Top 10 Moments from the Giantess Scene in "Alphys vs Undyne"

The Top Ten

1 Alphys unwillingly stripping herself naked and getting down and dirty with the Amalgamates on live public television while singing and dancing to the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie theme song
2 Undyne taking control over Alphys' brain and using it to publicly humiliate the poor girl beyond belief
3 Alphys angrily improvising her own lyrics into the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie theme song while awkwardly and uncontrollably singing and dancing to it
4 Undyne crawling all over Alphys' bare soles like an ant and gleefully licking every last square inch of each one
5 Undyne having a total fangasm upon seeing the sheer amount of pornography stored within Alphys' brain
6 Alphys reciting Dr. Andonuts' pre-battle speech from the Earthbound Halloween Hack and then being electrocuted by Undyne as punishment for her excessive swearing
7 Undyne recieving a sudden phone call from Alphys while literally inside of her ear canal
8 Alphys threatening to stomp on Undyne like an insect
9 Undyne crawling inside Alphys' v***** and sleeping there all night
10 Undyne tilting Alphys' eardrum using only one hand

The Contenders

11 Undyne eating out the toejam from in between Alphys' toes
12 Alphys' reaction when she finds out that Undyne has literally gotten into her brain
13 "Now your sanity and mine can die TOGETHER!"
14 Undyne spending at least something like five minutes breastfeeding from Alphys' nipples while shrunk
15 Undyne hypocritically complaining about how Alphys' fanbase worships her like a god and then proceeding to literally do the exact same thing she's talking about
16 Undyne digging her toes into the outer surface of Alphys' brain and commenting on how wonderfully good it feels
17 Undyne orally worshipping Alphys' brain
18 Undyne sliding down Alphys' saliva-drenched soles like giant kiddy slides
19 Undyne plotting to viciously strangle Alphys in her sleep
20 Undyne tickling Alphys' uvula
21 Undyne commenting on how cute and squishy Alphys' brain is, "just like her"
22 Undyne commenting that Alphys has enough wax in her ears to literally wax a Chevy
23 Endogeny's Alphys Earwax Collection
24 Undyne making a candle out of Alphys' earwax
25 Undyne picking Alphys' earwax right off the sole of her unwashed boot and eating it
26 Undyne reading through Alphys' repressed memory banks
27 Alphys stripping herself down to her goofy-print Mew Mew Kissy Cutie bikini and panties on live public television
28 "Man, if I wasn't a fish, I swear to God I'd literally be DROWNING in ***** right now!"
29 Lemon Bread Vores Alphys
30 Reaper Bird V*****-Vores Alphys
31 Alphys French-Kisses Endogeny
32 Alphys Breastfeeds Snowdrake's Mother
33 Alphys nakedly rides Endogeny like a horse
34 Memoryhead "lovingly caresses" Alphys' body with its tentacles
35 Alphys somehow getting all of her teeth knocked out in a high-school dodgeball game
36 Undyne commenting on how Alphys' brain contains anime yaoi and yuri of "literally all shapes, ages and sizes"
38 Alphys' own brain starts laughing at her expense
39 Undyne excitedly comments on how quickly the new video of Alphys strip-dancing to the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie theme song is going to go viral
40 The password to Alphys' brain is literally Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
41 Undyne's and Alphys' matching anime ringtones
42 Alphys waking up and redressing herself only to immediately start undressing herself shortly thereafter
43 Undyne literally diving straight into Alphys' brain
44 Alphys threatening to literally swallow Undyne whole
45 Alphys Hugging Undyne
46 Alphys Wiggling Her Toes Seductively And Saying Goodbye To Undyne In Sexy Spanish As She Struggles To Resist The Urge To Stomp On Her
47 Alphys picking Undyne up and lovingly placing her in between her breasts for a short but sweet lecture
48 Alphys literally being completely unable to believe Undyne's sheer stupidity
49 Undyne calling herself a smart person
50 Alphys lovingly cuddling Endogeny and commenting on how he always constantly gives her "wet willies"
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