Top 10 Creepy or Weird Things in Minecraft

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1 Herobrine

He frightened me to death in June. Here's the story: When I was making a Herobrine spawner at night in a village with villagers and a golem, I lit up the top of the nether. Suddenly, I didn't hear a 'ss' or anything. It was silent. Then, boom! A big explosion came, and it was bigger than a creeper's. It's like he came out.

I couldn't rebuild his spawner after that because it was destroyed. After one month, many odd things started to happen, but I can't explain them. One week later, after I killed many legends such as the real Enderman, his father, and Entity 303, he came back. I knew it was him when I said his name and he was in range. He haunted my game and destroyed many of my worlds.

In August, I had enough and wanted to end this. I got into a war with him using the 'MCPE Master mod'. I made an enchanted sword and bow and went to war. In October, when it was almost finished, he possessed my super zombie creation that was impossible to kill. I fought him and used 200 or more TNTs to bomb him. I used super wither, poison, and harm attacks, and it worked. He was killed.

But the worst part is that after he was killed, I was also killed because I had nowhere to run after making that TNT. He stuck me at the bottom of the pit. The game crashed. I checked back after 10 minutes, and he was dead. There was only rotten flesh. That's why many people didn't see him after 29 OCTOBER 2016.

2 The Far Lands

After about 12 million blocks in a certain direction, things get weird. The game doesn't have infinite terrain. It just goes super far. When you reach the Far Lands or travel about 12 million blocks, gravity won't work right, chunks will load and stop, blocks will act like air and won't be solid, and sometimes player-made blocks will appear.

I spawned Minecraft titans over there. It didn't end well.

My iPad was starting to glitch at that time. It kicked me out, and then I saw something creepy.

3 A Black Figure that Stares at You at Night
4 "Removed Herobrine"

Notch put up an announcement for a new snapshot a long time ago saying "Removed Herobrine." A few months later, there was another snapshot. In that snapshot, he also said "Removed Herobrine." Most people say that this is just a joke. Some... not so sure.

Don't think too hard about why they had to remove Herobrine over and over.

5 End Poem

The poem when you beat The End says that the "player" is "love." They say that as in love itself, but they say it sarcastically in a way, hinting that maybe the Enderdragon isn't the bad guy. You could be. That's if you've played Minecraft on the PC. If you haven't, then they probably don't mean you.

Who is talking in the poem!? I think it's Herobrine and Notch talking.

6 Cave Noises

Cave noises were implemented before the moon in Minecraft, which means they were implemented really early. But there was a theory a long time after cave noises were added that it was a sign of Herobrine. Notch knows that, yet he decides not to remove the cave noises. What's with that?

7 Entity 303
8 txeT sdrawkcaB

Herobrine uses backward text when saying things, yet he should be talking normally since the legend says he's human, just dead.

9 The Suicide Forest

This place is super creepy. If you ever go there, never, and I say never, summon or be near anyone.

10 Large Ferns

Definitely should be number one. These things give me nightmares.

Why can't they just be stretched out versions of the baby ferns?

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11 Creepers

These things can just sneak up on you, and when you stop and turn back, it's too late - they'll bomb you! Like after one second.

Only in an alpha version with no audio whatsoever, and it's behind you.

The Game Theorists already did. Creepers are evolved peat moss.

12 Alexbrine
13 End Metal
14 Disk 11
15 Things Getting Into Minecraft Storage

Every time I check my settings, there's always something in my storage. I try deleting it every time, but it keeps coming back, and I didn't even download it.

I crafted some chests and ended up being unable to get wood. I quit Wii U because I couldn't get wood after crafting chests.

16 Slenderman
17 Witches
18 Foxes Eat Berries
19 Capes

I know that it is a mod, but it is sort of weird because what do you really do with them?

20 6 Başlı Wıther
21 Glitching Herobrine
22 The "Bad Boy" Wither
23 Vex
24 Entity 404
25 Green Steve
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