let Wipeout live forever with MINECRAFT!

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17 Splegg

A Shovel that shoots eggs! Eggs destroys blocks! The hardest game ever

This game is my favorite mini game of all time!

Best game ever in my opinion, very different from spleef but FUN!

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18 TNT Wizards

No comments? Guys, Post some stuff

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19 Quake Craft

Personally I LOVE THIS but I'm sure many do as well because it is VERY addicting

Intense and fast paced. Luck, skills and playtime required to master this game.

Quake Craft is the most epic mini game ever I don't get how it isn't #1

Simple yet incredible and well-programmed

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20 Creeper Invasion

Read the thing I posted on TNT Wizards, Comment people!

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