Top 10 Ideas for New Minecraft Updates

These are some ideas for the new Minecraft updates.
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1 After a wolf kills something, the wolf eats its meat

Yes. It's tiring always having to feed them! If they could the meat themselves that would be much better.

Yeah, I always wondered why it didn't eat the meat. It would make Minecraft look more realistic!

Wolves should be hostile to people. Sven?

2 A cherry blossom biome

I guess it will be good if it's added to minecraft, Minecraft 1.20 includes cherry blossom trees, camels, sniffers, rafts, hanging signs, functional bookshelves, etc.

Just coloured leaves, not the log, and this is a cool idea. It should come with new mobs, maybe owls, and maybe a new structure, like Treehouse.

A cherry blossom biome would look beautiful!

3 Emerald tools and armour

It could be just a bit better then iron but it gives you miner bufs like luck (an efeckt that works like fortune) and minor strength.

Its been a long time since we have had new weapons and armor.

Could be strongest armour but significantly increases its rarity

4 More cat types

Passive neutral and hostile types.

Aggressive cats, friendly cats, cats that want to play, we need more cat types

5 More wolf types

Honestly, its been requested for a while now. Maybe black and white dogs, or a blonde and white dog.

Yes definitely! And a separate dog spawn egg with different dog kinds/breeds!

I know this is what the Stacy's Wolves Mod is for but come on, why download a mod, It can be too complicated, they should just have more wolf types

6 Desert and Jungle Temple explorer maps

We have the mansion and ocean monument explorer maps, but what about the temples?

7 Rain puts out fire

That has to be added because water puts out fire and rain is water.

8 Wolves travel in packs

Why do wolves just wander alone, there should be wolf packs, they attack together and they share meat

9 More furnaces

I think, after the addition of Smokers and Blast Furnaces, we need another furnace, like one that can share the fuel with other furnaces in the facility, or a furnace that gives a double output to the input in the furnace.

Instant furnaces would be nice. Temporary furnaces could be made from wood, Cooks 2 food then breaks.

10 Cave biomes

Awesome Idea. A mossy, bamboo-ey, overgrown cave for Jungles and Bamboo Jungles, and maybe Underground Villages as well.
Also, Villages in Jungles!

Yes here muuust be more juicy biomes added to Minecraft's cave systems.

The Contenders
11 Seasons

Seasons would be and look amazing. Winter is snowy. Summer would be hot and you could have a burn meter with it. Spring is grassy. Fall would have falling leaves that also change color.

That would be fun! But how would we tell if it was spring or not? A calendar? Because you wouldn't be able to tell what day it was. Or what time of that season it was.

We already have rain and snow, I think weather would be a great addition, as well as adding onto weather deflectors and weather radars.

12 Abandoned strongholds

There's abandoned mineshafts, why not abandoned strongholds?

13 Backpacks

I think this crafting recipe should require a diamond for some reason because it would be really useful to have more inventory space.

Backpacks have been wanted by the Community for a long time, so why not?

14 Nether, End, and Biome updates

I think a lot of the biomes are boring and we should have new biomes and mobs to go with it.

It's needed and nether update is happening now, but wee need more biome updates

15 Abandoned broken down houses

Good Idea! Especially if Pillagers should attack and destroy the Village and the Player can only inspect the destroyed Houses.

Cool loot, and phantoms, zombies, and other undead mobs spawn in it. I think it would be awesome.

16 New boss mobs

Wither, Ender Dragon, Elder Guardian, Time for a New one maybe with Space Biome, or something in the overworld not in the ocean.

I know the warden's coming and I want new golems and I also want different bosses for every biome.

Would be really cool, possibly a second nether boss or something else?

17 Tents

It's a little annoying having to make an oversized tent that only fits one person, something that looks realistic would be amazing.

Tents would look so cool and would go with campfires.

I think tents should be added because if you need shelter but you don,t just craft a tent

18 More dragons

Have the ender dragon change and become more difficult each time you respawn it, so that it remains a challenge. Maybe start adding armour onto the dragon every time it respawns. I don't know, just make the dragon gradually more challenging.

An ender dragon is not enough. I would love to tame dragons as well.

19 Space biome

Maybe we could have a N.A.S.A biome with new mobs and a rocket too and new astronaut armor.

Who wouldn't want to go to outer space.

20 Natural spawning castles

They could spawn naturally, and have 'knights' which are villagers that only spawn in castles. They would only attack if you attacked the 'Princess' or them, or tried to take from chests. Chests would have valuables, they would spawn in about 10s, and they'd be decent fighters, with iron or chain mail armour. The Princess would be a female villager with blonde hair and a pink dress who is defenceless, killing her would give you gems

These are hard to build. It would be cool to add castles and kingdoms, kings, and queens, and civilization battles.

21 Nether villages

Since the Nether Update is just around the Corner and Villages are actually one of the most iconic Structures, there should definitely be one! (But hopefully the residents are Piglins)

Would this not be cool they could be inhabited by pigment or a new mob!

22 Sharks and alligators

Take out the broken drowned and put in sharks. Or maybe drowned should only be near shipwrecks or something.

Yes! there could be some kind of animation when you get eaten by one, where you could be waving your arms and then the screen goes dark...

I was currently working on a Video about my Ideas for Updates, and such an Idea also occurs in my Video! (But only in the Swamp-Biome)

23 Mummies and pyramids

Add more depth and reasons for deserts, also, you could explore the pyramids for lots of treasure and you could search inside a pharaoh's tomb. In side there could be mummies and also Anubis style tomb guards who have jackal heads.

A new Structure and a new Mob? Fantastic idea!

24 New animations

I think new animations should be added 1 because when you walk you look like your just really stiff no offense 2 when you cut a tree it looks like you are swinging your arm up and hiting yourself to me 3 the jump anmation looks a little boring this should in my opinion be added in 15.0 next update after village and pillage

New Animations are a great Idea, as long as they do not affect the Performance.

There could be a sitting animation and a digging animation.

25 Thirst bar

Add more depth to the game, plus you could be able to drink from rivers and other water sources, but if it's salty you would have increased thirst

It is a great idea for those who think that the water bottle is trash

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