Best Minecraft Mini-Games

The Top Ten Best Minecraft Mini-Games

1 Hunger Games

It good for playing with a lot of friends

The original and the most intense game that requires luck

I can never get tired of this game. It is so fun and adds a lot to Minecraft

It'll be very fun same as when you lose and when you win,especially when you meet youtubers

2 Hide and Seek

Because when Minecraft becomes a memory, this will be the game I think of

I love hide and seek because my favorite youtubers Itsfunneh, LDshadowlady, and Aphmau play it!

Fun, probably the hardest mini-game ever created

The fact that you need to pick the right spot to blend in as much as possible is important, as well as luck, hoping the seeker doesn't realize he's in front of a hider. Quite the intensity!

3 Cops and Robbers

This is THE BEST ONE! My Opinion

If your playing with the right people and you can communicate good its by far the best. The map also has to good enough though. My favorite by far.

I love cops and robbers it is really fun

by amanda the flying bull acadamy 5c

Cops and robbers are awesome in my opinion

4 The Walls

This game requires much more strategy than luck. It should be number two! The only one in my opinion that might be better is hunger games

You get a few peaceful moments while waiting for the walls to come down tehn they come down without you knowing and bam your dead


If I had a choose a minecraft game that I would play for eternity, it's definitely this one

5 Skywars

GAME: You collect resources in order to kill/fight people off their islands in the sky.

Really fun, but not for people who aren't too competitive.

A strategy is to use a snowball to knock opponents while there Void-building.

I like this game because you can take your time but at the same time you can't... If your in the middle island you are under a lot of stress when you search all the chests for gear... I like it because it is so easy and fun to knock players of and I love the island idea... 8.5 out of 10

Sky wars is a fun mini game but its hard because people got bows eggs and snowballs this probably be the most hardest Minecraft mini game ever and infant I play cube craft server and I think if I tried a new Minecraft skyward server I think it will be a little easy.But its fun is because you are on a island and trying to destroy people islands but its really hard

6 Super Craft Brothers

Fun, Best PVP game ever

I love this game I always choose the spider.

Best game ever! Go super smash bros brawl

I have only once ever played minecraft and even then only collected stuff but it sounds good to me

7 Capture the Flag

Great game - very fun! Fun to run around, trying to get the flag without being killed!

Awesome! My YouTube channel is going to have lots of this!

It's a great game in my opinion I just love it :D

Great game I always play it

8 Spleef

The traditional version of splegg

Spleef is a fast paced yet laid back mini-game, it's perfect

Spleef has always been my favorite, the hunger games is my second. But dang is this game a classic, it's fun. Exciting. And people don't get too mad when they lose. - thelegendaries101

I have always had a lot of fun with spleef. At the beginning, it is really laid back and easy, but at the end it can become a hardcore map!

9 Battle Dome

Frustrating, but the satisfaction on winning is well worth the effort

Prove which group is superior in combat in factions, without losing anything but bragging rights, worth it

It sucks major Belly

Only other people's

10 The Blocking Dead

Really cool game especially with resource packs and guns created using command blocks. Coo in multiplayer when looting other players becomes a priority. This should be at the top but I guess not too many people like it.

One of my favorite games!

I can never find this game on servers. It seems to be a cool game, as far as I can see.

Minecraft with guns plus the walking dead

The Contenders

11 Mega Walls

With the staggering amount of numbers in your army-like teams, it may as well be all-out war, like the more the merrier! And the map is really huge! This is a really recommended game.

Better than the walls

Its good, but its sad to see that hypixel isn't on pe

Mega Walls is very cool and is mostly on hypixel. You guys shoudl really try it, there are 4 teams and you have to protect your wither from dying. You can fight other teams' wither, etc.

The problem with mega walls that the people who donate are basically invincible, the game gives a lot of power to donators and makes it a bit boring

12 Parkour

GAME: Jumping platforms

Fun but can be really frustrating sometimes, but a lot of lobbies in other mini games give you parkour to keep you occupied so it's definitely worth giving a go

This game is the best! Why isn't it at the top?! Is it because other people who aren't good at it rage quit? Definitely should be top ten! (In my opinion

This is my favorite, you never need to worry about what kit you have or what you need, and you can slow down and actually relax, and enjoy yourself! How games are meant to be built and played!

This is so fun, me and my best mates skype and do loads together!

I guess so many people rage quit

13 TNT Run

GAME: Running on blocks which later disappear after you've stood on them

Fun and can get your adrenaline levels up, and it includes a lot of parkour if you're one of the longer surviving players.
But I hate when people decide walk in front of you... Even though that's one of the strategies in the game.

No one commented? It's one of the most awesome games I ever played

It is different every time and I love this game I could play it forever

It is a fun game just like spleef but you don't need a shovel you try to be the last one alive it is a great game and better with friends. Compete with your friend to see who is the last on to survive!

14 Wipeout

My brother wants to know hare to get wipeout

Wipeout is awesome to me I even built it more than 200 times

How do u even play

I love wipeout

15 Bedwars

GAME: Using resources to protect your bed and destroy others. Skywars but with a respawn mode.

VERY competitive, and it's good for making you rage a lot.
There's not a number big enough to say how many times I've rage quit lol

I watched a lot I want it SO BAD! If it gets added to console (what I play on) then it will be my dream come true!

Amazing, I love the upgrades and quirks that are available.

I LOVE this game. It's a bit like Money Wars and you need to destroy other teams bed.

16 Trouble In Mineville

Terrorists blending with the innocents. Whoa, hard

I love this game. It brings a sense of excitement and social gameplay, that you don't see in other mini-games. In this one you have to be careful who you kill because you may lose karma by killing the wrong person.

I played it several times before and see it's hard to blend in as an assasin. You would have adapt, prove innocence, confuse and make deception to be successful as detective, innocent and murderer, but the best qualities I like is how you would have to try coordination, making unity amongst everyone much more important while still remaining susceptible.

This is pretty much my "go to" Minecraft mini game. It is very exciting to play! Not only do you have to be good socially, but in combat!

17 One In the Chamber

Awesome mini game best in my opion

Good game, but you get hit with karma a lot.

It works Mineplex is the best to play it on though!

The best!

18 TNT Wizards

Tnt wizards is awesome

What is tnt wizards

No comments? Guys, Post some stuff

It's so fun

19 Quake Craft

Personally I LOVE THIS but I'm sure many do as well because it is VERY addicting

Fun running around and shooting everyone! Also a server xp booster as you will have a lot of kills. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Quake Craft is the most epic mini game ever I don't get how it isn't #1

Intense and fast paced. Luck, skills and playtime required to master this game.

20 Build Battle

GAME: You're given a certain amount of time and a subject where you build something relating to it. You can then vote on other people's builds.

Fun and can improve your building skills. Requires creativity and imagination.

What is there to say? You build and then judge. With the community who plays it, it always is just my favourite

How this isn't in the top 10 I do not know it is like the funest game I have ever play you can never get bored of it because it comes up with a new word every time. I really recommend this game!

Build Battle brings out the creativity in people and shows how much you an bend the rules by building one word.

21 Creeper Invasion

Read the thing I posted on TNT Wizards, Comment people!

I like it

22 Splegg

A Shovel that shoots eggs! Eggs destroys blocks! The hardest game ever

This game is my favorite mini game of all time!

An awesome game!

Best game ever in my opinion, very different from spleef but FUN!

23 EggWars

Should be BY FAR #1 on the list. Team co-op play, can play the game with many different strategies as well as various game modes. (normal, double or triple OP). The ability to keep it fresh by adding new maps, and choosing from solo games to 2-10 player teams... play with your friends all on 1 team, make new friends, or battle against your friends. If you prefer a slower pace, you do a specific task of the team, if you prefer a much faster pace, you choose that task on the team. It covers everything. How on earth this is not ranked #1 is mind boggling. It provides everything that makes Minecraft online great bringing people from all over the world together.

By far my favorite mini game it never gets old and always gets you on your toes there are many strategies and always adding new maps

One of the best Minecraft minigames, it's almost entirely skill and not luck. Gathering the resources, protecting your egg, buying weapons, food, and armor, fighting other teams, and destroying their eggs - So many facets of gameplay in this one. Excellently thought out.

The best only person playing by it own

24 Murder

You have to kill the murderer in time before he kills you

I love the game for I can be murder

Awesome game!

So good

25 Survival Games

Like the Hunger games, or is it?

To sexy to be this low rated

I'm pretty sure this is just Hunger games?


26 Skyblock

GAME: Survival but by yourself on a little floating island.

Really fun and REALLY time consuming.

I want this on the switch. It's the only thing I love playing!

I don't see why this is number 26

Because you get killed

27 The Herobrine

Face the herobrine and fight till the end...

Love herobrine

Hero so cool

He is da best

28 UHC

GAME: Ultra Hardcore. Regular survival except your health doesn't regenerate naturally. You can only regenerate your health by making health potions or eating golden apples.

Fun, competitive, TIME CONSUMING

This is the most fun game ever it should be ranked in the top 5

Oh my gosh this is just as good as hunger games maybe even better

Great game, however it's slowly dying... especially on Hypixel

29 Arsenal Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club based in Islington, London, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

I never heard this game

Never heard of it

Never played it before too

This should be No.4

30 Deathrun

This game is awesome because there are 2 deaths and the deaths try to prevent the players to reach the end

It should be added as it's a really fun game. That a lot of people play. Its biggest server is the hive.

Awesome if you have the right and creative map for it it's so fun with friends

Awesome death runs I love it I can't stop playing it

31 Block Party

Should be #1!


Do u know how to play this game,people?

Well, it's like this

You will have 5 secs to find the colour in your inventory and stand on that colour. It's So Fun! You should really try it

32 King of the Ladder

GAME: A really TAL ladder with the 'King' standing at the top. You climb up the ladder while the King uses fishing rods, bows & arrows, potions etc. to throw down and prevent you from taking his place.

Fun, competitive, time consuming and easy for players to rage. Or I just rage really easily.

I don't know what this is?

Nice minigame practice your Bow skills.

Es ist ein geiles altes Spiel.

33 Vampirez

There's always this group of full diamond guys that make it impossible for Vampires to win, you spend like half the game catching them.

Be Vampire and hunt down the humans or be human and see how long you can survive in the dark

VampireZ is the best game ever.

It's really exciting and fun

34 Domination

You make your own custom class and use it to capture control points and kill others!

Best game ever! A very complicated game that may take a hile to get used to. There are many strategies and gadgets/abilities you can use to your advantage. It is an awesome game!

Fun strategy game on mineplex. Make your own kit and go and capture other teams base with your special kit.

35 Build My Thing

Amazing game yet, people don't know my builds...


I play this with DanTDM

You play with DanTDM!?

36 The Dropper

So epic until you die on a super long map and you have to run all the way back to the level you were on

Really fun! I miss this game on realms!

37 Maze Runner

One of the things I love most about this game is that it takes some dedication. I've had a couple games run longer than 2 hours, and it was both intense and fun the whole way through. Teaming with friends in this game is an unforgettable experience!

I wanna know how to get this game

Download it now everyone

Easy to make yet kills time faster than an enraged kylo ren

38 Turf Wars

I love this, as it forces you to just think about how to take as many of them down with you as possible. It also forces teamwork.

Defense, speed and accuracy become important in this game. You may as well be digging trenches in the middle of a battle, so this will help with your warlike skills. A pretty fun team-territory game.

It's so great. It greatly increased my bow skills. Its matter of building your most comfortable and solid defense and use your bow to kill other at the same time.

Strategy, Accuracy, Reflexes, Perception, These skill's are a good combo when it comes to turf wars I mean who like's using a bow but hates turf wars? I know I don't

39 Wool Wars

It's wool but wars

40 The Bridge

Can't stop playing

It on hypixel.

Is the best,but in what server are? '

Best minigame

41 Prison

Rank up to Be FREE! Finally FREE

Umm its actually called op prison

I love this game A-Z ranks I got to t rank its fun MY OPINION

42 Sky Diving

Maybe spice thing up by putting obstacles along the way, land on some and fight the opponent!

Kill the opponent while flying in mid air!

The obstacles way is basically just the Dropper

Why isn't this at the top

43 Minestrike

Its all what I play in mineplex I got banned from a MOD because I got two kills throw smoke in aztec my username is David711

Very fun to play with freinds, that are on your team...


A Mineplex minigame version of CSGO

44 Man Hunt

What is this game

45 Paintball Warfare

Fast paced. Unlocking perks to get more powerful in-game items. As exciting as Counter Strike.

Destroy other teams by throwing snowballs at them to make their score zero

I Love To Play Paint Ball

I'm making this now haha

46 Mine Kart

Same as above

Mario gay


47 Temple Run
48 Dragons




49 Missile War

This game is a very fun game that can get you addicted but its not very fun for someone with a bad computer. This is game is literally the most unique game ever created! Very fun!

I like the diversity of missiles you can launch and how you can ride them too! Everyone should try this!

Probably one of the most unique strategy based games in Minecraft.

Awesome game this should be number 1

50 CTW

Isn't this ctf? Which idiot Put this - MChkflaguard_Yt

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