Most Useless Minecraft Items

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1 Dead Bush

This is underrated, you can get free sticks without doing deforestation. You can do the deforestation to make wooden tools. Or if you don't have a desert.

I would rather cut down a bunch of trees and use their wood to craft sticks than traverse a desert just to break every dead bush I see. Why get only 0-2 sticks per dead bush when you can craft four sticks from just two wooden planks? Also, dead bushes are not good for decoration since they're ugly. Go look for some flowers, tree saplings, or even mushrooms. They look better. I seriously wouldn't mind if dead bushes were removed from the game. I don't think it's even going to make that big of a difference.

There is no use in venturing into the desert, being without food or water for days, running into a million zombies and creepers, getting blown up in a temple and barley surviving then having to break a pick getting out, then having to find refuge in a testificate village where a siege is happening. For a few useless bushes. This all happend to me whilst being chased by a pack of angry wolves. I got rid of them by binning them into a desert ravine.

They do serve no important use in the game, but why do you think it's labeled under "Decoration Blocks"?

It's actually pretty cool if you want to make an adventure map. Say, there's a beautiful area with all these flowers! Then, later in the story, it's destroyed an all these flowers are dead. Replace them with dead bushes!

2 Poisonous Potato

Literally like every item has a use on this page, no matter how small that use is. Cauldrons, dead bushes, the dragon egg and many blocks are incredibly useful for decoration, and many builds would not be as good without them. Rotten flesh can be used for easy to get emergency food, and items like slime balls are used to craft useful items such as sticky pistons. In fact, there is only one item here I think should actually be on the list.

Poisonous Potatoes.

Poisonous Potatoes are pointless to eat, you almost always have a large amount of normal potatoes by the time you get a poisoned one, so using them as food is pointless. You can not purify or plant them, further increasing their uselessness. The only use at all I could find for them is re-texturing them using a resource pack and then using plugins for a server to give them an actual use, but of course, that requires modifying the game using resource packs and plugins.

To put it simply, the poisonous potato has ...more

This should be first, hands down. Everything else has uses, not matter how small they are. Dead bushes can be used for sticks. Cauldrons can contain potions in witch huts, which can be useful in survival. Dragon eggs can be used as a trophy and for bragging rights that you got past the ender dragon. But the poisonous potato? Nothing. There's no way to make it back into a normal potato, nothing to craft with it, nothing. The only thing you could do would be to rename it potato, but that's only for multiplayer. Other than for trolling, the poisonous potato is useless. Completely useless.

I could imagine using this to troll a less experienced player by renaming it, but other than than that it's only useful for testing out cacti-trash cans, or just filling up inventory space...

I think everything on this list can be crafted, used as building material, for decoration but this? whats the use of this? give any crafting recipe for this, can it be used as brewing? does eating it causes any good other than replenishing hunger? no it just gives you poison and make your hunger go down more I mean seriously where should we put this thing? a food menu when your trying to make a restaurant in minecraft:? no deadbushes even drop sticks which is useful to make tools and this should be top 1 on this list

3 Diamond Hoe

Like most people, I wouldn't want to waste my hard-earned diamonds just to craft a hoe. If my main goal in the game was to farm and I needed a better material to craft hoes out of, then I would definitely go mining for diamonds to use. But if that's not my goal, I'll just cut down some trees to craft a wooden hoe instead.

How is the thing that helps you stay alive at #3? The hoe can help you plant food and you never need to waste your time building another one if it's made of diamonds. It wouldn't be the first thing I build with diamonds, but if you have any to spare, the hoe can be pretty useful.

"Use your equipment like this butter hoe! " Let's Have Some Fun in Minecraft by SkytheKidRS.
This is what happens when you are making a diamond hoe:
"YES! I got diamonds! After such a longs wait! "
(Crafts a hoe)
"I can farm! I bet it'll do better than an iron one (For some reason, I've never crafted an Iron Hoe)! "
(Uses diamond hoe and doesn't do anything different)

Diamond hoes are so useless. Use 2 diamonds to make a sword or axe if you need one!

The worst part about it is the fact that it is the ONLY TOOL IN THE GAME where the building materials don't make it more effective, just more durable! Just plant a few trees to get the same experience as a diamond hoe, just with many more hoes and more renewable hoes.

Honestly, you'd be wiser to make a jukebox out of your first diamonds than a hoe!

4 Dragon Egg

It is kinda annoying that the rarest block in minecraft is a decoration block. You have to kill tons of enderman, mine tons of obsidian, make a nether portal, go to the nether and find a nether fortress, kill tons of blazes, throw hundreds of eye of ender and lose some just to find a stronghold, get past the annoying silverfishes, get into the end, destroy all ender crystals, slay the ender dragon, punch the egg so it gets out of the bedrock, 'itemify' it with a torch to finally get it and use it as a house decoration? I really hope it gets a use. There should be a sword made out of a diamond handle and 2 dragon eggs above it. It should make like a Ender Dragon's Blade and it can shoot out end acids and deal 9 damage per hit. Or maybe make a baby ender dragon hatch out of it.

You can use it as a trophy.
But you can not recreate the enderdragon. I tried every single way to do it and none worked, but I don't know maybe it's because I'm on xbox.
But you can spawn it with this command:

/summon ender_dragon
You can summon the wither with the same command except after the /summon you type wither instead of ender_dragon

Really now!
You don't know that if you push it with a piston it breaks and falls down and you can place it!
And it's damn cool as an decorative!
Remove it from this list!

I really wish they would give this a use, rather than having it teleport around randomly. I think the Red Dragon should hatch from it.

5 Air

Well yeah you may say, "Air isn't an item BLah Blah BLah! " It is a block with an id of 0. Air is useless, monsters would still spawn, fire could still exist, Steve would not suffocate, Crops would still grow.

You can spawn monsters in an area with no air, an example is the enderdragon, it spawns in mid-air. Fire in Minecraft doesn't need air. Steve can swim in lava and not drown, and he can get his head stuck in glowstone or TNT and not suffocate, Also the player can go under the map and not suffocate, and there are no air blocks under the map. And crops would still grow because they don't require air.

Air is the most USELESS item, along with the poisonous potato. The poisonous potato is useless, but air is meaningless. It is invisible, no one needs to breathe it or even anything! Unless, you can't place anything in void... In that case it should be #1 on "top ten best items", even though it isn't an item... In fact, ill try my theory soon!

Air as a block is just empty space, Minecraft doesn't work as: no air= you can't breath, it's just an empty block with no use. Air bubbles are not the air block and are completely different, they are just decoration particles...

Air as a block DOES sound like a pretty poor idea. It doesn't even sound nice as a decoration particle. This definitely deserves to be the top 1# of this list, though I've never properly seen (or heard of it) until now.

6 Dirt

Without dirt, minecraft couldn't be minecraft. Dirt is the block always there for you, when ever you need to build, or anything! What block do you see when you start your world? Dirt, exactly. Imagine minecraft without dirt, it would just be empty space, no blocks or anything. Dirt is the main block of minecraft and without it, minecraft wouldn't be minecraft. But then we go to air and bedrock...

Imagine you have challenging mods like Lycanites mobs and mobs are swarming everywhere. The only choice for you is to quickly make a small dirt house. If the landscape is made out of stone, minecraft would look horrible and unrealistic, but also it would be frustrating if an event happens and you have to hide right now.

Well, the thing about dirt is simply this: It may not be the prettiest block and if there are griefers trying to get into your house (that's made of dirt) then they could easily get in. But the thing about it is this: It is non-flammable, it is easy to get, and can break fairly quickly without a tool.

Dirt is your one friend who is really stupid but has really good common sense instead. Without dirt, you're practically screwed. It is the Homo Erectus compared to the Homo Sapiens. It's primitive, but you need it to survive (in this case, to exist at all.)
Play SkyBlock, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You will need the dirt.

7 Sponge

A sponge can be used to turn water into air (it "absorbs" the water). To place a sponge, use a sponge item while pointing at a surface facing the space the sponge should occupy.

A sponge instantly absorbs nearby water when it is placed next to water or when water comes into contact with it (by being placed next to the sponge, or by flowing towards it). A sponge absorbs water around itself (water source blocks or flowing water) out to a taxicab distance of 7 in all directions (including up and down), but won't absorb more than 65 blocks of water (water closest to the sponge will be absorbed first). The absorption only propagates from water to water and won't "jump over" non-water blocks (including air).

When a sponge absorbs water, it turns into a wet sponge, and will be incapable of absorbing more water in this state.

What this is one of the most useful blocks in the game you can use it to mass remove water. If you attach it to a flying machine you can make a water removing machine.

Sponge can drain water. A player had caused a big fire by accidently releasing the lava
in the blacksmith. I had to put out the fire because I didn't want to lose my stuff in my house
which is near the village and used a lot of buckets of water. A griefer stole all my
buckets and I had to use this item: sponge.

This shouldn't be here. The sponge is great for making underwater bases and saves time. As well as using it for decorations!

8 Poison Potion (Not Splash)

Well renaming it and giving it to your friend that just started Minecraft would be hilarious... Plus it's like the only way to make Splash poison..

Well, you need these to MAKE it into a splash.

I re-name it instant healing and give it to my friend!

You kind of need these, and they don't kill you...

9 Lapis Lazuli

Great for enchanting, but everything else sucks. All you can do with lapis lazuli besides
enchanting is make it into dye! I mean just to get blue dye, you have to go all the way
down underground and it's as rare as diamonds. I thinks lapis should be kept in the game
For enchant. Then you should get blue dye from a flower, just like you do with the other
Two primary colors. (Red and yellow)

This doesn't deserve a place as #7. Or even on this list. Enchanting is so important in Minecraft. Now in 1.8 what do you need to enchant? Lapis.

Okay. This is totally useless in survival. It can be used in decoration, but what the heck? You can not make ANY tools out of it. Only dyes. Completely useless

It is used for enchanting. It also used to be the only way to dye things blue until they finally added blue dye (which are crafted from cornflower)

10 The Cauldron

The Cauldron is actually useful, especially in Bedrock edition, as you can store your potions there, and even make Splash and Lingering potions.

It's cool for aesthetic uses like makeshift sinks, but for the cost to build it (7 Iron Ingots) and that it only fills three bottles when a water source block can fill as many as needed, it's pretty useless as a game item.

Useless, potion bottles can be filled with water by clicking on a source water block. Just make a 4x4 square block of water and you can easily replace ALL your cauldrons.

Like said before, unlimited water sources can easily get the job done and spare all that wasted iron spent on it. Just an expensive decorative item for the most part.

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11 Rotten Flesh

Well, what else did you expect the zombies to drop, feathers? They also have a few uses... they can be used as backup food and if you drink milk with it you can get rid of the hunger effect, also you can use it to feed your dogs if they're low, they aren't really useless.

Seriously what am I going to do with it anyway? You can't eat it, you can't craft anything with it you can't feed it too your pet wolf or your pet cat, all so all it's good for is well... Nothing. Best way to dispose of it is throwing it in lava.

Its not that useless, don't waste precious meat such as lamb and beef in survival for your wolves, feed them ROTTEN FLESH. And guys seriously I totally agree with this guy, you really think they would drop feathers?

Okay I've gotta admit this doesn't have much uses. However, you can use rotten flesh to tame wolves. Nevertheless, I think it's really useless as it can give you food poisoning.

12 Gold Tools

Less durable than WOOD tools, and they do the same damage... I think, at least for swords. But the pickaxe can mine faster than diamond ones.

Less efficient than wood tools. Plus some of these items are useful.
Leather & Dyes: There will be an update where leather armor ca be dyed various colors and wolves can get collars of many colors.
Books: Written Books
Netherrack: Good for making fireplaces.
Cauldron: Wait for the next update.
Compass: Useful even if you have a map, as maps can only tell you where you are for a limited space, and compasses can navigate you around the world.
Fishing Rods: It can fish almost all mobs.

They are, in fact, even less durable than wooden tools and cannot mine any ores more advanced than coal.

It's probably to be more realistic, but making gold tools (and armor) is a waste of an otherwise great ore.

Gold has a higher chance of getting higher level enchantments, it also will randomly restore some durability it has when using it.

13 Tipped Arrow of Invisibility

I had to vote for this. They are not as useless as Poisonous Potatoes, but it is by far the hardest item to get in Minecraft. AntVenom's video proves this.

Why? it makes the thing yur shooting at invisable whats the point it just makes them harder to kill.

Or arrow of regeneration

14 Gravel

Ok maybe gravel is preety annoying in the dungeons or in Nether (where it can fly - you place torch and it will drop down with you) but the plus point I found is simple - you can build fantastic roads with it. I know that Villages also have road made from Gravel but I'm doing that since Beta 1.6.

They can change it so there is a flintstone block for nether portals and placing on ground,use cobble for paths and where is gravels use. REMOVE IT. Type Toycat Gravel on the search engine and he will explain it more.

Gravel gives you flint, no flint means no arrows, meaning without gravel we wouldn't have arrows in Minecraft exept from skeletons and spending hours trying to find it in mineshafts.

Its only use is for flint and steel.

You can also craft arrows, but skeletons are a more reliable source of them.

15 Rain

Too loud, lasts too long, happens too often. Those are my main 3 reasons for hating rain. So far as I can tell, it no longer serves a function (though I think it once spawned water source blocks, that is no longer the case anyway).

Pro's and Cons about rain peeps... Pros: Rain makes catching raw fish easier and helps crops grow faster and scares away Endermen. Cons: It scares away Endermen D: and you can't see the fish coming to the bait and cause mighty lag if you don't got beefy computer. It's a Win Win, Lose Lose!

Rain is annoying and it does nothing but crash the game. I personally HATE it, it just lags out the game and makes It harder to see, plus the noise is annoying.

It is not useless. Change it to creative and spawn a enderman!
You can have a free ender peral if you change it to survival.

16 Music Discs

The only true purpose of music discs is to play them. But first you have to go deep into a dungeon or have a creeper shoot a skeleton and if you've tried it is really hard! Don't forget having to make a jukebox which requires a DIAMOND!

It would be cool if there were custom music disks, so you put it in the jukebox and then you click a button that says select music file and then you can play your favourite heavy metal or classical music!

The only reason they exist is to play music, which doesn't do anything to you in survival, so yeah it should be the #1 most useless item in Minecraft.

Don't think so its play music so its pretty fun. Amd diamond for the juke box is not that hard to find. I have 2 double chest of diamond that I don't know what to do with them

17 Snowball

Can be used to make snow. Snow can be used to make snow golems.

It can be used to harm things in the nether!

At one point, they could damage the Ender Dragon.

It's actually a pretty effective projectile in games like skywars

18 Spider Eye

Spider eyes make a poison potion which is also on the list but it is as useless as HELL man it can poison you if you eat it it is only useful in PVP to make poison potions man this item sucks.

You can say, if the player has no items to craft fermented spider eye, it is useless.
WRONG. Actually, You can brew a poison potion with it and an awkward potion.

They're useful. They are used to make potions

You need these to cure zombie villagers!

19 Leather Armor

It isn't super easy to get, iron is and it's 4 armour bars better. But it can be used as emergency armour, so I don't think this is that useless on Minecraft.

Useless till you obtain a cow farm to get leather for armor mid-game to late-game. By then, you'll likely have at least all iron.

Dudes, if you get it from a zombie early game it is very useful!

Dye it light blue and scare people away because it looks like diamond. Trolololol!

20 Golden Hoe

Why bother when all hoes do the same job? And golden tools in general are the least durable.

You mean butter hoe

21 Bedrock

Without out it:
Mining and mining more stone, more stone and more stone. DIAMOND! Keep going down to find more, oops I went too far! Falls into hole, into blackness. Then you lose all the stone and gold and diamond you just got after mining for hours and you go back to your spawn place far far away. *swears*

If you ask me to not to die almost all the time you would have to spawn it in I mean a mob can push you in and you could lose everything.

This is very important in Minecraft! This is so you don't fall out the world!

Dat magic making bedrock a piece of junk when you install avaritia and have a world destroyer.

22 Tall Grass

Tall grass isn't that bad when you compare it to the DOUBLE tall grass... You know how when you attack a chicken in tall grass it just hits the grass and doesn't hurt the chicken? Try that with a creeper.

Some people are idiots. Tall grass may be annoying, but it isn't useless as it is the only way to get wheat seeds other than from villages. Wheat is used for food as well as breeding animals.

I HATE tall grass! It always gets in the way when I build on flat ground in survival mode. Why tall grass! Why do you have to exist in minecraft.

I know, right?
I'm building in creative mode in a plains biome and this retarded tall grass is way too common.

23 Locked Chest

Wait your saying it's one of the worst blocks! no it's not! it's really fun because if you open
It beside a piston or a note block the piston lifts up and the note block makes a noise! Now it's not a bad block! But what's bad about it is if you brake it it doesn't drop anything!
So you'll have to go on adventure to find all that stuff again so it's a medium

Did you know trapped chests activate redstone when opened? Good for trolling. And you can put them directly next to chests instead of having to have a gap in between. But, if you mean the purple and black block thatt decays like leaves overtime, then those are useless.

At least the Dead Bush has some sort of use (they drop sticks when destroyed). This was intentionally designed to be useless, since it was an April Fools prank. It was removed by the time 1.7.2 rolled around, and it was replaced with stained glass.

This should be 3rd most useless, Bedrock is useful because it can only be broken in creative, and without Air, you would drown or suffocate, and you can barely move too! The Dragon Egg is a trophy like Lapis Lazuli, locked chests are pretty useless...

24 The Compass

This can be a useful item in Hunger Games. It leads you to your nearest player. On other games, it will lead you to spawn, but that can be useful. If you build a house near your spawn, but you get lost, if you have a compass, get it out and your getting to your house.

I dunno bro, the compass has saved my life several times. And I personally think it's better than a map since it doesn't get in your way when looking down. It also give me the comfort to explore without having to worry where the heck I am.

This is annoying. Barely used and sometimes its just not correct. Sometimes it leads you to a wall. Since you'll probably not recognize it from about an hour so so, you'll want to scream out many colorful words.

It's not meant to show you where North is. It's meant to point towards your bed or your spawnpoint. So it acts as a guide to find your way home. No where even close to useless.

25 Invisible Bedrock

I'm going to estimate "Invisible Bedrock" means barrier because that's what the barrier block is, the barrier is very useful because it can be used as a border for adventure maps etc. and since your in adventure mode you can't see that it's a block, its also kinda fun to use it for parkour since people will have no idea where to jump

Exists only in Bedrock Edition, used in the "Old" world type (which have a size of 256x256). In Java Edition, they are called barriers and can only be obtained with commands.

They are world barriers in Old Pocket Edition worlds, if you didn't have them we would fall out of the world all the time!

Are you talking about a barrier block?
Because those are extremely useless.

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