Top 10 Minecraft Build Ideas

Everyone loves building in minecraft but when you lack building ideas here are some ideas for you to start with. Add your own here and share to people all over the world!

See if you had a build of that and comment your experiences about building it!
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1 Train Station

One of the hardest things to build as one is generally large and has 10+ platforms.

You had to build a hub then a food court and mall then the roof and platforms and the trains! Do not try if you are quick tempered.

However once finished it is very satsifying so it's worth it!

Everyone needs a train station in minecraft or else how are they going to get to places quicker. Of course they can walk but legs do get tired. so I recommend it for everyone who is either on minecraft now or even if your not on it you will have to build a train station. I don't know how to build a train station but I will search up HOW TO BUILD A TRAIN STATION IN MINECRAFT?

one of the worst minecraft builders, Hope

2 A Giant Screw
3 Manor/Mansion

Yes! This is my motivation for buying a new computer so I can build the house of my dreams. Ideas are endless.

4 A Castle

Sounds super cool! If the prison idea I posted works, make a castle with a prison!

5 Holiday Resort

Go build a beach and giant hotel with beautiful garden hop in and tan

6 Air Mail
7 A Ship
8 A Giant CD
9 A Castle Made of Sand
10 Automatic Farm
The Contenders
11 Modern City

Again this is a large build it takes a loong time to build but great for your economy server and roleplayers!

Should be number one?

12 PVP Arena

Fight your friends in a pvp map you made! Lure them into traps you planted around and see them rage!

13 A Giant Flash Light
14 A City
15 A Temple
16 Mob Grinders

For the survival players.

You like to fight mobs right? But eventually it will get dangerous even you look cool outside(overrun by too much creepers) so this is a great addition to your survival world,don't? And you can practise redstone when building this.

17 A Giant Speaker
18 Skywars

One of the most popular pvp games in minecraft you surely want to play it on your own premises! Made one and hit your friends off their bridge! Also trains your build skill of floating islands.

by the way,you can submit that to your favourite server and beat other strangers

Skywars is my favorite game on my favorite Multiplayer Minecraft server, Mineplex, and building my own would be so cool!

19 A Giant Lego Brick

I am a LEGO geek, yes. But that sounds reeaaally weird... I don't know. I may try it...

20 A Tower
21 Statue of Yourself
22 A Cathedral
23 School

Fancy being a teacher? Now build your own school and teach strangers about everything in life.

24 House

This is essential to your survival

sorry but I don't play survival so I put it that low.

25 A Statue of Your Favorite Superhero or Villain
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